The 10 Best Sprinklers for Kids 2024

Keeping kids cool and entertained in the summer is a fun challenge, especially for little ones who love being outdoors. What could be better than a water sprinkler in your own backyard for kids to play with?

With all the cool designs and features for kids’ water sprinklers available, picking one out of many can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting and rounded up the top 10 best sprinklers for kids for 2024 in this article.

Finding the Best Sprinklers for Your Kid

There are plenty of sprinklers designed specifically for children on the market. While regular water sprinklers are fun, some can be dangerous because they are tripping hazards, spin too quickly, or have sharp edges. Here are some things to look out for when selecting a sprinkler for kids.


While most kids’ sprinklers are made of rubbery plastic, some are made using metal. If your child is still young, getting a sprinkler made of soft material reduces the chance of injury if they fall, slip, or step on the sprinkler.

Sprinklers designed for toddlers are different from ones that are designed for older kids: they usually have strict safety measures in place and a gentler, more predictable sprinkle pattern that is better for little ones playing with sprinklers for the first time.

Recommended Age

In general, kids should be able to sit up on their own before playing with a sprinkler, especially because small children are not ready to deal with the hazards that come with water during playtime.

Kids who can already walk and run on their own will have more fun with sprinklers as they can move around freely. Parents will also feel more at ease introducing water toys to older children as there is less risk involved. Following the manufacturer’s recommended age guidelines is the best way to be safe.


Some sprinklers come with extra features like multiple spray jets, variable pressure, multi-directional toggle, and more, which adds variety to the sprinkler fun. For households with more than one child, getting a sprinkler with these features lets more kids play at the same time, so they can all enjoy themselves without disagreements.

You’ll also want to check whether the sprinkler you have in mind needs adult supervision; for example, some sprinklers must be inflated and maintained by an adult, while other low maintenance sprinklers can be set up by kids without adult help.


Chances are your chosen sprinkler lives outside for most of its life. This means it will be left out in the sun and stepped on relatively frequently. Checking reviews and the material it’s made of will help you find a sprinkler that doesn’t rip or break easily, giving everyone more playtime.

Kids playing outside in the summer will be working off extra energy they’d use at school or elsewhere, so it’s worth investing some additional time and money to purchase a sprinkler that lasts.

Kids’ sprinklers are the way to go if you have children who love the outdoors. Not only are they great for keeping kids cool without needing to go to the pool, but they’re also great for groups where kids can play together and come up with all sorts of games to keep them occupied.

In this article, we look at the best kids’ sprinklers on the market so you can add them to your yard this summer. Let’s look at the ones that made our list.

Top 10 Best Sprinklers for Kids 2024

1. SplashEZ 3-In-1 Splash Pad

For Ages 1+
Why it made the list This splash pad is a great introduction to sprinklers for little ones who are just starting out. Toddlers and parents alike will love the gentle spray and learning mat combination that lets kids learn while having fun!
  • Type: Splash pad

Made for younger children by loving parents, SplashEZ’s 3-in-1 splash pad makes learning easy and fun by putting together gentle water sprays and an educational kiddie pool. Kids get to splash about on top of a cute map of the world; we think it’s great they can learn a little geography while playing.

This sprinkler kiddie pool is made using BPA and phthalates-free material, so it’s non-toxic for your kiddo’s safety. It also has a soft, supportive rim that keeps water from leaking without being so rigid it hurts to step or lean on. That way, little ones can play and tumble about without worrying they’ll hurt their little feet.

Like most sprinklers for kids, this toy must always be connected to a running water hose while in operation. Once the rim fills with water, the central pool area will fill, too, and the water spray will start.

We like that you can adjust the water spray with this splash pad by adjusting how high you turn the water hose, making it suitable for children as young as 12 months old. The low-pressure, multi-direction sprinkler effect is easy on delicate skin, giving kids the chance to have refreshing fun without getting overwhelmed.

Not only is SplashEZ a proud American company, but they also have responsive and attentive customer care, so any concerns with the product can be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. We love that they are quick to see to customer issues; that way, kids and parents can spend more time having fun instead of grappling with a malfunctioning or defective toy.

Some kids prefer to only be sprinkled on without the extra splashing business, though! For little ones who want the sprinkle action without any pool time, the Sunny Patch Splash Patrol Sprinkler from Melissa & Doug is a great alternative that lets kids enjoy a gentle spray while they keep cool.

We also like this trampoline sprinkler for older kids who have a backyard trampoline. It provides a refreshing spray from all around the structure it’s installed on, so more kids can play at the same time.

2. Ricoco Splash Pad for Kids

For Ages 1-13
Why it made the list This splash pad is made with reinforced material, so it can withstand more horsing around from kids! This sprinkler toy is made with durability and convenience in mind so even older kids can play without worry.
  • Type: Splash pad

This Ricoco splash pad comes with an alphabet and shark-themed play mat on the bottom that lets kids learn while they play! It sets up easily and quickly: all you do is lay it on even ground, fill it with water using the connector at the bottom, then connect a hose to the valve so the sprinkler fun can begin.

We especially like that this sprinkler toy is made of heavy-duty, BPA-free material that can withstand high water pressure and rambunctious little ones without ripping. Double-edge sealing is used to reinforce the rim and edges, so there is no worry of the splash pad coming apart during play.

This Ricoco splash pad for kids is made of PVC material that is CPC registered, and ASTM and CPSIA approved. Parents can let their kids play without worrying about adverse reactions to toxic materials.

The bottom of the splash pad is made with two layers so there is an extra cushion when kids are sitting on top of the playmat section, but the splash pad should still be laid out on top of grass or blankets as an extra precaution.

We like that the height of the water spray can be easily adjusted using the faucet. The water fills the bumper rim and then squirts out through premade holes, creating a fountain effect kids will love. Also, the water level doesn’t get very high with this toy, so toddlers can play safely. That said, kids should always be supervised when playing with water to prevent the risk of drowning.

This Ricoco splash pad works for kids up to 12 years old, but older children might want something a little more grown-up. For them, the Kadaon 360 Degree Rotating Lawn Sprinkler does the trick by doing double duty, keeping kids cool while also watering the lawn.

On the flip side, for little ones who are old enough to run around on their own, this spinning turtle sprinkler toy keeps childhood wonder while ramping up the sprinkler action with fun wiggle tubes that spray at different heights and angles as the toy rotates.

3. PRINCESSEA USA 4-In-1 Splash Pad for Kids

For Ages 1+
Why it made the list This sprinkler for kids is one of our favorites because it’s princess-themed with extra toys like tiaras and wands! We love that the most enthusiastic little fairy-tale aficionados can have their princess-y fun while splashing about and keeping cool.
  • Type: Splash pad

We like that this themed splash pad from PRINCESSEA lets little ones get plenty of watery playtime, with extra toys as props to thoroughly immerse them in the fairy-tale world of princesses.

Like most splash pads, this toy is easy to install: all you do is plug a water hose or PVC tube into the connector and turn the faucet on. The sprinkler height can be changed by adjusting the water pressure, so smaller and bigger children can enjoy themselves with this splash pad.

At 70 inches in diameter, the PRINCESSEA 4-in-1 Splash Pad is big enough for more than one child to play in; it has enough room to add other inflatable toys you might have in your backyard, like a slide. We like that the sturdy pool rim is made of soft PVC material, so it won’t hurt even if a rambunctious little one steps on it.

This sprinkler toy is made of high-quality, thickened PVC material that is BPA-free, making it durable and safe. Kids can play all they like without worrying about the toy breaking or giving them a bad reaction, and parents can rest assured knowing they can trust this toy with their child’s safety.

While the princess theme of this sprinkler is great fun, it might not be everyone’s thing. The Ricoco’s Splash Pad for Kids is a sturdy, crowd-pleasing alternative that has a neutral shark and alphabet theme, so your little one can learn while they play.

For kids who want a little extra in their fantasy-themed sprinkler toys, the JOYIN Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler is great for older kids who can run around and play on their own. While most sprinkler toys have the water spraying upwards from the toy placed on the ground, the JOYIN unicorn sprinkler has water shooting out of the horn, so the water rains down instead.

4. Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids

For Ages 12+
Why it made the list This sprinkler is made for older kids, with more features like a 360-degree whirl that keeps children cool in the summer while they play.
  • Type: Trampoline sprinkler

Bobor’s Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids adds extra fun to the summer by helping kids cool off in the heat. While it can be used for lawn and garden watering purposes, it shines best when installed on a trampoline.

We like that this sprinkler is easy to install! All you do is mount the sprinkler hose to the trampoline net using zip ties. After that, just connect it to the garden hose, turn on the tap and get the party started.

During installation, take care not to pull the zip ties too tightly and keep the sprinkler holes aimed towards the interior of the trampoline. The hose should also be mounted on the outside of the trampoline net to prevent kids from grabbing it while jumping. That way, everyone can enjoy the toy’s 360-degree whirl sprinkler action safely.

We love that this sprinkler helps lower temperatures in the summer. It’s easy to overheat while playing on the trampoline in groups, and this Bobor sprinkler helps stave off heatstroke and dehydration, letting kids play for longer.

Not all kids are ready to be bouncing about on a trampoline just yet, though! For young toddlers who haven’t developed the ability to run around on their own, this 3-in-1 Splash Pad is a great alternative that lets little ones get used to splashing around.

We also like the Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler for kids who don’t have a trampoline or a backyard structure to mount the Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler to. There’s no reason children should be left out of the summer sprinkler fun. The Tidal Storm sprinkler is easy to put away and move around. All you do is pick a spot in your backyard, and it’s ready to go once it’s connected to a hose.

5. Kadaon 360-Degree Rotating Lawn Sprinkler

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list This sprinkler lets kids of all ages play without needing to be mounted onto any fixtures. All you do is connect it to a tap and set it on the ground, then it’s ready to go!
  • Type: Lawn sprinkler

We love that the Kadaon 360 Degree Rotating Lawn Sprinkler gives parents and kids an easy way to have fun in the summer without breaking the bank. Covering about 3000 square feet, this sprinkler is also great for watering yards, so you get double the use out of this versatile device.

This sprinkler is made of ABS plastic, with three arms and a rotary effect, so it can spray in all directions, either directly upwards or at a 45-degree angle. The density, size, and scope of the water spray can be adjusted to reduce the amount of water used without compromising its sprinkling ability.

The Kadaon sprinkler is great because it’s quiet. Its water-saving patented design means kids can play all day long without worrying about water wastage, especially because the sprinkler can do double duty by watering the garden.

It’s also easy to install, even for kids! Connect the sprinkler to a hose, then connect the hose to a faucet. Once it is on the ground, it can be put into action immediately with a turn of the tap. That said, there is a chance of tripping on the hose or stepping on the sprinkler itself, so play with caution to prevent injury.

We like this Kadaon sprinkler because it does many things while still allowing kids to have fun. However, younger kids who aren’t very good at moving about just yet might have trouble playing with this sprinkler. For them, we recommend the PRINCESSEA USA 4-in-1 Splash Pad for Kids, a fun princess-themed splash pad that’s a great introduction to sprinkler toys.

6. CHUCHIK Backyard Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This funky turtle sprinkler toy combines keeping cool with a cute animal theme! We love that it is a fun alternative to splash pads, with an adorable design appealing to young children.
  • Type: Sprinkler toy

The CHUCHIK Backyard Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy comes with cute wiggle tubes attached to its back so it can spray water at 360 degrees while spinning, creating a playful rainy effect. It has an extra-wide spraying range, reaching a maximum of 8 feet depending on the water pressure used.

We like that this sprinkler toy is easy to use. Simply attach it to a hose using one of the two connectors provided, turn on the water, and you’re good to go. Water comes out of the tubes and the holes on the turtle’s back in a gentle spray that doesn’t hurt your kids or pets.

This cool spinning sprinkler is made especially for kids, using 100% safe, BPA-free, sturdy material that can hold up to all kinds of play. The eye-catching bright green and orange turtle design makes it great for little ones just starting out with sprinklers and toys!

We also like that the spinning speed and sprinkle force can be adjusted using water pressure. For those with big yards and older children, turning up the water pressure gets you a faster spin and a higher water spray that covers more space. Meanwhile, the water pressure can also be adjusted to give young toddlers a gentler spray that won’t get in their eyes and ears.

While this turtle sprinkler toy is cute, some kids prefer something a little more grown-up. In that case, the Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler has all the spinning action without the kiddy turtle design.

For kids who like sprinklers as they are without the spinning effect, the Fun Splashers Fire Hydrant Kids Sprinkler works by shooting water into the air through the holes built into the toy. It’s capable of firing sprays up to an exciting 8 feet high!

7. Fun Splashers Fire Hydrant Kids Sprinkler

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This sprinkler toy is a little different from the others: it’s only 8 inches tall, but it packs a punch by spinning and spraying water up to 8 feet in the air!
  • Type: Sprinkler toy

The Fun Splashers Fire Hydrant Kids Sprinkler is perfect for kids who love themed sprinkler toys. The cute design makes it fun to use during hot summers. Water shoots out of the top in different directions, letting kids beat the heat while also watering the lawn.

Not only is this toy pint-sized and convenient to put away when not in use, but it’s also easy to install. All you need is a garden hose. Attach the two and turn on the water, and the sprinkler fun begins! We also like that it’s durable: as long as it doesn’t get stepped on or dropped, the color and sprinkling ability of this toy hold up for a long time.

This fire hydrant sprinkler toy has some serious sprinkling ability! It can shoot up to 8 feet in the air, making it great for thrill-seeking kids who want a little extra oomph during their watery playtime. As with most sprinkler toys, the force and height of the water shooting out of the toy can be adjusted by changing the water pressure going into it.

We like that a little goes a long way with this Fun Splashers toy, too. You don’t have to turn the faucet all the way up to get a good spray going, so kids can get plenty of water sprinkling fun without too much water waste.

For kids who like a little extra spinning action with their sprinkler toys, the Kadaon 360 Degree Rotating Lawn Sprinkler spins while it sprinkles! It can do double duty as a lawn sprinkler and a sprinkler toy, giving kids an even sprinkling effect to play in while it keeps the backyard well-tended.

We also like the Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids because it’s great for kids who have a trampoline or structure in their backyard. Once installed, this trampoline sprinkler creates a 360-degree effect where kids are sprayed all over from multiple points.

8. Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler

For Ages 4-15
Why it made the list We like that this funky little dome sprinkler toy uses the power of water to keep it spinning, giving kids plenty of fun backyard time with a variety of spray levels and speeds.
  • Type: Sprinkler toy

Made for kids 4 years older and above, the Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler has wiggle tubes that spray and twirl while the sprinkler is running. Not only do kids get to cool off while playing, but they can also make a game out of dodging and dancing through the random sprays that come out of this sprinkler dome.

We love that this water sprinkler is easy to use, so kids can install it and play without having to fiddle with complicated parts. Connect the sprinkler to any standard garden hose, turn on the faucet, and the six wiggle tubes are ready to go!

The sprinkler dome itself sprays water high, so it rains down on the area surrounding the toy, while the wiggle tubes spray water at irregular heights, giving kids variety in their watery fun.

We love that the whole family can play and cool off together. The higher you turn the faucet connected to this sprinkler, the further the spray goes due to the water pressure. The sprinkler spray can also be adjusted for younger kids and those who prefer a gentler spray, just by turning the water pressure down.

Some little ones may not be ready to run around while playing with this sprinkler toy. For them, we suggest the SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad as an alternative. It’s great for toddlers and older children alike! Little ones can sit and play in this splash pad without needing to move around much, while older kids can run in and out of the water spray as much as they want.

9. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Splash Patrol Sprinkler Toy

For Ages 3-6
Why it made the list This fun little sprinkler works great with a splash pad or baby pool, making it best for younger children who enjoy a gentle, low spray.
  • Type: Sprinkler toy

Featuring 12 different Splash Patrol characters, this themed sprinkler toy is great fun for little ones who play with water and sprinklers for the first time. We like that it helps kids develop coordination while getting them into playing outdoors.

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Splash Patrol Sprinkler Toy attaches easily to a hose, so it’s easy to set up and get going. Excited kids can start playing as soon as possible so they can make the most of the summertime. It’s made from durable materials so it can stand up to any kind of rambunctious play.

Melissa & Doug complies with international safety standards, with testing by independent agencies set up at different production phases to ensure that their toys are 100% safe for kids to play with.

We especially like that this sprinkler toy is made to have a lower sprinkle that can be adjusted up to 5 feet high and 20 feet wide. Its default sprinkle is a gentle one about 2 feet high, making it a nice introduction to sprinklers to little ones as the water spray won’t be too overwhelming.

This Melissa & Doug toy is made for younger children under 6 years old. Older kids might enjoy something with more bells and whistles, like the Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler. It has a bright color scheme that’s appealing to kids of all ages, with a rotating sprinkler effect in addition to the regular upwards spray, which means kids get evenly sprayed while they play.

10. JOYIN Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

For Ages 12+
Why it made the list This toy brings a little extra unicorn fun to your backyard! Unlike other sprinklers, it shoots water out of its horn once it’s inflated and set up.
  • Type: Sprinkler toy

Coming in at 4 feet tall, this inflatable unicorn yard sprinkler is as tall as the average 7-year-old. Most sprinkler toys feature a rotating spray coming from the ground, but this toy sprays water out of its horn, making it great for kids who prefer a sprinkler that rains down on them.

This JOYIN unicorn sprinkler must be inflated and connected to a regular-sized garden hose to work! It’s made with thick, high-quality material, so it can be inflated over and over without worrying that it will pop or fail to inflate. That way, kids can play while keeping cool all summer long.

We like that this fun sprinkler gives kids something different from the usual rotating sprinklers set on the ground, making an alternative that works great as an addition to backyard pools and splash pads.

One thing about this sprinkler toy is that it is light enough to tip over, so finding a way to fix it in place will prevent any interruptions to playtime. It’s also not made for riding on, so kids who want a unicorn to ride will have to look elsewhere.

For kids that might not be a fan of the top-down sprinkle effect, the CHUCHIK Backyard Spinning Turtle Sprinkler Toy has a fun animal theme as well as rotating sprinklers that spray kids on the floor.

We also like the Ricoco Splash Pad for Kids as an alternative for little ones who might not be ready to run around with this unicorn toy. The Ricoco splash pad features gentle upwards sprays and a splashing pool that toddlers can sit in while they keep cool.

Final Thoughts

Sprinklers can provide hours of cooling-off fun for kids of all ages. While the sea of choices can be dizzying at times, our list above provides a range of types that offer varying sprinkler functions, rotations, and sprinkler pads. We hope you find one that matches your need for safety with your kids’ play preferences. Have fun and enjoy watching your little ones cool off in the summer sun!