20 Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Boys 2024

At four years old, boys are just beginning to put their toddler years behind them. During this period, parents can expect their boys to grow fast, both physically and mentally. They are also developing better coordination and motor skills, allowing them to move their bodies and play in exciting new ways. In our quest to find the best toys for 4-year-olds, we found a lot of fun and unique toys that will encourage this growth and help prepare them for the years ahead.

Picking the Right Toys for Your 4-Year-Old Boy

For the first several years of their life, parents are the ones choosing the toys their son can have access to. That’s why it’s so important to carefully select the toys that you buy, and that you choose a good variety. Studies even show that different kinds of toys have very different impacts on the development of kids who play with them. Here are a few kinds of toys we think every 4-year-old should have a chance to play with.

Dinosaur Toys

It’s no secret that little boys love dinosaurs, so why not use that passion to your advantage? Dinosaur toys are a great introduction to STEM and learning about nature. Dinosaur World Road Race and Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Dig Kit are two examples of different toys that use this theme well.

Building Toys

Now that their fine motor skills are improving, 4-year-old boys often benefit from more advanced construction sets. These toys offer a chance to feel the accomplishment of a job well done. It’s important to make sure these toys are well suited to your boy’s age and ability level; otherwise, it could be too simple or too frustrating. The Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car is our favorite construction toy for this age group.


Four-years-old is a common age to begin transitioning children into riding a two-wheeled bike – one of the surest signs that your little boy is growing up. This is usually with the help of training wheels. In addition to being their primary mode of transportation until they are old enough to drive, a bicycle helps coordination and gross motor skills. Our favorite bicycle for four-year-old boys is the Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike.

To make our list, a toy not only has to be fun, but it also needs to support your child’s development and be a good value. We’re confident that any 4-year-old boy would love getting any of the toys below on Christmas, their birthday, or any other special occasion.

Top 20 Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Boys 2024

1. Toy Rocket Launcher With Foot-Powered Launch Pad

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list We think parents will love watching their little boys use this durable launchpad to shoot off foam rockets over and over again.

Your little guy can send these foam rockets soaring up to 100 feet in the air, powered by only his feet, This kit comes with 8 rockets and an adjustable launcher stand. After positioning the rocket on the stand, kids only need to stomp or jump on the plastic pump to send a rush of air through the tube into the rocket, sending it skyward.

The most impressive aspect of this set is how durable it is, especially for a toy that takes this much abuse. The rockets themselves are solid and won’t fall apart, even though they are soft enough to not cause damage when aimed at floors or walls. While primarily intended for outdoor use, the rockets are soft enough for limited indoor play, provided there are no breakable objects nearby.

2. Dinosaur World Road Race

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list Kids love playing with toy cars and dinosaurs, and Dinosaur World Road Race takes both of those and combines them into one fun set.

The Dinosaur World Road Race set is a 156-piece track building set filled with dinosaur-themed fun. The 144 track pieces all fit together in a loop and can be bent and turned in any direction so no corner pieces are required. With two slopes and one bridge, the two light-up dinosaur cars can go up and down over rivers and streams.

Kids will love that most small car toys fit on the tracks, and playing with the two included dinosaur toys, t-rex and triceratops. Boys will love that Dinosaur World Road Race isn’t like other race track toys because this set can be reconfigured in many different ways, creating endless possibilities for play.

3. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

For Ages 3-6
Why it made the list With easy controls, the Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope makes getting an up-close view of household objects easy.

When kids first learn of the hidden microscopic world that surrounds them, it can wake up a whole new sense of exploration inside them. The Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope is our favorite tool for little guys to get a close-up view of anything they can think of. Educational Insights also makes a talking microscope featuring the voice of Bindi Irwin. However, the slides on that model are pre-prepared and do not allow kids to look at objects they find throughout the house.

The Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope requires three AAA-sized batteries, which are not included. The 8x magnification is powerful enough to see very small details in the object, but not so zoomed in that the microscope is awkward to use or requires much in the way of grown-up assistance. In addition to the comfortable dual eyepiece, there is a large, easy-to-turn knob that allows kids to adjust the magnification levels and focus.

4. Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car

For Ages 3-7
Why it made the list The Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car is a great toy for any power-tool obsessed four-year-old boy. Our favorite part is the realistic electric hand drill.

Made for little boys who are fascinated when they see their mother or father using tools or fixing their cars at home, the Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car is a STEM toy with over 30 parts and a working electric hand drill. This toy also features realistic lights and engine sounds when turned on. The interchangeable pieces mean that busy mechanics never run out of ways that the car can be tweaked and customized.

We were especially impressed with how much customization is possible with the Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car. Unlike some other toy car construction sets where the end result looks like the same car with a few different colored parts, this toy completely transforms from a sleek convertible into a fully-loaded rally car.

5. Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

For Ages 4-7
Why it made the list If your little boy is ready for a two-wheeled bike, the Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike is a great choice with training wheels and custom graphics.

At four years old, your little boy is probably starting to tire of his tricycle and other ride-on toys designed for toddlers and has probably begun to set his sights on the two-wheel bicycles they see older kids riding. At this point, parents may want to consider upgrading their ride to something like the Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike. Not only is this bike guaranteed to make a big impression with its Hot Wheels-inspired design, but it also comes with removable training wheels that make the transition to two wheels easy.

The bike comes in three different sizes. While most 4 year-old-boys will fit best on the 14” version, parents with larger kids may want to upgrade to the 16” wheels if they want their child to be able to use this bike for a longer period of time. The styling of this bike is really fun and is guaranteed to be a hit with Hot Wheels fans. We especially like the light-up “Rev Meter” on the handlebar that shows the rider how fast they are pedaling.

6. Tuko Transport Cargo Airplane Play Set

For Ages 3-12
Why it made the list With one of the most unique toy carrying cases we’ve seen, the Tuko Transport Cargo Play Set is filled with surprises.

Over a foot long, the transport jet included in the Tuko Transport Cargo Play Set opens up to reveal 4 car toys and a helicopter inside. The jet also features friction-powered wheels that allow it to roll on its own after being pulled backward across a hard surface. The included car and helicopter toys are made from high-quality die-cast metal and are highly detailed.

Our favorite part of this playset is how neatly all the vehicles included in the set fit inside the folding transport jet. There is even room for a few more of your boy’s other die-cast cars. Unfortunately, the case can be a bit unwieldy for travel because it is shaped like a plane, so this toy may have to stay at home whenever you and your family head off on a real jet.

7. Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars

For Ages 4-7
Why it made the list At four-years-old, your boy is more curious about the world around them than ever before. These nearly-indestructible binoculars will help them explore their surroundings in a whole new way.

More than just a toy, the Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids are a working pair of binoculars that provide 15x magnification. Coated in a shock-proof rubber, this product is able to stand up to punishment, including being accidentally dropped on the ground or stepped on. The Dreamingbox Binoculars also have a molded rubber grip and are ergonomically designed to fit well in small hands.

This set of binoculars is adjustable for a variety of eye distances and is suitable for outdoor activities such as bird watching, hiking, and hunting. The eyepieces are also lined with soft rubber in order to protect faces and eyes while being used. There is also an included neck strap so your little adventurer can keep these binoculars handy while out and about.

8. ETI Toys Engineering Building Blocks Set

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The ETI Engineering Blocks Set is 101 pieces of building fun with screws, gears, wrenches, and more. Boys will love seeing everything they can build.

The ETI Toys Original 101-Piece Engineering Building Blocks Set is a great kit of building materials, gears, screws, and levers that all fit together to keep your little builder occupied for hours of fun. The set includes 2 wrenches to fasten or loosen creations and an 80-page e-book with step-by-step instructions for building 12 different fun designs like a giraffe or an airplane.

Cleanup is a snap with the storage basket and because all of the pieces are plastic, they can be washed or disinfected easily. ETI Engineering Building Blocks are a great first step to getting kids interested in technology, math, and science.

9. Jurassic World Real Feel Mosasaurus

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list Boys will love that Jurassic World Real Feel Mosasaurus brings a deep-sea creature to them, is larger than life, and has moving parts for imaginative fun.

The Jurassic World Real Feel Mosasaurus is a realistic replica toy of the gigantic water beast from the Jurassic World movies. It has lifelike textured skin and a scaly spine to make it look just like it does on screen. Mosasaurus is 28” long and has a moving bottom jaw, rotating front flippers, and an articulated tail.

The Jurassic World Mosasaurus is great for bath time, but because of the large jaw, can take some time to drain any excess water held in the toy. While the jaw doesn’t necessarily “lock,” boys will love that it is heavy enough to hold smaller toys like cars or animal figures in place.

10. Alvantor Kids Indoor Play Tent

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list Creative and imaginative play is unique inside of a tent, the Alvantor Kids Indoor Play Tent gives kids a brand new space to explore and have fun.

Kids love having their very own hideaway, and the Alvantor Kids Indoor Play Tent fits the bill. The Alvantor comes in 2 different sizes, Medium (48” x 48” x 42”) and Large (58” x 58” x 47”), and both have bright colorful panels giving them a rainbow look. Each tent can fit anywhere from 3-6 kids and has a tunnel door with sides that can be fully tied back for an open feel.

The tent takes only minutes to set up with 2 crossing fiberglass poles and folds down into a portable bag. Spills are easy to clean with a damp cloth. The tent is great for play inside, or outside on nice days. It is not suitable for bad weather as it is not windproof or waterproof and does not include ground stakes.

11. Kids Ball Pit Tents and Tunnels

For Ages 0+
Why it made the list This home ball pit and playset brings all the fun of your boy’s favorite arcade playest home in a much more convenient (and cleaner) way.

Kids love exploring and climbing through tunnels, and with this playset, your son will be able to cruise through a maze of tunnels, tents, and a ball pit. Balls for the ball pit aren’t included, but it can hold anywhere from 400-600 standard-sized plastic balls. It does include 3 Velcro dart balls to play on the Velcro dartboard outside of the triangle tent. The triangle tent and ball pit each have small basketball hoops as well.

The structure can be configured in multiple ways, and each piece can be used by itself or in combination with other pieces. The 5pc Kids Ball Pit Tents and Tunnels set comes in a portable bag for easy storage or transportation.

12. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list One of the least expensive ride-on toys we reviewed, the Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper supports up to 250 pounds and won’t scratch floors.

Jumping up and down on a pogo stick is lots of fun, but it requires lots of coordination and can result in some pretty nasty falls. For kids who aren’t quite ready for the real thing, the Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper has a heavy-duty block of bouncy foam that allows kids to safely bounce up and down indoors or out. This toy also makes a fun squeak every time it bounces.

The Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper is an active toy that helps train coordination as well as balance and gross motor skills. The jumper is available in over 10 different colors and designs; we were especially impressed by the police and fire truck design that features real working lights on the end of the padded handles. Expect to see your four-year-old boy playing with this toy often.

13. ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list A fun new twist on the classic game of “Bingo!” This game can help your four-year-old learn essential words while they play.

One of the most important skills required of beginning readers is to be able to recognize “sight words,” commonly used words that are critical for smooth reading. Zingo! by ThinkFun is a unique bingo-style game for young children that teaches and reinforces sight words without making it seem like a chore. There is also a version that helps teach basic numbers and counting.

Because Zingo! Is fun for the whole family, it’s a great choice for a game night in households with multiple children of different ages. Even though the game is simple and easy to learn, the fast-paced gameplay and excellent tile dispenser keeps it interesting and satisfying to play. In addition to learning new words, parents can expect boys to improve their reaction time as well as hand-eye coordination when playing with this game.

14. Marvel Boys' Spiderman Quartz Watch

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list A great tool for teaching your little guy how to tell time. The Marvel Boys' Spiderman Quartz Watch is much more durable than other inexpensive digital watches for kids.

At four years old, kids are just beginning to develop a firmer grasp on the concept of time. The Marvel Boys’ Spiderman Quartz Watch is a digital watch that can help your boy learn to tell time and begin to manage their own schedule. This sturdy watch can take a beating, but it is not water-resistant.

Like most other digital plastic watches, the Marvel Boys’ Spiderman Quartz Watch is not expensive, but the high quality of the watch and the unique light-up strap make it our favorite, especially for little boys who love Spiderman. The lights on the face of the watch and along the strap can be activated anytime by pressing the side button.

15. Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Dig Kit

For Ages 4-8
Why it made the list With 12 break-open dinosaur eggs, the Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Dig Kit lets your little archaeologist and his friends excavate 12 realistic dino models.

An activity and a toy in one, the Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Dig Kit is a STEM.org authenticated product. This means you can trust it to help spark your child’s interest in science and the related fields. The kit comes with 12 plaster eggs and enough chisel & brush tools to open each one simultaneously, making this set a good choice for birthday parties or classroom settings.

Before allowing kids to begin chipping away at the eggs, they need to be soaked in water. It is not difficult to break through the outer shell and it takes about 15 minutes for a four-year-old boy to get to the middle and retrieve the colorful plastic dino inside. Included with this set are 12 full-color learning cards that each feature a different species of dinosaur, discussing their history and explaining what made them unique.

16. Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list The whoobli Punching Bag for Kids has everything boys need to practice boxing at home.

The whoobli Punching Bag for Kids is an entire kit with everything kids need to learn about and safely practice boxing. The whoobli Punching Bag has a height range of 34”-44” and is easily adjustable with a side screw. The weighted base can be filled with water or sand so it won’t tip over, and it has a 180-degree durable spring for a bounce-back motion that improves hand-eye coordination.

The whoobli Punching Bag for Kids also includes a set of universal fit, PU leather boxing gloves, and an air pump. Boys will love being able to practice on their very own realistic punching bag.

17. Superhero Dress up Costumes

For Ages 3-12
Why it made the list Perfect for a superhero-themed birthday party, this set of four capes is a great way for boys to pretend to be their favorite characters.

These set of one-size-fits-all youth superhero capes and masks come in sets of either 4 or 6 and inspires creativity and pretend play. Featuring several fun designs reminiscent of pop culture’s most popular heroes, kids will have no problem pretending to be their favorite characters, even if this set is not officially licensed by any comic book companies.

The capes are made of high-quality satin and measure 27 inches tall, meaning they may be just a little long for some shorter four-year-old boys. The included masks are made of premium felt and have comfortable head straps, allowing for the masks to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Moms and dads looking for adorable pictures for Facebook and Instagram should definitely give these costumes a look.

18. MAGIFIRE Splash Pad

For Ages 0+
Why it made the list Children love playing with water, and the MAGIFIRE Splash Fire is a unique and safe way to give children a way to explore and learn.

The MAGIFIRE Splash Pad brings all the fun of a splash pad at the local park to your backyard. This splash pad is 68” around, wide enough for a few young children, and sprays a consistent fountain of water a few feet in the air in a ring all the way around. Parents will love that the edges are soft and BPA-free and that the water only collects in the bottom up to a few inches so it stays shallow.

Because only the sides of the splash pad blow up, and there’s no need to wait for it to fill with water, set-up time is significantly shorter than a traditional blow-up pool. Kids will love the world map design on the bottom, naming the animals, and the sounds they make.

19. The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids is a fun way to teach language, and get boys excited about learning and reading books.

Kids love telling and learning new jokes, and The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids has over 800 to keep them giggling. Learning age-appropriate jokes are an important part of developing language and social skills. The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids clues in on that by formatting jokes in simple, easy to read fonts, and breaking the jokes down into clear categories: 1) Q&A, 2) Knock, Knock, 3) Tongue Twisters, 4) Puns, 5) Riddles, 6) Wait For It…  and 7) Your Turn.

Parents will enjoy that every few pages there’s a silly fact interspersed to keep kids engaged and learning. The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids is a lighthearted read for families throughout the day, on car trips, or even before bed.

20. CubicFun Race Tracks

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list A hands-on arcade game, CubicFun Race Tracks, is a low tech but highly engaging way to encourage logic and observation, while also being the hit of any gift-giving occasion.

The CubicFun Race Tracks set is a car adventure toy where boys can help three different first responders (an ambulance, firetruck, and police car) race through a track using a system of 6 various buttons, wheels, and pulleys. It also has a moving helicopter and crane. CubicFun Race Tracks feels like a hands-on arcade game, and boys will love being able to see each part move.

The CubicFun Race Tracks teaches logic and comprehension as kids learn how to navigate the obstacles and remember which ones come next in the sequence. Parents will love that it doesn’t need batteries, and is instantly captivating when unwrapped on birthdays, or Christmas mornings.

Toys Aren’t Just for Playing Around

By now, hopefully you understand that there is more to finding the right toy than simply picking something your child will enjoy unwrapping. Every time you decide to bring a new toy into the house is an opportunity to help your child develop new skills and spark new interests. We help the list above has been helpful in helping you pick the perfect toy for your 4-year-old boy.