The 10 Best Guitars for Kids in 2024

A guitar is one of the most widely popular musical instruments that people want to learn. It has an intrinsic cool factor that draws crowds. A jam session is incomplete without some musical chords being played on a guitar. If you want to get your kids started early in learning and mastering this instrument, the gift of a guitar would be an excellent idea. Guitars for kids are slightly different than regular ones. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of guitars available for kids and our shortlist of the best ones you can buy online.

Different Types of Guitars Available for Kids

Guitars for adults can be easily classified into nine major categories like acoustic, classical, electric, bass, etc. But, when it comes to kids’ guitars, you’ll be looking at a very different set of features. Kids’ guitars are shorter in length, lighter in weight, have softer nylon strings, and other features that make them age-appropriate. For example, toddlers wouldn’t know the difference between chords A and C, and they just want to believe that they’re playing the music while it’s actually a pre-recorded guitar with fake strings to strum along.

We’ve tried to broadly categorize the different types of guitars for kids available online based on age range, design and make, and various other features offered. If you’re looking to buy a guitar for your kids, it will most likely fall into one of the types listed below:

Pretend Play Guitars (18 Months to 4 Years)

These are guitar-shaped toys that come with a couple of pre-recorded songs and tunes. Usually based on popular shows, they have eye-catching designs and graphics on the body, are made of high-grade plastic that’s lightweight, and vary in size from 16 to 20 inches. Some pretend play guitars also have fixed chords that can be played by pressing a button. Although they don’t have pre-recorded sounds, you can only play certain chord progressions and tunes on these fixed tune guitars. You’ll need standard batteries or a recharge cycle to turn these on and play with them.

Lightweight Plastic Guitars (3 to 5 Years)

These toy guitars are also similar in size to pretend-play guitars. They come in bright colors, have sturdy bodies, and are designed to mimic the real thing rather than to deliver top-notch musical notes. They usually have nylon strings with plastic tuning keys. Kids can actually strum the strings to make music. They have a very mild sound, need frequent tuning, and make good gifts for kids who aren’t serious about learning music but like to hold a guitar and play along when the adults are jamming.

Wooden Guitars for Kids (3 to 13 Years)

These mini guitars are shorter than regular-sized guitars. They vary in size based on age recommendations. The lower ranges—21 to 30 inches—are aimed at kids in the 3 to 7 years age bracket, while the longer ones—30 to 36 inches—are aimed at kids in the 8 to 18 age bracket. Above 36 inches are usually regular guitars for adults. They have wooden bodies, either 4 or 6 nylon strings, metallic tunic keys, and decent sound quality. Based on the design of the body and the notes output, these can also be classified as acoustic or classical guitars. Kids who’re learning to play music or master the guitar can use these as beginner guitars.

Electric Guitars for Kids (3 to 13 Years)

Like acoustic guitars, they also vary in length, and different sizes cater to kids in various age brackets. Their output varies with their amplifier voltage capacity—6V, 9V, etc. These are much heavier than the wooden guitars. Nylon strings, polished and glossy enamel, cable cords, and a guitar strap are some standard features of electric guitar kits for kids. Their sound output is comparable to electric guitars for adults if the quality of the guitar is good. Kids who struggle with acoustic guitars and want an easier route to learning how to play the guitar can go for this option.

Some acoustic and electric guitars for kids can be just as good as professional playing equipment but come at a premium price. That’s nothing to worry about, though, as the economic options also have stellar notes. They might not produce the kind of output you hear in concerts and orchestras, but they’re excellent for learning and making music, mastering the guitar, playing in junior bands and smaller venues, and just jamming. You can use some fairly common and basic guitar hacks like changing out the strings for a better set, oiling the tuners, etc., to improve the performance of your kids’ guitars.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the ten best guitars for kids that you can purchase online. It has an option or two for all kinds of guitars discussed above.

Top 10 Best Guitars for Kids 2024

1. Blue’s Clues & You! Sing-Along Guitar

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This is the best pre-programmed guitar for toddlers who’re fans of the famous Nick Jr. show Blue’s Clues & You.

If you’re looking for an electronic guitar for your toddler who’s a fan of the popular animated series Blue’s Clues & You, then your search ends here. This guitar is the toy version of Josh’s ‘Handy Dandy Guitar’ that he plays on the show when he performs the popular songs loved by kids across the US.

This is official Blue’s Clues branded merchandise, so you don’t have to worry about the quality, durability, and likeness to the real thing—that’s all guaranteed. It’s a brightly colored electric guitar that requires three AA-sized batteries, which are included. Like Josh’s guitar, this one also has an attractive yellow body and a blue neck and head. As a bonus, the head of the guitar ends in a blue paw as a sweet ode to Blue. Blue herself is featured on the base of the guitar with one ear high-up in the air. Is Blue giving you a clue? Move her ears and find out yourself.

This pre-programmed guitar has three play modes and comes loaded with two songs from the show, one of which is the show’s theme song, and the other is the musical version of Old McDonald. The music is accompanied by light and sound effects that can be activated by pressing the buttons on the guitar’s neck. Kids can sing along to their favorite songs as they mime playing with this guitar. The sound and light effects also create a groovy vibe that will get them up and tapping their feet as long as the music plays.

Although the official recommended age is three years old, kids as young as 18 months may enjoy playing with this guitar.

2. LyxPro Electric Guitar Kit

For Ages 9+
Why it made the list This is the best electric guitar kit for kids above the age of nine who are beginning to learn how to play the guitar. The design is available for both left-handed and right-handed players.

This electric guitar is good enough for adults with its 39” length and relative heaviness. Although it’s longer in size for kids below 10, it offers the best-in-class electric guitar features. In fact, it’s a full-sized guitar that teenagers and adults can also play. The best thing about the design of this guitar is that it comes in both left-handed and right-handed versions, so left-handed kids do not have to adapt and adjust to a right-handed guitar.

Kids can use it as beginners, continue using it as intermediate-level guitar players, and even keep using the same instrument after they’ve mastered this skill. It’s a versatile guitar that is easy to learn on.

With this guitar set, you don’t have to worry about making any additional purchases as this is a complete starter package. Along with the guitar, you also get ten additional accessories. The package includes a battery-operated 20 W amplifier for rich sound with a built-in speaker, slots for headphones, and aux input, along with a cable and an instructions booklet. It also includes a storage bag with extra pockets, a shoulder strap to wear the guitar, a digital tuner, a tremolo bar, Allen wrenches, and extra strings.

The beautiful guitar is made of high-quality and durable materials like premium rosewood, Canadian maple wood, phoenix wood, nickel steel strings, and polished tuning pegs. Both the left and right-handed guitars are available in six attractive colors. Various settings allow you to control tone, volume, bass, gain, treble, and grind. The amplifier is loud enough to be heard throughout the basement without causing noise trouble for anyone upstairs.

This is a great first electric guitar for your kids as it’s economically priced, durable, lends itself well to all skill levels, and performs decently.

3. Hape Toy Guitar Wooden Ukulele Instrument for Kids

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This is a mini wooden ukulele guitar for beginners that can be used to teach kids about rhythm, musical techniques, and score composition.

This guitar is a real acoustic ukulele instrument that’s made of wood. It has four tunable strings—GCEA. At just 21” in length and less than .5 lb, it’s not very heavy or tall, so kids can handle it with ease. The strings are made of nylon, so they’re not harsh on your kids’ fingers. It comes in five attractive designs – blue, green, red, dot red. The paints used for the colors are non-toxic. These guitars are sturdily built and can withstand rough handling.

A ukulele guitar is an excellent introductory instrument for kids who want to learn how to play the guitar. It will need to be tuned before playing, but the four strings produce realistic GCEA chords and sound as close to a professional guitar as is possible with nylon strings and lightweight wood. It is an excellent alternative to the plastic guitar for teaching toddlers about guitar basics. Besides rhythm and strumming, you can also teach your kids about different musical techniques, chord progression, and song composition.

You’ll need some tuning, to begin with, but with repeated usage, your kids will have it ready to play in no time at all. It produces pleasant mild notes with a mellow timbre. The sound isn’t harsh, so you won’t have to resort to hiding the guitar when you need some peace and quiet. You can get your kids started learning guitar with some easy nursery rhymes and songs with simple chord progressions.

Mastering basic musical techniques and creating guitar melodies at this age is a good way of encouraging your kid’s creative skills. It also promotes better hand-eye coordination, dexterity, listening skills and improves their confidence in their abilities. This ukulele guitar would make for an excellent gift to musically gifted kids. This is not just a toy, it performs decently, and kids will thank you for enriching their world with music.

4. WEY&FLY Kids 6 String Toy Guitar

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list It’s the best lightweight, tunable guitar for toddlers who’re budding musicians.

If you’re looking for a guitar that’s tunable, playable, has real strings, makes a mellow sound, and can be easily held and carried by a three-year-old, this toy guitar with six strings by WEY&FLY is just the right fit for your kid. This guitar is for kids who love playing along with the adults in the room and would appreciate a guitar that isn’t pre-programmed with music. You can start your little one’s real music lessons with this early learning instrument.

The guitar’s body is made of lightweight plastic, so toddlers can lift it and hold on to it with ease. The tunable strings are made of nylon material, so there’s no risk of hurting their little fingers or getting avoidable scratches. The tuning keys are adjustable, and you can teach your kids about these and other basics with the help of this guitar. It makes a very soft, mellow sound and even comes with an attached pick. Besides the black version for kids who prefer edgy looks, this guitar also comes in two other attractive colors – pink.

Budding guitarists will find it helpful in honing their strumming techniques without creating annoying or shrill guitar noises. It also promotes dexterity, better motor skills, teaches them about rhythm and sound, and sparks their creativity by helping them play out the tunes and songs they’ve been listening to and thinking about. Having such creative output at this early age will boost their confidence and lead to better performance in all spheres of life.

It’s just 17” in length, and weighs just over .5 lb, so kids will find it easy to store and carry around with them.

5. Music Alley 6 String Junior Classical Guitar

For Ages 5-8
Why it made the list Music Alley’s 6 String Guitar is perfect for kids with a bonafide talent for music-making.

While a ukulele guitar with four strings is suitable for beginners, kids who are gifted musicians and have advanced skills might require something more advanced to practice with. In comes this 6-String acoustic wooden guitar by Music Alley. At just 30” in length, it doesn’t pose any difficulties in handling for kids even as young as three. It’s pretty lightweight at around 1.7 lbs and comes with a carrying bag to make it easy for kids to take it along to their guitar lessons. A guitar strap is also included for ease of usage when playing the instrument.

The make of this guitar is an interesting combination of materials. While the body of the guitar is basswood, the neck is made of plastic, which lends to the durability of the guitar. The strings are nylon, but the gearheads are made of metal, so tuning is finer, and they last much longer than plastic ones. Besides this lovely pink iteration, it’s also available in a deep blue color. As far as acoustic guitars for juniors go, this is one of the most economically viable options. Spare strings and picks included in the package make it even more worthwhile. Access to online guitar classes is also offered when you purchase this guitar.

Gift it to kids who are serious about learning to play the guitar but not yet ready for the real thing. It requires regular tuning initially, but you’ll find it easier to pick it up and start playing once the strings are broken in. The design and colors are fantastic, and your kids will love showing off these beauties to their classmates and friends.

6. WINZZ 30 Inches Real Kids Electric Guitar

For Ages 4-10
Why it made the list This is the best electric guitar for beginners.

If you aren’t into acoustic guitars and need an electric guitar option, look no further. WINZZ’s electric guitar is the right accessory to gift your kids if they want to learn how to play the guitar but want to simplify the process. At 30”, it’s the right size for kids 4-10 years old. Weighing a little over 6 lbs, it’s much heavier than the other guitars featured in our list, but electric guitars are typically heavier than their acoustic counterparts.

This guitar has a wooden body and real steel strings. The bridge is non-tremolo, so you’ll have to put in extra work to keep it in tune. It’s a standard 21 fret guitar with exceptional clarity between different notes. It’s available in seven colors, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to the looks of the guitar. The paints used are glossy, with the result looking polished and professional.

Other accessories included are a guitar bag, an amplifier (9V battery not included), a cable cord, guitar strap, wrench, an extra string, and two picks. High-quality materials have been used to make this guitar, like solid maple wood for the body, fingerboard, and bridge, and chrome alloy for the machine head.

It’s a good beginner guitar for kids who would like to simplify the guitar learning process as acoustic guitars are comparatively challenging to master. All you need to do is add the batteries to the amp, tune the strings, and it’s ready to play!

To get the most out of this electric guitar, oil the tuners. Some heavy-duty work like drilling new holes to set the bridge a bit further back will immensely improve the intonation of the device. You can also swap out the strings that come with the pack for a better set. As long as you know what you’re doing, these are just a couple of hacks to improve the performance of this electric guitar.

7. J&Z Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar Junior Size

For Ages 7+
Why it made the list This is the best classic acoustic guitar for kids and beginners in the seven to twelve age group.

This is a 36-inch wooden acoustic guitar that’s great for beginners over seven. At just over 3 lbs, it’s slightly heavier than the 30” guitars aimed at kids in the 3-6 age bracket. It’s designed to help kids learn the basics of guitar playing. All the strings are made of nylon to make it easy for kids to master the acoustic guitar. Although strings D, A, and E look like steel strings, they’re just nylon strings covered with white brass wires on the outside.

This is a complete guitar learner starter pack. It includes a waterproof guitar bag with extra pockets to carry it to lessons as well as store other accessories. However, the bag is not well-cushioned, so extra care should be taken when using it for travel. A guitar tuner with batteries included and a soft cloth for cleaning are the other accessories of note.

Although guitar picks and straps are not required with classical acoustic guitars, you’ll get two new picks anyway. A nylon guitar strap with leather ends is also included in the package. It can be attached to the strap peg on the bottom at one end of the guitar and tied with the black rope provided to the neck of the guitar on the other end.

Nylon strings tend to stretch and require careful and frequent tuning in the beginning. That’s just a design aspect and not a flaw. You’ll find it easier to play once the strings are settled in.

This guitar has a dreadnought body – broader and larger than regular guitars, making it ideal to be played in bands as the sound it makes is much louder. The tuner included in the package is one of the best you’ll find on the market. If your kids are new to playing the classical guitar, make their learning process easier by buying a guitar footstool or lap brace for proper positioning.

8. Disney and Pixar Coco Guitar

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This is a replica of the guitar from Disney and Pixar’s animated movie Coco. It’s a simple version of a proper guitar that lights up when it is being played.

Ernesto de la Cruz – the main antagonist in Disney and Pixar’s Coco, plays this guitar in the movie. It lights up whenever he plays it. This guitar – official movie merchandise by Mattel, also does the same. Although it isn’t a real guitar with tunable strings, it’s not a toy either. It’s something in between – a playable toy guitar, as kids can learn to play eight chords with this guitar and also try out other tunes.

This guitar makes for the perfect gift for fans of Coco. It comes in a unique, easy-to-open, 100% recyclable package. It is only 25” in length, so kids over eight might find it too small to play. It’s made of plastic and weighs just over 3 lbs, so it’s easy for kids to carry around. A yellow LED light at the bottom of the guitar’s body lights up whenever the guitar is played. Three AA batteries required to play the guitar are included.

There are no pre-recorded sounds and songs on this guitar, so it does not play songs from the movie. However, it makes electronic sounds when the buttons are pressed, and they can be used to recreate the tunes, like ‘Remember Me.’ The package includes a helpful chord chart so your kids can learn to play this guitar with ease and understand how to play different tunes. It might be a little tough to follow the chord progression initially, but with practice and encouragement, they’ll soon be playing this guitar like Miguel.

9. YOLOPARK Mini Guitar Ukulele Toy for Beginners

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This is a very economical mini ukulele that simulates a guitar with accurate intonation and a rich timbre.

This mini ukulele instrument is only 21” long, making it just the right-sized guitar for kids aged three to five. It weighs less than a lb, so it’s very easy for a three-year-old to carry around. Although it has a wooden finish, the material used to make this guitar is high quality, durable plastic. It’s a 4-string guitar with flexible nylon strings that aren’t harsh on kids’ fingers. A guitar strap, a pick, and an instruction manual are also included in the package.

This is not a real guitar with tunable strings, but it simulates the design of a real guitar as the tension in the strings can be adjusted to produce different sounds and tones. Kids will find it easy to learn string instruments if they begin with something as simple as this ukulele guitar. They’ll learn to identify different chords, follow chord progressions with ease, and advance to more complex string instruments – like real guitars with confidence. You can use this ukulele as an introductory guitar to see whether your kids have any interest and skills in guitar playing, as it’s very economically priced.

Just because it’s very affordable and only simulates an actual guitar doesn’t mean its performance is below par. The sound it produces has a rich timbre, the music is sweet and mellow, and the intonation balanced. Learning to play a musical instrument at an early age improves cognition and memory training. It also promotes auditory development, dexterity and provides an overall confidence boost. Use this simulatory ukulele guitar as an educational toy to teach your kids about playing string instruments.

10. KidKraft Lil’ Symphony Wooden Play Guitar

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list KidKraft’s Wooden Play Guitar is a compact-sized 6-string hybrid toy guitar that’s economical, durable, tunable, and playable.

At first glance, you might mistake this toy for a real guitar. Although it lacks certain features of the real deal, this toy does have 6-strings that are tunable and playable. Made of both plastic and wooden materials, the stand-out feature of this guitar is the set of six weighted strings. Around 27” long and over 2 lbs in weight, it’s just right for three-year-olds.

Toy guitars usually have plastic strings that have poor sound quality. Even mini-guitars usually have 4-strings, so beginners can adapt to strumming quickly. But this toy guitar has 6-strings with varied weights, like in a real guitar, and produces decent quality sound and music. The nylon strings are soft to touch and apt for preschoolers.

Although the guitar is easy to tune, it requires frequent tuning to stay playable. However, the nylon strings are stretchable and fall out of tune pretty quickly, so you’ll have to be patient in the initial few days as the strings get easier to tune. An extra set of strings is included in the package to change them when they’re worn out. Though you will have to buy your own pick as one is not included.

This instrument is quite sturdily made, can handle rough usage by toddlers and preschoolers, and is durable enough to hold out until the strings are settled in and your kids get used to playing it with ease. It does have a high pitch, but you are getting your money’s worth as it’s on the lower end of the price spectrum yet performs admirably.

Final Chords

Get your kids started on those guitar lessons today with one of the guitars reviewed in the list above. Whether your little one is just holding a fake guitar to jam along with mom or dad, or loves to make real music, whether you’re trying to encourage their budding talent or helping them learn more about music, the gift of a guitar is an excellent choice that keeps on giving. Enrich your kids’ lives with this musical gift and enjoy their progress as they go from amateur guitar handlers to truly skillful guitarists.