20 Best Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys 2024

Toys can be a fun way to make learning enjoyable and easy for your kids. This is especially true for 5-year-old boys who have just reached a milestone age of mental and physical maturity. Boys at this age enjoy games and use their imaginations. Toys help kids express themselves and experiment with what they learn at school. If you thought picking the perfect toy was easy, the mountain of products online proves otherwise. We have prepared this guide to help you choose the best age-appropriate toys for your boy.

How to Pick the Right Toys for Your 5-Year-Old Boy

Parents often choose toys based on their personal values and their expectations of their kids. These may include the personality they hope to instill in the child, the relationship they want to build, and the skills they’d like the child to develop. It’s okay for you to decide what the best toys are for your little boy, but at the same time, you should keep in mind that you are buying the toys for the child and not for yourself.

Online toy departments offer a dizzying amount of cute, fuzzy, colorful stuff that vie for parents’ attention. All of those products claim to be just what your child should have but not all toys are suitable for various age groups. Five-year-old boys require toys that fascinate them and spark their creativity. Before moving to our top-picks, consider the following points to help you make the right decision.

Age Appropriate

Children need suitable toys through the stages of early infancy to adolescence that are capable of exciting their creativity and aiding their transitionary development. Since children keep learning new skills and showing new interests as they grow, it’s important to pick the toys that match their age. For example, the height of the Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids can be adjusted to suit 3 to 8-year-old kids.

Clean and Safe

Toys with detachable parts and sharp points usually pose a safety hazard for five-year-olds. Also, ensure that the toy you choose is not made from contaminated or harmful materials. The Wilson Classic Soccer Ball is a good example of a clean and safe toy for 5-year-old boys to play with without much risk of them hurting themselves.

Strong and Durable

The best toys should be strong enough to survive rough handling and durable enough to last as long as the child needs the toy. We highly recommend toys that are made with durable materials. The Matchaccino Construction Fort Building Kit is a nice durable playset for your 5-year-old.

Ultimately, toys have to be appealing or you risk your kids thinking “you don’t get it" early in their lives. That being said, age-appropriateness, safety, durability, and desirability are important factors to consider in a boy’s toy.

We realize the importance of considering your son’s age and interests while getting toys for them, so we have developed this list with those considerations in mind.

Top 20 Best Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys 2024

1. LEGO Juniors Jurassic World Raptor Rescue Truck

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list This dinosaur-themed set is compatible with all LEGO construction sets.

Here’s a fun fact for you; the word LEGO is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, which means “play well”. Founded in Demark in the 1930s, the plastic construction toy company almost went bankrupt sixteen years ago but the beloved LEGO bricks survived and are even more popular than ever. LEGO bricks appeal to people of every age although the Juniors Jurassic World Raptor Rescue Truck is not recommended for children under the age of three due to choking hazards.

This set is an easy-to-build starter pack for boys and girls. Introduce your child to the thrill of building a fully posable raptor dinosaur, a dinosaur cage, Owen Grady, and a tracker, all from the world-famous Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Boys love building things and this set will engage them for hours. Encourage spatial thinking early in your child by letting them spend time playing with this toy. There’s a guide included in the kit to help the little builder work with the 85-pieces inter-compatible LEGO bricks.

2. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This activity-encouraging pogo jumper is much sturdier than similar brands.

Flybar’s My First Foam Pogo Jumper provides hours of fun-filled exercise for boys and girls. The sturdy components of this toy make it capable of supporting weights up to 250 pounds. The squeaky sound produced at each jump is sure to keep the excitement of healthy exercise going for hours. Other than the mood-enhancing endorphins, the irrepressible fun of jumping up and down will leave your boy smiling and laughing.

Some adults may find the squeaky sound of the pogo irritating but kids love it. However, you can get rid of the “squeak, squeak” if your boys do not like the sounds either. Just reach in and pull out the speaker. And if you’re wondering if older kids can use the Flybar My First Pogo Jumper, the handles are built to adjust just fine for both 3-year-old kids and their 10-year-old siblings. Even a 12-year-old will enjoy jumping on the Flybar pogo.

Without the need for batteries or electricity, it’s your boys that will get recharged in no time playing with this toy whether indoors or outdoors. All the toys made by My First Foam have flexible bungees; anything with a rigid stick is most likely a different product for a different age range. Flybar has been in the business of launching kids to higher heights (pun intended) since 1918. This Flybar foam jumper is designed to be sturdy enough to use outdoors without damaging the floor when used indoors.

3. Toy Rocket Launcher for Kids

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The base of this rocket launcher is more rugged and sturdy compared to similar brands.

Motoworx designed this toy as an entertaining way for children to channel all that boyish energy. Kids will have a blast sending the foam rockets in a flight of up to 100ft. Built from durable materials to endure continuous jumping, stomping, and launching, the Toy Rocket Launcher transforms your backyard, your neighborhood park, playground, or any open area into an awesome rocket launching station.

This fun rocket set will introduce your boys to STEM (STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through play as they attempt to accurately adjust the rocket’s angles and plot the launch’s trajectory. There’s no need for batteries or electric charging and the kit is easy to assemble.

Since it’s made in the United States, you can trust the quality and careful considerations put into the manufacturing of this product to ensure the toy is safe and entertaining fun for your boys. The set comes with eight full foam rockets in three fun colors plus a folding yellow stand. Don’t worry about losing the rockets; while they’re an awesome blast, they won’t travel so far out that your little boys can’t find them and you can easily purchase replacement rockets on Amazon.

4. Really RAD Robots MiBRO

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list With more than 50 functions and sound effects, this robot thrills kids and adults too.

The Mibro is your little boy’s fun buddy, hands down. Really R.A.D’s Mibro robot can be relied on to engage your boy every time. The robot can be remotely controlled to do stuff like moving about and dancing. It can also “spy” by listening in, literally. The R.A.D robot can also let children play pranks by using the robot to talk to people and play their voice or a robotic voice (with a button switch).

Although suitable for five-year-olds, the range of accessories that comes with the robot will appeal to older kids as well. Your boys will quickly become comrades with Mibro who farts, burps, smart-talks, dances, and fetches things like a real bro. Kids can play commander, espionage, pranks, and even put the Mibro into stealth mode for undercover operations. If you want to get a kid his first robot, get him a Mibro.

5. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike

For Ages 3-12
Why it made the list This bike comes in an array of colors to choose from, so your boy can ride in style.

Cycling is good fun that helps develop the leg muscles of your little boys among other factors such as improving cardiovascular development and stamina. RoyalBaby’s BMX Freestyle kid’s bike is designed to accommodate every child’s bicycle-riding requirement.

The pedals can be susceptible to cracks but you can easily replace them with any standard size pedals. Still, this bike is made with excellent components that make the bike strong and balanced while still light enough for children to easily lift and carry.

Safety is understandably your most important concern and this bike is designed with child-safety considerations such as an enclosed chain guard, multi reflectors, and a child-oriented brake for short distance stopping. They have many colors for customers to choose from and the bike comes 95% assembled, but every tool you need to put the rest of it together is included in the package. The RoyalBaby brand’s narrowed focus on children’s bikes makes them good at delivering innovative cycling experience for kids, and this BMX does not disappoint.

6. Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list Encourages learning and cooperation

This is an artfully designed wooden marble run set. Although pricier when compared to other brands, you can’t help but be impressed by the high quality of the ensemble. Apparently made from a single piece of wood, the spiral “twist" is itself a work of art. You may find the set knocks down a bit easily and is a little difficult to put together but all of that adds to its fun and lure.

Touted as the world’s first kinetic marble run, each of the seven different color blocks has a different function At first glance, this toy looks more fitting for smaller children but the set can inspire spatial thinking and problem-solving skills for 5-year-olds and even older kids of twelve to fifteen years old. You’d want to keep this in the family to be passed on to future generations because of its premium build.

7. CPSYUB Hand Operated Drones for Kids

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list This drone is perfect for indoor flying with low risk of domestic mayhem

No child will pass up the chance to experience the thrill of controlling and flying a drone, and the CPSYUB comes with a remote control that you can use to make sure the drone doesn’t go too far up. Designed to look like an alien aircraft, this hand-operated mini drone is sure to mesmerize your little boy, especially at night with its glowing LED lights.

This is an upgraded version with four infrared motion sensors to improve the drone’s navigation capabilities both for indoor and outdoor flying. The drone is simple to control; it floats away from your hands and hovers, allowing you to nudge it where you want it to go. The propellers are thoughtfully encased in flexible mesh barrier to protect children from cuts. Unless you have an aversion to made-in-china products, we recommend this toy drone for pure kiddy fun. Besides, you never have to worry about replacement batteries. You can charge via USB plugged to your laptop.

8. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

For Ages 5-9
Why it made the list A very important book for very important little humans, period.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is a special book brimming with knowledge for your curious pre-K kid. Shortlisted for the School Library Association Information Book Award and the Best Children’s Book in the Junior Design Awards, the book has plenty of facts in colorful illustrations about the planets, people, animals, and just about everything else.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is one of a series of educational My Encyclopedias on subjects such as planets, people, dinosaurs, and so on. The book is bound in a padded cover to weather kid-handling and ribbon bookmarks for easy reference. I dare say there are two different types of parents; those who get their kids My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things, and those who don’t.

9. GKTZ Kids Camcorder Digital Camera

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list This digital camera delivers amazing pictures and videos for such a miniature toy.

If your little man is keen about photography, this is the perfect toy to nudge them towards a career or hobby in photography and cinema. The GKTZ kids’ camera fits snuggly into your little man’s tiny hands, but don’t let the small size fool you. You could set the megapixels from VGA up to 12MP allowing your kid to capture impressively crisp pictures that rival many smartphone cameras. However, there’s no selfie camera on this model.

Your child can take photos or shoot videos on a 2hr battery life before simply recharging the camera via a USB cable plugged to your electronic devices or you can charge them with the 5V/1A adapter that comes with the package.

The GKTZ is ultra-lightweight and child-friendly to operate with several features to encourage your child’s creativity. We confidently recommend the GKTZ Kids Camera as a perfect birthday, Christmas, or any-day gift for your boy.

10. The Original Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

For Ages 5-12
Why it made the list An age-Appropriate STEM toy that is plenty of fun

Are you ready for your front or backyard to be turned into a “missile test site”? Imagine adults having contests with kids to see who could launch the planes farther, higher, or with the most spins. This product may not have been made from very durable materials but since they’re, there’s no risk of kids getting hurt while playing with them. The kit comes with three plane types – looped, glider, and wildcat – to achieve different stunts and tricks.

The Original Stomp Rocket Stunt Plane is an award-winning brand, having won awards from iParenting Media, Dr. Toy, and Creative Child Magazine. Similar to Motorworx’s Toy Rocket Launcher for kids, your boys will have a hoot stomping on the pad to launch the stunt planes. You will be surprised that this is so much fun for a toy that cost so little and operates without any form of batteries or electric charger.

11. Matchaccino Construction Fort Building Kit

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list The premium build makes the kit strong enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it has infinite design options.

Made from premium materials, the Matchaccino Construction Fort Building Kit is a great way for boys to enjoy a fun time while encouraging creativity. The fort pieces can be assembled in just a minute, and are easy to set up and dismantle without stress. Boys 5-years and older will enjoy this 77-piece fort building kit which allows them to stretch their imagination as they engineer the pieces into various shapes ranging from personal hideaways to rockets or towers.

The many sticks and connector balls in this kit allow your little boy to build whatever they imagine and then drape a bedsheet over their finished work for a job well done. The sticks can hold the weight of bed sheets – and blankets, as long as the blankets are lightweight. We found that kids may have trouble looping a blanket through the fitting holes without adult assistance.

Many similar products promise kits with endless construction ideas but most of them lack the premium design of the Matchaccino Construction Fort Building Kit. With 28 geometric connector balls and 49 reinforced sticks all made from tough plastic to survive the way kids play, we’re happy to recommend this product as a delightfully fun way for your boys to build on their imagination, stretch their creativity, and bond with family and friends while developing problem-solving skills.

12. Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list Not only is this punching bag a great toy, but the company boasts fantastic customer service.

Venting frustration on a submissive punching bag is hardly what boxing is all about. For adults as well as 5-year-olds, boxing is good for training hand-eye coordination, burning extra energy, and developing self-defense skills. Whoobli’s punching bag for kids provides a fun way for children to practice with a real punching bag. The stick’s height is adjustable which means that the punching bag grows with your child.

Made from durable PU leather, the bag takes a lot of punches without toppling. The Whoobli brand is sturdier and longer-lasting than its competitors. More so, the company is well-known for its excellent customer service and does not hesitate to replace broken or missing parts. Whoobli sent free punching bags to kids during the Covid-19 lockdown – no strings attached. The kit includes a red and white American boxing colors boxing ball, a pair of high-quality gloves, and a free hand pump to inflate the bag.

13. ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading Game

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list This educational game offers inclusive fun learning for everyone, including children with special needs.

Zingo is a fun educational game played like a bingo game but with a chip dispenser that you slide forward to reveal 2 sight words. Every player gets a two-sided Zingo card for two levels of competition. Although the game’s description says it has 72 tiles, there are actually 24 different words (three tiles per word). It’s a perfect game for your 5-year-old getting ready for kindergarten and learning how to read.

The format is easy and keeps the game compact and neat. Special needs teachers praise the Zingo as a useful educational toy. It is a great language tool for children with speech problems such as apraxia and autism. Pushing the game piece back into the slot is a bit tricky and helps improve motor skills in children with muscle weakness.

This is not a toy suitable for children under three years since they can swallow the small parts. A user manual that explains how to play the game is included in the package for easy learning so that your child can start enjoying the toy in no time. The double-sided cardboard cards and the pictures on the chips are made with extra-durable materials that protect against fading and scratches from heavy use.

14. Joyfun Amphibious RC Car

For Ages 5-10
Why it made the list This RC car actually floats on water and can drive upside down.

It’s no secret that many men love cars and the love of cars starts from boyhood. Children will have a blast playing with this remote-controlled waterproof amphibious monster stunt truck. The toy car drives and maneuvers excellently on land, water, snow, and mud. It will float in your backyard pool and the battery life is impressive. The vehicle drives just fine even when it flips upside down. It’s the perfect stunt truck for your blossoming 5-year-old.

The toy is built with an ABS aviation class plastic that ensures the car is actually waterproof and floats nicely in water. The wireless remote works best within 15ft of the car which isn’t such a letdown considering the low price of this toy. The remote control feels flimsy but the car is not tricky to control. It can quickly go from zero to 7MPH in a very short time. The Joyfun Amphibious RC Car is worth every penny you spend to purchase it.

15. Shifu Plugo Count - Math Game With Stories & Puzzles

For Ages 5-10
Why it made the list This educational toy offers games that can be played online or offline, and is compatible across mobile operating systems.

Shifu Plugo is an app-based augmented reality (AR) STEM toy made for both android and iOS devices. The interactive and electronic nature of the game is likely to make kids prefer it over school worksheets, and the toy presents a fun way for kids to practice their ability to solve basic math problems like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It can be played by a single player or with a partner. The questions are arranged in an increasingly difficulty order and children get immediate feedback on whether they answered correctly.

The Shifu Plugo Count also has stories and puzzle games to introduce kids to the concept of “wholes” and “fractions” while building concentration, ambition, patience, and a sense of achievement, all with beautiful interactive visuals. Once you have downloaded the free Plugo app from an app store, you can select your child’s playing level according to his school grade. The math problems are story-based making them fun to play. Your purchase will come with a foldable gamepad, a Count Spike, 4 arithmetic operators, and two sets of digits 0-9. A help guide with step-by-step instructions is also included.

16. Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Interactive Collectible Dinosaur

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list A wild beast that isn’t ashamed to fart. What’s not to like?

WowWee’s fingerling Velociraptor dinosaurs is a neat and cool concept that entertains kids and adults too. Boys may lose interest in toys and what they represent, but a keen interest in dinosaurs tend to last a long time. A research study published by Science Direct showed that intense interests in a conceptual domain like dinosaurs can help make kids smarter, develop a better attention span, and help them be better at processing information. Holding a dinosaur with a name (Stealth), who can be tamed or agitated by the way you treat him is sure to arouse a child’s curiosity and make them more observant.

WowWee’s dino can be made calm or agitated by the way you pet them. Pet the Velociraptor the right way and it will nuzzle and purr and even sleep. Rub it the wrong way and it will respond with a warning hiss, a chomp of its jaws, or even a full-on roar! The toy reacts to sound, motion, and touch. Care for a dino fart? Hold both its sensors simultaneously for something gross. The way the dino clings to the finger will make your kid just want to learn everything he could about it. A sustained interest in dinosaurs can help your child become a brilliant little learner.

17. iPlay, iLearn Automatic Baseball Pitching Machine

For Ages 5-7
Why it made the list Reasonably priced and with a beautiful design, this pitching machine is a great present for your budding athlete.

Only a few things unite America like baseball. It is a national tradition that almost every American is proud of. Get your son this toy pitching machine to help them get their baseball groove on. This is just the perfect beginner machine to teach kids the fundamentals of swinging a bat and the experience of real-life pitching. This is the right toy for kids who are showing interest in the game of baseball but have never swung a bat. Just turn on the machine and the balls will shoot up every five to seven seconds!

Lightweight and easy to carry, the toy has a beautiful design but it is made of what seems like cheap plastic which isn’t very reassuring. It’s easy to assemble though, and there is a picture guide included to help with the installation. Playing baseball helps kids who start practicing at a young age to build hand-eye coordination skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. We recommend Kids Baseball Toy’s Automatic Pitching Machine as an affordable and perfect boy’s toy.

18. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list Wanna learn ‘bout animals? Better call Bindi!

Your 5-year-old will have plenty of fun while learning about science with the GeoSafari talking microscope. It is not actually a microscope but a pretend microscope with picture-quality slides from real microscopes that sparks your child’s interest in STEM. The toy requires three AAA batteries. While this toy is not recommended for children under three years, the build and design quality is top-notch.

This interactive educational toy playfully educates kids with its 60 microscopic images while the microscope voices over 100 fun facts and questions about what they’re seeing on the slides. Kids are taken on an informative beginners’ journey into the world of science and nature by the famous wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwing.

Learning is made easier when the auditory and visual senses are simultaneously engaged and that is what the GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope does by letting early learners look at picture slides and listen to Bindi tell them about what they see. This toy is the only talking microscope for preschoolers that provides a fun way for them to learn about science, nature, and more in English, Spanish, French, or German. The microscope can be set to Fact Mode or Quiz Mode, and there are 20 slides (each with three four-color images) for kids to slot in the microscope and explore.

19. Wilson Classic Soccer Ball

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list The synthetic leather handles well in grass, sand, concrete, or asphalt.

How can we possibly omit soccer when talking about the best toys for boys? Soccer is a great game that helps kids stay fit and healthy. It also improves cardiovascular health and is great for beginning athletes to play. The only thing more important than soccer practice is the quality of the round leather kicked about, and we confidently recommend this Wilson’s size 3 classic soccer ball.

The inflation level of this ball is the standard 8 or 10 PSI and should easily be achieved through a hand pump. Made from an impact-resistant synthetic leather cover for added durability, and butyl rubber bladder beneath the cover for better air and shape retention, the Wilson trademark proves to be America’s favorite traditional soccer ball powerhouse.  Also, the remarkable strength of the synthetic leather with which this ball was made means that it can take kicking and biting from kids and their pet dogs for longer.

20. Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

For Ages 4-10
Why it made the list This globe contains more than 1400 facts and works across a broad range of mobile OSs.

With the Shifu Orboot, gone are the days of curious kids spinning the globe in their dad’s home office and then cross-referencing a spot on the globe with the entry in the World Book Encyclopedia. What Shifu does is make use of augmented reality to bring the physical globe to life with digital interactive information. This is a fantastic app-based learning toy for young boys.

While this is a brilliant educational toy, there’s plenty of room for improvement. The developers still need to properly optimize the app for smoother mobile device compatibility. On the whole, the toy provides detailed information about world cultures, monuments, and more, and your kid will learn a lot about different animals in different habitats around the globe.

The Perfect Toy for Your 5-Year-Old

Toys engage a child’s senses and the best toys leverage fun to encourage creativity and boost imagination in children. It is important to choose age-appropriate toys for your little boys and girls that help them build better hand-eye coordination, motor skills, relationships, and cognitive development. We are confident that this guide has helped you better prepared to make an informed decision while choosing the perfect toy for your 5-year-old boy.