10 Best Minecraft Toys 2024

Minecraft first became popular in 2009, and since then its audience has increased steadily. Most popular games will trend for a while and decrease in popularity until they’re left with a smaller, loyal audience. But that wasn’t the case for Minecraft.

The Minecraft craze is still going strong. This fun game is characterized by its simple gameplay, minimalist graphics, and endless creative possibilities. It’s loved by both adults and kids, so not only is there the classic video game, but you can find physical toys and other merchandise based on the game.

Finding the Perfect Minecraft Toy

Physical toys have a strong competitor nowadays – video games. But some toys are more beneficial to a child’s health, and countless hours glued to an electronic device can become a harmful habit.

The goal is to find a great toy that can replace hours of screen time and be just as fun. For a toy to be good enough to achieve this, there are four main things to look for.

Quality of Experience

Remember, you are looking for something that can replace a device that offers endless possibilities. The main thing to look for is how much time, realistically, the toy can keep the child engaged for.

Things such as figurines will draw from the child’s imagination and can provide many hours of fun. However, this can become exhausting, and sometimes it’s better to have a toy with engaging features. A great example of this is LEGO. To get to playing the child needs to build the toy, which will both exercise their mind and keep them engaged for long periods.


Immersiveness is what’s going to make or break playtime. When a toy provides an immersive experience, your child is likely to be completely concentrated on what they’re doing, often silent or actively role-playing.

The harder it is to get their attention or get them to focus on something else, the more immersive the game is. And that degree of concentration is what will keep your child from seeking electronics.

Challenging Gameplay

Both the playing time and immersiveness are influenced by this feature. Any toy that can keep your child’s attention is guaranteed to offer a challenge. Whether the toy challenges the imagination, motor skills, or simply gets the child thinking, you know that that toy will be played with more than once, and won’t just be tossed aside after a few minutes when the novelty wears off.

Sense of Accomplishment

Minecraft is a building and crafting game, and one of the reasons why it’s so popular is that you can build anything you want. It’s not easy, and it takes time, but your child can build beautiful and complex structures that will leave them feeling accomplished and proud of their achievement.

To compete with the digital version of the game, a physical toy must match this sense of accomplishment in some way. For that, we must sing praise to LEGO, which presents your child with the opportunity to build complex structures with their own hands, which will make them feel just as proud and accomplished as they would in the digital world.

Taking these four features into account, we have built a list of the best 10 Minecraft toys so your child can still indulge in their favorite world.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Toys 2024

1. LEGO Minecraft: The Illager Raid

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list It has the superior quality of LEGO products, and it comes with 562 pieces, so between building and playing it will provide many hours of entertainment.

LEGO has been around since 1932. Their toys were part of our favorites as kids, and continue to be as they aren’t going anywhere. They consistently create products that both kids and adults love.

This LEGO set represents the iconic Illager Raid, which will take Minecraft players on an adventure to build three different sections that can be rearranged as they wish. Amongst this set, there’s a big Ravager to add excitement only a villain can bring to playtime.

Other elements include Kai, which your child can work with to rescue the Villagers and protect the Villager’s desert house, a trading post, crops from the Pillagers, and the enormous Ravager that disturbs the peace in their world.

This LEGO set isn’t hard to build, but it would be better for the skill level of a child older than 7 years old. You can entrust it with a younger child if you feel it’s suitable, but not too much younger as there are small pieces that can be a choking hazard.

Of course, this set can be combined with other LEGO sets and become even bigger. That’s the magic of LEGO products: there isn’t a shortage of amazing sets that can be put together to create a whole world to play with.

John Hopkins University even goes as far as claiming that LEGO can make your child smarter, and as they use spatial reasoning skills to build structures as kids, they will gravitate towards STEM fields as adults.

2. Mattel Games UNO Minecraft Card Game

For Ages 7 - 11
Why it made the list You will get all the fun and simplicity of a UNO game combined with all the different Minecraft characters for a unique playing experience.

Remember UNO? Most people do, it’s a classic that has been around since 1971, and it’s loved by all generations. But what if you add a twist? Mattel did and created a Minecraft version.

Minecraft lovers are bound to love this game. The rules are the same as the original UNO game, but all cards feature Minecraft characters, and there’s an extra feature – a Creeper card that, when drawn causes all the other players to draw three cards from the pile.

The goal of the game is still to get rid of all the cards in their hand, and the first player or team to reach 500 points wins. The points are counted at the end of each round, and when a player finishes their cards all other players must show what they have.

And of course, don’t forget to yell “UNO” when you’re down to one card. But to make the game more interesting you can prompt your child to pick a Minecraft-related word to be yelled instead of UNO. It can be simply “Minecraft”, or other words like “Obsidian”, “Redstone”, “Ravager”, or anything else.

The game does come with an instructions sheet, but if not, or if you simply prefer to use your phone, you can find the official rules on the Mattel website. However, that web page does not include the Creeper card included in the Minecraft version of UNO.

This option is great for young kids as no reading is required to play; you just need to explain to them how to play. It would be beneficial to know the numbers from 1 to 10, but not essential as they can be guided by the shapes.

3. Jada Toys Minecraft Metal Figurines

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list These figurines are made of high-quality metal, which contributes to their durability and sturdiness so you won’t have to worry about them breaking.

These Minecraft metal figurines are brought to you by Jada Toys and are a fully licensed product based on the original Minecraft game. This pack includes 20 different figurines, which are great to play with as a child and amazing collectibles as an adult. Luckily their high quality allows them to last a lifetime, so they can stay with your child as long as they want them.

The characters included in the set are Steve, Alex, a Zombie Pigman, Steve wearing Enchanted Armor, a Witch, Wither, a Snow Golem, Mooshroom, an Iron Golem, a Baby Zombie, Alex wearing Diamond Armor, a Charged Creeper, Nitwit the Villager, Priest the Villager, a Zombie Villager, a Brown Llama, a Tamed Wold, a Tabby Cat, a Teleporting Enderman, and one of the Drowned.

There are three different sets, and the color of the Creeper changes in each. You can get green, blue, or red. These collectible figurines have high standards of both quality and aesthetics. Jada Toys uses a high-end casting method that allows them to perfectly mimic the style, pose, and unique look of Minecraft characters. This meticulous amount of detail makes these figurines true to the original digital characters; each “pixel” is placed just right.

Each piece is made of 100% die-cast metal, and they’re incredibly durable. The paints used are metallic and of premium quality. The figurines come in a plastic holder, and when removed they stand on their own. The base that keeps them upright is made of die-cast metal and cannot be removed. This can make playtime a bit awkward at times, but imagination has no limits and no barriers.

4. LEGO Minecraft: The End Battle

For Ages 7+
Why it made the list It comes with 222 pieces and promotes creative thinking. Kids can simulate Minecraft’s end battle with the Ender Dragon after building it themselves.

LEGO takes the stage again with Minecraft’s epic End Battle, featuring the iconic Ender Dragon. Building the Ender Dragon will be effortless, as your child will be looking forward to defeating her on the End Battle.

This LEGO set includes a dragon slayer, a potion, an ender pearl, an ender dragon, an enderman, an obsidian pillar, an enchanted bow, and an end crystal. Assembly isn’t too hard, but it isn’t easy either so it would be better suited for a child older than 7. With your help, they can get it built in about an hour, and a bit longer by themselves as there’s a lot involved in the building process.

There are a lot of different LEGO sets, and they can all be combined to create a big Minecraft world. As it’s all LEGO, it doesn’t matter if they’re different sets, and they’ll fit perfectly in with each other.

Your kid can combine this End Battle set with LEGO’s Minecraft Illager Raid set. But Amazon has lots of different sets that can be used too, such as the Chicken Coop.

LEGO is very beneficial for kids. Preschool Inspirations has compiled a list of 10 skills your kid learns when playing with LEGO. Combine fun with cognitive value, and you have the perfect toy.

Some pieces have cool features like the end crystal, which shoots off the obsidian pillar when prompted, and the Ender Dragon with limbs that can be moved into different positions, and a fireball that shoots out of its chest. The fireball shooting is completely mechanical and built by yourself or your kid, which makes it even cooler.

Another great thing about this set is that it doesn’t feature your regular Alex or Steve, but a dragon slayer that is very detailed and unique. This is also the only set that comes with a bow and arrow, so your child will be ecstatic to own an exclusive item.

To top it off, this LEGO Minecraft set includes a code that can be redeemed on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition online game to get an exclusive dragon slayer skin. However, the code can only be redeemed once, so if you have more than one kid who loves Minecraft they may be upset that only one of them can get the skin.

5. Minecraft Transforming Sword/Pickaxe

For Ages 6-10
Why it made the list It can go from the iconic Minecraft pickaxe to a sword in a couple of seconds

Minecraft’s Transforming Sword/Pickaxe is an original Minecraft product, which is made obvious by its unique design and incredible quality. This is technically two products in one as it goes from pickaxe to sword within seconds.

You may feel apprehensive at times when it comes to play-fighting, and those worries are natural as we want the best for our little ones. However, there is nothing to worry about. As long as your child or their opponent aren’t too rough, no one will get hurt. Healthline believes that there are many benefits to it, such as better social skills, bonding, and aggression management.

Your child will be really happy when they see that the sword and pickaxe are made of “diamond”, which is very desirable and quite hard to achieve in the game. They’ll get premium-quality tools that are quite large and feel great to be handled.

As for the material, it is made of hard plastic with small foam pieces. If your kid is fighting with another child, or with you, you might want to make sure they’re not swinging it too hard to avoid breaking the toy. It’s unlikely but not impossible, as it’s only plastic after all. This issue can be tackled by arming their opponent with a foam sword so they can battle harder without breaking anything.

There are only two downsides to this toy, and one of them is practicality (or lack of it). The handle is quite hard, and the product weighs more than expected (around 1 pound), so it’s a bit hard for little ones to swing around. This product is an amazing collectible anyways, and your child will appreciate it. In fact, the quality is good enough to make it durable and last a lifetime.

The other downside is the price. It is very expensive for what it is, but you also pay for quality so it’s justified. But the steep price tag places this toy on the birthday present or Christmas present list, as it’s too pricey for a day-to-day treat.

6. Minecraft Survival Pack

For Ages 6-15
Why it made the list It has all the essential items a new player needs to start playing and get immersed in the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft’s Survival Pack is brought to you by Minecraft itself, so the quality of this product is of the highest standards. It comes with everything a new player needs, such as a workbench, a wooden pickaxe, a wooden sword, a chest, and a fully-articulated Steve.

Each piece is meticulously designed and true to the game. Every single pixel is placed strategically for authenticity. This set is part of the Minecraft Series 1 collection, and you can collect all Minecraft Series 1 figures until the collection is complete, such as the Minecraft Core Zombie Figure Pack, or the Blacksmith Villager Figure Pack.

This is such a simple toy set, and it may seem like it doesn’t have a lot going on. There aren’t any interactive features apart from steve moving his limbs, and it solely relies on the child’s imagination.

However, that shouldn’t discourage you as this toy is very special as it is. The point is that it encourages is imaginative play and which, according to Healthline, has a lot of benefits such as increased emotional intelligence, lowered anxiety, improved concentration and focus, and better academic skills.

One of the pieces in this set, the chest, has a handy and cool feature – it opens and closes, and has enough space inside to store the sword and the pickaxe. Not only does this add another element to playtime, but it’s a great way to keep the small pieces from getting lost.

The only problem with this toy is that Steve’s legs can be a bit flimsy. Once they fall off, they can be put back on but will tend to come off a lot which is annoying and frustrating for your child.

To remedy this, you could use strong glue to keep it in place, but this would keep the leg from moving at all. You can also watch a quick tutorial on how to tighten loose joints without using glue.

7. Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes

For Ages 10+
Why it made the list Every game is different with this strategy board. It offers a unique Minecraft experience with versatile adventure paths.

Ravensburger had collaborated with Mojang to bring us this fantastic strategy board game. Minecraft: Builders & Biomes brings the Minecraft experience to the real world, your child can play with a friend or relative and explore a broad variety of paths and possibilities by changing their strategy in each game.

When we say a broad variety of paths and possibilities, we mean it. The options are endless, and every game is different. Your child won’t get bored after a few games, as each match will come with new ways to surprise them and keep them engaged.

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes includes 64 resource cubes, 64 building and monster cards, 36 weapon tokens, 4 player boards, 4 experience counters, 4 character skins, 4 game piece bases, 12 overview cards, 1 resource cube base, 1 support structure, and an instructions sheet. The resource cubes are made of high-quality wood and are colored to match different materials found in the Minecraft world: 16 wood, 14 sand, 12 stone, 10 obsidian & 12 emerald.

The game can be quite challenging in the beginning. Some even find it too difficult and give up before even starting. But if you persevere and make an effort to learn the rules and make sure your child gets familiar with them, this game is very rewarding and really fun to play once you get the gist of it.

It comes with an instructions sheet, however, since the rules are complex it may be easier to watch a video going over the rules and gameplay. Watching someone play a game is the best way to learn, or you can simply watch it with your child before getting it to decide if you like it enough to buy it or not.

Each match lasts around 45 minutes, and you can make the game as easy or as hard as you like by playing more strategically, which would probably make the game last longer. It is better to start easier and increase the difficulty when everyone is familiar with the rules.

A really great thing about this game is that your kid can play by themselves if no one is available to play with them. During the game, players take colored cubes from a start, and once a certain number of layers of the stack are gone, the round is over. There are three rounds, so this whole process repeats three times.

Without someone else taking cubes from the stack, the game will last a lot longer. So your child can remain occupied by the game for hours at a time if they play by themselves. It beats being glued to a screen!

8. Minecraft Coloring Book

For Ages 5-6
Why it made the list It will introduce an artistic component to playtime without leaving out the Minecraft element, it will keep your child engaged while doing a creative activity.

This Minecraft coloring book is brought to you by Mark Mulle, and it’s not officially affiliated with Mojang. It includes all the classic Minecraft characters such as Steve, Alex, a creeper, the ender dragon, and much, much more. There’s a total of 50 images in this coloring book, so your child is bound to find their favorite character.

The drawings are oversized and simple. There are no tiny details, which makes it perfect for young kids. It can also be a great way to learn how to stay inside the lines, and this exercise will improve hand-eye coordination and nurture your child’s love for art.

To make this even better, each drawing has the name of the character written above it. It’s hollowed out so it can be colored too, and not only will it help your child learn the name of the characters, but if they’re not good readers yet they can practice by word association since they’re fans of the franchise.

Coloring can be therapeutic. Even adults do it nowadays, it’s a great way to exercise your creative mind, and enjoy some quiet exploring your thoughts and feelings. Kids aren’t all that different, and this little book will keep them occupied for hours, and give them a relaxed playtime.

Color Psychology has proven a list of benefits that coloring gives your child, including improved motor skills, increased school preparedness, and heightened creativity. It’s obvious that coloring is very healthy for the child, but you might see them getting frustrated when they first try it. Toddlers tend to just scribble all over the place, but as soon as your kid gains enough maturity to want to try and color a drawing properly, they will feel discouraged at first when things don’t go as expected. If this happens, you just need to encourage them, and maybe even do it with them until they gain enough confidence to accept their mistakes and try again.

The only issue with this coloring book is that the drawings may be too simple and lead your kid to become bored quickly if they already have a satisfactory skill level. In that case, you may want to consider getting a more challenging coloring book.

9. 100 PICS Minecraft Guide Card Game

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list It’s an entertaining option to keep the little ones engaged and entertained during a car ride or a waiting room without having to resort to electronic devices.

The 100 PICS Minecraft Guide Card Game comes with 50 different double-sided cards and a game box. It’s not approved by or associated with Mojang in any way, but it’s still factually accurate and a fun game to play.

Simply put, to play the game you need to insert a card inside the game box. At the top “screen” there are four little doors covering the image, and at the bottom, there are scrambled letters that when put in the right order provide the answer. To play the game, the doors must be opened one at a time and see how fast your kid can guess the answer – which is the name of the character pictured on the image behind the doors.

If your kid is just starting to read they can still play and base their answers solely on the image. But if they’ve already mastered reading they can have fun rearranging the letters to  guess the answer, even without seeing the image.

This game can be played with someone else to insert some competitiveness and see who can guess the answer first, but it can very well be played alone too. The game box is quite small and will fit in your kid’s pocket, so they can take it anywhere with them.

Its portability and compact size make this game an amazing option to take on long car drives, plane trips, and trains. Kids tend to get restless, especially if it’s a long journey, and it can be quite hard to find something to keep them calm. Usually, we have to give in to technology and let them pay with a tablet, but that won’t be needed with 100 PIC’s Minecraft Guide Card Game.

Your child is already a Minecraft fan, so they may already know most answers. It will be extra fun for them to play with you if you’re not very knowledgeable, as that’ll make the game more challenging and become a bonding experience for you two.

The only issue with this game is that eventually your kid will have gone through all the cards, and even you will know the name of every character by heart. And as soon as the element of surprise is taken away, the game may become boring for your kid.

The bright side is that when your child has every card memorized, you will know that this game has helped boost their memory, which is an amazing achievement.

10. Mattel Games Minecraft Card Game

For Ages 8-15
Why it made the list It’s an innovative approach to playing Minecraft that requires more creative thinking than the digital versions.

Mattel Games has created a Minecraft card game that features all your kid’s favorite characters. The game comes with 25 Craft Cards, 24 Wood Cards, 11 Wild Cards, 9 Stone Cards, 8 Iron Cards, 7 Gold Cards, 6 Diamond Cards, 5 Creeper Cards, 5 TNT Cards, and 4 Card Holders.

Your kid will need someone else to play with them, as the game needs 2, 3, or 4 players to work. The number of players also changes the number of points necessary to win. If you have a big family or your kid often has friends around to play with. You can get more than one set. That one up to 8 people can play at the same time. You could technically do more with more sets, but it would probably be a mess.

The game begins with “mining” Resource Cards – wood, stone, iron, diamond, and gold. The recourse cards can be used to create Craft Cards for points. If you want a certain Craft Card but don’t have enough Resource Cards, you can reserve it in your card holder for later. Craft Cards can become Tools with special powers that work in your favor. But there are also some bumps on the road as TNT and Creeper cards can be drawn with unpleasant consequences.

You can watch a more in-depth exploration of the rules and gameplay on Youtube, and if you’re not a big fan of watching videos and prefer to read instructions, you can read the rules of the game on the Minecraft fandom wiki.

As with many games, the rules in this one can be tweaked to make the game easier and more pleasant, especially if you have kids who are too young to focus on challenging tasks. It really depends on your kid’s age, and of course, on their intellectual abilities, and general knowledge of Minecraft.

For a child aged around 7 to 9 years old that has been introduced to Minecraft a while ago, this game is bound to be fun and challenging enough to keep them hooked. But for a kid aged around 4 to 6 with little experience with the Minecraft world, this game will prove to be much harder. However, they can still learn with some extra guidance from an adult or an experienced sibling or friend.

The only issue with this game is that some error has been recorded concerning the real game, some names and facts were downright wrong which can frustrate a child. But these errors were claimed to be fixed, so it should be good now. Just keep that in mind and be prepared if a minor error appears.

Time to Turn Off Electronic Devices and Engage in Old-Fashioned Play

As tempting as it is to just hand a tablet or computer to your child, physical toys are a much better and healthier option for long hours of play.

Although electronic devices offer variety and kids will play for hours on end without losing focus, that can be harmful to their health and personality, as you can see in this article by NBC News that explores the ways physical toys benefit your child more than video games.

Luckily, there is no reason why kids can’t indulge in the world of Minecraft without the use of electronics: just pick an item (or more) from the list and offer it to your child. These toys offer all the building fun of Minecraft in the real world, so any fans of this style of gameplay will likely love them.