10 Best Baby Dolls 2024

Dolls are one of the most popular toys of all time, with each generation falling in love with a new doll model. Some scientific studies assert we owe plenty of our communication, imaginative, cognitive, social, and other developmental skills to the dolls we played with as kids. Dolls can help nurture a caring spirit and a sense of responsibility in a child. If nothing else, dolls entertain and engage children in imaginative activities. Below, we’ll review some of the best baby dolls available today.

Shopping for Baby Dolls

If you’re reading this article, it’s most likely because you seek useful information before spending on a baby doll. You’re on the right track then, because the doll market is quite saturated, to say the least. So it helps to have some idea about the kind of doll you’re looking for and what to expect from them. Below are three important factors to look for in baby dolls.


Plenty of dolls include extra add-ons like clothing or fun accessories. The reason dolls come with such accessories as clothing, toys, and even strollers is usually to encourage pretend play and empower children to use their imaginations. If you’re interested in accessorized dolls, the Glitter Girls Poseable Fashion Doll by Battat – Keltie is a fantastic choice.


These days, you can find virtually any type of doll no matter the color, gender, or size. The typical size for dolls is between 14 and 18 inches, but you can also find dolls from just 11-inches to very large-format dolls. One of the tallest baby dolls in this buyer’s guide is the Melissa & Doug Luke & Lucy Twin 15″ Dolls which comes in a 15-inch size. Babies and toddlers typically love small-sized dolls. We’ll make sure to mention doll size in each review.


Most children are content with toting around a baby doll, but some may crave a more immersive experience that comes with playing with lifelike baby dolls equipped with such true-to-life interactive features as crying, feeding, communicating, diaper changes, and other responsive functions.

Some interactive dolls even come with app connectivity. Interactive dolls don’t just entertain; they also teach children how to respond to real-life situations and interact with others. If you’re looking for the best interactive dolls, we recommend the Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Boy.

The best dolls are just such fantastic toys whether they come with accessories or not, interactive features or not, and no matter the size they come in. Below is our list and review of ten of the best baby dolls you can get today.

Top 10 Best Baby Dolls 2024

1. JC Toys - La Baby 11-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll

For Ages 1.5+
Why it made the list This doll is the perfect size for babies and toddlers.

JC Toys is an industry leader that has been making ultra-realistic baby dolls for more than three decades. This toy-making group is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of a wide range of collectible dolls, specialty play items, and play dolls and accessories. We have more than one of JC Toys’ dolls in this buyer’s guide alone because that’s how good their products are.

Although JC Toys is a multiple award-winning USA Company, the La Baby Caucasian 11-inch Small Soft Body Baby Doll is hand-sculpted by the renowned Berenguer boutique in Spain. The Newborn line of the JC Toys brand is exclusively designed by Berenguer. The craftsmanship and quality of their designs are noted in the graceful expressions of the faces of the babies.

So, it’s no wonder that the JC Toys – La Baby Caucasian 11-inch Small Soft Body Baby Doll is so lifelike that it could pass for a real live baby at a glance. Measuring 11 inches tall and recommended for babies as young as one, this doll is the smaller version of the La Baby doll line by the same brand. The doll comes in four versions for customers to choose from, including blue, pink, pink Asian, purple AA (African American), and purple Hispanic.

No matter the ethnicity of this doll that you choose, the doll looks cute and comes with the most charming facial expressions. The mouth is slightly opened, which also allows it to hold the included pacifier. The JC Toys – La Baby Caucasian 11-inch Small Soft Body Baby Doll comes with few accessories that include the pacifier and removable pink outfit topped off with a hat and blanket.

The doll’s outfit and body are machine washable which adds to the doll’s durability. The doll’s hair is sculpted, and the eyes are fixed with no eyelashes. While moving eyes and hair enhances a doll’s lifelike quality, this doll’s fixed eyes and sculpted hair enhance its durability. You never have to worry about the eyes or hair coming off. Even the pacifier is attached to the doll’s sleeper, and no buttons or zipper could come off. The doll’s sleeper has a Velcro enclosure.

For babies who are prone to allergies, this doll is unscented, BPA, phthalate, and allergy-free. You can hardly beat the quality you get at the price range for this baby doll. You can order extra outfits made by JC Toys to suit their 9 to 11-inch La Baby doll line.

The downside is that because the doll is so light, its lifelike quality is further reduced. This, however, does not negate the fact that the doll is highly detailed with wispy hair, sparkling eyes, and dainty fingers and toes. The small size is perfect for babies and toddlers because it is easy for them to tote the doll around just when they’re starting to learn how to walk. The doll weighs 8 ounces.

As the name implies, the JC Toys – La Baby Caucasian 11-inch Small Soft Body Baby Doll comes with a soft-to-touch vinyl head, hands, feet, and a soft stuffed body.  La Baby is approved by the NPC, an independent testing program that identifies “the finest products and services being marketed to the parent/child audience."

2. Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll

For Ages 0.5+
Why it made the list This doll quickly reverts to its original shape no matter how rough it is handled.

Looking for your baby’s first doll? The adorable Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll, Sugar N Spice Marisa can hardly disappoint. The Sugar N Spice Marisa is just one of the doll’s several choices that include Annette, Cindy, Ella, Gabby, Marisa Heart, and Sage. Some of the options come with a rattle while others do not, so keep an eye out for that while placing your order for this doll.

This is a cute loveable rag-doll-style baby doll. There is a high likelihood of this doll becoming a baby’s favorite snugly buddy. The doll comes with a super soft texture and no rough edges. It is a one-piece doll with no small pieces that could be swallowed or choked on. This also means you do not need to worry about any part of the doll coming off.

Measuring 10 inches long and 8 inches wide, the doll is the perfect size for little children to tote around and hug all day and all night long. Do you want that doll your kid insists must go to bed with him or her? We’re confident the Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll, Sugar N Spice Marisa is the one. The doll is machine washable, which makes cleaning it a breeze. Just don’t wash it with bleach.

Ragdolls are popular, but with one look at this one in its nice packaging and you can tell that it is better made than most dolls of its type. It comes in a pink and white outfit with a frilly tutu. The tutu is made of very soft fabric and is lined with satin for tactical stimulation.

What we liked the most about the Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll, Sugar N Spice Marisa is its ability to quickly revert to its original shape no matter how rough it is handled or how much kids squeeze and bend it. Forgot the doll on the couch and it was sat on for a long time? No problem.

If you are interested in buying this doll, you can be sure it is going to last a long time even with rough use by babies and toddlers. The materials are high-quality and so soft babies and toddlers just want to keep hugging them. Dolls are sometimes collected by adults for their nostalgic value and this Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll is a great candidate for such adult collectors.

This doll’s seven different friendly characters versions are all made with super soft 100 percent polyester satin lining fabric with embroidered eyes and nose details. Whether you want a huggable doll for your baby to cuddle at home or a doll to keep your kid company while on the go, the Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll, Sugar N Spice Marisa is a great choice.  The small size is perfect to ride along with a baby in a stroller, in a baby car seat, or cradled by small toddler hands. It weighs just 3.56 ounces.

3. JC Toys 15" Realistic Soft Body Baby Doll

For Ages 2-15
Why it made the list The dolls have ultra-realistic eyes that close when the doll is laid down.

If you liked the 11-inch JC Toys – La Baby Caucasian 11-inch Small Soft Body Baby Doll, then you should check out this 15-inch version. This is not a simple case of the same doll but in different sizes. This JC Toys 15″ Realistic Soft Body Baby Doll has striking similarities with the La Baby 11-inch version we reviewed earlier but with extra accessories and a few variations. This one comes with eyes that open and closes where the JC Toys – La Baby Caucasian 11-inch Small Soft Body Baby Doll have fixed eyes.

However, this doll, also designed by the Spanish Berenguer Boutique is one of the cutest first baby dolls you can buy, is meant to give children their first experience of caring for others. This is a fun and loveable way to teach children valuable life lessons because babies are mostly hands-on learners.

Considering that JC Toys is a family-run company with over thirty years of experience making high-quality baby dolls, their products come with the kind of quality assurance you can get from a committed American company.

With this JC Toys 15″ Realistic Soft Body Baby Doll with Open/Close Eyes, you can collect or choose from four different versions including the AA pink gift set which is the African-American version that comes with dark skin, as well as four others, namely a blue elephant gift set, blue gift set, pink gift set, and pink elephant theme set.

Also, customers have the option to choose a single doll version or get one with boy and girl dolls in the same box. This latter option is identified as a “twin gift set”.

If you want this JC Toys twin set, both dolls come in the same 15-inch size and both are soft and cuddly. The single doll is a 10-piece gift set while the twin doll version is a 14-piece set that includes two removable embroidered clothes, two caps, two blankets, two shoes, two bottles, and two pacifiers. While one child can receive the twins and have no need of two feeding bottles, the accessories that come in pairs allow siblings to take care of each doll without waiting turns or sharing bottles and pacifiers.

The twins’ clothes don’t match which we think is perfect for teaching children about sharing as the twin dolls can swap clothes. One comes in a pink outfit while the other comes in a blue outfit. We assume the blue outfit identifies the boy doll while the pink identify the girl. Considering that both dolls look just the same and can swap clothes, kids can just go with their imaginations. The twin’s clothes have a cute elephant emblem on the legs.

The dolls’ bodies are made of fabric while the heads, hands, and feet are made of soft vinyl. They also come with the same sparkling blue eyes that feel very lifelike, but this time, the eyes close for some ‘ZZZs’ when the doll is laid down. While this 15-inch version now has moving eyes, the brownish-blond hair remains sculpted.

Their lips are pursed but open slightly to fit the pacifier and feeding bottle. We hand it to JC Toys, they know how to make cute doll faces that do not come off as creepy as is often the case with some plastic dolls. Their soft texture makes them huggable so that kids quickly bond with them. These dolls have a detailed lifelike appearance complete with feet, fingernails, and toenails that line realistically. They even come with eyelashes that match the color of their hair.

As the doll’s outfit is removable, it makes washing them and cleaning the dolls easy.  If you’re looking for excellent dolls with fun accessories to encourage imaginative play, this is a great choice. JC Toys made this doll with non-scented, BPA-free, safety tested vinyl that is soft and smooth to the touch yet durable for years. Each of the dolls weighs a hair over two pounds.

4. Melissa & Doug Luke & Lucy Twin 15" Dolls

For Ages 1.5-5
Why it made the list These dolls come with a little bit of weight in them that enhances their realistic qualities.

If you loved the JC Toys 15″ Realistic Soft Body Baby Doll with Open/Close Eyes because they can be purchased as a single doll gift set as well as a twin gift set, then you might also like this Melissa & Doug Luke & Lucy Twin 15″ Dolls.

The Melissa & Doug Luke & Lucy Twin 15″ Dolls are part of the Mine to Love baby doll series by Melissa & Doug toy brand. Melissa and Doug are real people who are mom and dad to six children. The couple is behind the Melissa & Doug American manufacturing company that makes high-quality children’s toys, including wooden puzzles, arts & crafts products, plush toys, and other educational toys.

If you’re drawn to family-run enterprises and are partial to brands that treat their employees better, then you have one more reason to choose these adorable Melissa & Doug twin set dolls.

While shoppers don’t have the option of getting Luke or Lucy baby dolls as a single doll unit, the boy and girl dolls have distinct lifelike qualities that tell them apart as boy and girl. Baby boy Luke comes wearing a cute blue striped onesie, complete with a removable cap and a pacifier shaped like a star.

Lucy, on the other hand, is wearing a removable pink onesie with a polka dot design. She is also wearing a removable hat as well as a star-shaped pacifier. Both dolls don’t always have to have the pacifier in their mouths as they can also suck their thumbs and drink from a baby bottle. Luke and Lucy can hold their pacifiers in their mouths as well as in their thumbs. Both postures enhance the dolls’ lifelike qualities and spark imaginations in children.

The dolls are 15 inches in size and with soft bodies that enhance their huggable and cuddly qualities. Their eyes open and close and that not only when they are lying down. What we like the most about the Melissa & Doug Luke & Lucy Twin 15″ Dolls is that they are weighted, which gives them an enhanced realistic feel of cradling a baby.

Lightweight dolls are easier for toddlers to tote around but the downside is that the lightweight quality takes away from their realistic feel. Luke and Lucy come with a little bit of weight in them that makes them feel a bit more like the real thing. Plus, the 15-inch size is great for older kids who are upward of five-years-old. These Melissa and Doug dolls are fantastic toys to help children develop a sense of empathy and responsibility, vital character traits that will enrich their lives in the future.

The dolls are recommended for babies as young as one and a half months old, and for pre-schoolers of up to five-years-old. Other than their rompers and pacifiers, the Melissa & Doug Luke & Lucy Twin 15″ Dolls do not come with accessories but you can get separately-sold extra Melissa & Doug baby doll accessories to expand the set and enhance your baby’s pretend play. Each of the dolls weighs 2.2 pounds.

Keep in mind that Luke and Lucy are lightly scented but the removable clothes make it easy to wash and clean the dolls. The Melissa & Doug toy-making company is a confirmed partner with the American Academy of Pediatrics to foster early brain development and help children build important life skills through play. Their toys have won multiple awards, including the 2018 Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award, among others.

5. Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea First Baby Doll

For Ages 0.5-2
Why it made the list This doll comes in a sleeping pod that enhances its adorable looks.

If plush baby dolls are your favorite, or you loved the Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll, Sugar N Spice Marisa, then you might want to collect this Manhattan Toy snuggle pod baby doll too.

Recommended for children as young as six months, the Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea First Baby Doll is another adorable first-time doll for your baby. If your child has never had a doll before, this is a lovely choice to introduce them to a cuddly buddy. This doll may not have the lifelike design of such baby dolls as the JC Toys 15″ Realistic Soft Body Baby Doll with Open/Close Eyes, but its super-soft plush material inspires pretend play.

The dolls come in an array of sleeping pods inviting children to take them out and put them back in there. This seemingly ordinary activity of taking the doll in and out of its sleep sack adds to the fun for children as well as encourages them to practice their fine motor skills. The snuggle pod enhances the cozy and cuddly feel of toting the doll, which makes children feel more like they are truly caring for a baby or a friend.

Other than this sweat pea-shaped snuggle pod, the doll comes with several snuggle pod variations, including Hunny Bunny, Lil Peanut, and Snuggle Bug. All of the dolls’ variations are perfectly gender-neutral. They are made with soft-textured materials with embroidered lettering that leaves them with an endearing appearance and a cuddly feel. The smile on the doll’s face is constant, its eyes closed in a sweet dream, and its outstretched arms always hungry for an embrace.

Wearing just a cute ribbon bow tie, ribbon hair, and embroidered facial features, the doll comes in at a featherweight 3 ounces and measures nine inches long. It’s a great size for little hands to tote, tuck, and carry around. The sleeping pod is satin-lined and measures 12 inches long.

The doll is not machine washable, so it should be cleaned with cold water and air-dried with no bleaching. In our opinion, this doll is best used indoors to minimize dirt as it isn’t machine washable. Manhattan Toys says this doll is made and imported from Vietnam, while the US company has procedural oversight to ensure the dolls meet or exceed the arduous CPSIA regulations for children’s toys, which requires CPSC-approved third-party accredited laboratory testing.

The Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea First Baby Doll is an Amazon’s Choice for the Manhattan Toy dolls that includes Whoozit, Groovy Girls, Dr. Seuss, MiO, Baby Stella, Wee Baby Stella, and Wimmer-Ferguson. As an Amazon’s Choice, customers can be reassured of the child-safe qualities of this doll because Amazon does not permit these products to be sold on their platform without substantiated safety approvals.

6. The New York Doll Collection 11-Inch Soft Body Doll

For Ages 3-4
Why it made the list We like that the dolls’ onesies come in a fashionable design with polka stripes and an array of colors.

This 11-inch soft body baby doll by New York Doll Collection is sure to captivate babies and toddlers. We have no doubt children will form bonds with such lifelike dolls as this 11-inch soft body doll. Bonding with dolls can help prepare children to practice the skills in real-life relationships. This doll is recommended for kids who are three years to four-years-old.

Yet again, this New York Doll Collection 11 inch Soft Body Doll offers customers the option to collect or choose from four different ethnicities, including Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and a Caucasian boy doll. The African-American and Asian versions are more pronounced because the first comes with a darker skin tone while the latter has a more defined Asian facial expression.

The dolls are dressed in onesies, complete with adorable little hats that kids are sure to enjoy removing and replacing on the baby’s head. This New York Collection doll is certainly made for love. It can even be made to insert its baby fingers in its mouth. The doll’s super-soft texture is a testament to its head, hands, and feet that are made of soft durable vinyl.

This baby doll does not come with hair on its head but the head is painted a brownish color that mimics the color and shine of real hair. The lack of hair on the doll’s head is compensated by its cute little hat that is also removable. The doll also does not come with eyelashes and its eyes do not open and close. The lack of hair and moving eyes may seem like limitations to this baby doll but the upside is that you never have to worry about hair and body parts that come off.

The body parts of this baby doll are intricately detailed so that they have a striking resemblance to real babies. Not only does the doll’s softness invite kids to hug and cuddle it, but it also makes it safe for the doll to “sleep” in a child’s bed.

We like that the doll’s onesies come in a fashionable design with polka stripes and an array of colors. The baby cap matches the color of its onesie. It’s easy to wash the doll’s outfits as they are removable. The doll’s outfit can be machine washed or hand washed, while the doll’s body can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and have it looking neat again.

For the best fun and learning experience, always let the toddler take off the doll’s clothes when it’s time to wash them. This can also help them practice their motor skills. Another highlight of this 11-inch New York Collection doll is its packaging.

The packaging may have little to nothing to do with the quality of the doll but a nice gift box can be handy if you’re getting this doll as a gift for someone else’s baby or even for your own child on a special occasion like birthdays, holidays, etc. This doll comes in a partly transparent attractive gift box covered in beautiful and colorful illustrations.

It’s also worth mentioning that the packaging is designed to be easily opened by a child without the need for tools such as scissors, etc. Other than its outfit including the cap and a free pacifier, there are no other baby accessories that come with this doll. The doll itself weighs 10.4 ounces which is a suitable weight for toddlers to easily tote around, while the 11-inch size is also perfect for toddlers to hold.

7. Nice2You African Girl Fashion Play Baby Doll

For Ages 3-12
Why it made the list All of the doll’s limbs including her head can rotate 360⁰. She also comes with a headful of hair.

The Nice2You African Girl Fashion Play Baby Doll is one of the cutest black dolls you can buy for your child today. The importance of incorporating racial diversity in children’s toys and play cannot be overemphasized and this adorable dark-skinned baby doll is a great and fun way to introduce children to racial diversity.

Getting little children ethnic dolls like this afro baby doll can help inspire positive images of people of color during the child’s formative years. In the same way, kids of color who don’t see themselves represented in media and toys will benefit from dolls of different ethnicities.

Parenting experts agree that “toys can shape a child’s view of the world around them,” so it’s important to expose your kids to toys representing all kinds of colors.

Does your child like to play dress-up? You can get her this amazing fashionista doll to practice her fashion skills. This doll is suitable for kids as old as 12-years-old. The Nice2You African Girl Fashion Play Baby Doll comes with five different outfits in five different colors for customers to choose from although you are guaranteed three sets of multicolored baby doll clothing in the box.

We think that this doll’s best feature is her rich jet black curly hair and her beautiful clothes. She is 12 inches tall and her clothes fit her nicely. The clothes are made with carefully selected fabrics that pay homage to African-inspired attire. We have no doubt kids will enjoy dressing her up in her beautiful clothes every day.

The doll’s eyes are made with high-grade acrylic, but she has no eyelashes and also does not blink. All of the doll’s limbs including her head can rotate 360⁰. She can sit and lie down, but she cannot stand unaided. She also cannot speak although she looks so realistic you’d think she can do that.

Because this doll comes with a headful of hair, kids can have fun using her hair to practice different hairstyles. Her bangs are also ornamented with a headscarf that matches each of her outfits. This baby doll comes with enough features and a detailed design to let childrens’ imaginations run wild.

This doll is 100% handmade and hand-painted. She weighs just 13 ounces which is easy for kids to carry around. The doll is recommended for kids as young as three-years-old. Since her clothes are removable, they can be easily washed by hand or machine washed, and the doll’s body cleaned up nicely with a damp cloth. More so, her clothes can fit 12-inch dolls by other brands such as Melissa & Doug, American Girl, and more.

The Nice2You African Girl Fashion Play Baby Doll is made with vinyl PVC that does not give the doll the super-soft texture of some baby dolls such as the JC Toys 15″ Realistic Soft Body Baby Doll with Open/Close Eyes. But the vinyl PVC material is entirely child-safe as well as smooth to the touch. Vinyl PVC is also an environmentally friendly material.

8. Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Boy

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This baby doll poops and pees in his diaper like a real baby.

Who says girls can’t play with boy baby dolls, or that boys can’t play with dolls? The days of gender stereotyping dolls are in the past as it is now accepted that playing with dolls holds the same developmental benefits for boys as it does for girls. This Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Boy by Hasbro is more than just a baby doll because he does things the average baby dolls could not. For example, he poops and pees in his diaper like a real baby.

This little man makes pooping cute instead of gross. If you’re looking for a baby doll to encourage children to explore their nurturing instinct, the Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Boy is an excellent choice. There are developmental benefits that come from offering children choices that create varied possibilities for them. A brilliant way to do this is by assuming that every toy is gender neutral so that it’s just fine for girls to play with construction blocks and toy cars, as it is for boys to play with dolls.

The Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Boy proves that if a toy is developmentally appropriate, then it shouldn’t be gender-specific. This cute baby boy doll is lovable by both boys and girls. The doll packs fantastic features that help enrich children’s lives mentally and emotionally. The accessories that come with this doll include a removable outfit, a blender with a hand crank and bowl, two packets of powdered doll food at one ounce each, a spoon, a baby bottle, two diapers, a comb, and instructions.

The instruction booklet makes it easy for kids to maximize the features that come with this doll. At “mealtime,” kids can make their doll’s favorite dishes by mixing with water the included pretend powdered doll food and blend with the included blender. Kids will develop motor skills as they turn the handle of the special blender to mix the baby’s meal. If you thought the vision of a man feeding a baby is cute, wait till you watch your child bottle-feed the Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Boy.

After a ‘meal,’ it’s time for the baby’s ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ to change the baby’s diaper with the included diaper change. And don’t worry about the baby mess; it’s easy to clean up and doesn’t smell.

The developmental benefits of changing a baby’s diaper are huge for kids and they can do it over and over again with this doll knowing fully well that baby has to eat even though he’ll poop afterward. The life lessons here are priceless. Since his clothes and diaper are removable, they’re easy to wash by hand or machine washed. More so, you can easily get extra Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls doll clothes and accessories to expand the pretend play and keep the fun going.

He comes with blond hair that kids will enjoy combing into various styles using the included baby doll comb. His eyes do not open and close and he does not have eyelashes although he has realistically-painted eyelashes and eyebrows. He weighs 3.52 ounces and is 16 inches tall, while his delivery package comes with dimensions measuring 4.02 x 10 x 14.02 inches.

9. Adora Playtime Dot 13-Inch Baby Doll

For Ages 1-15
Why it made the list This doll comes with a weighted bean-bag bottom that allows it to sit unaided.

Her name is Dot, and she is a very cute 13-inch soft body baby doll. The Adora Playtime Dot 13 inch Baby Doll is one of the best first baby dolls with realistic-looking construction. Her body is made with soft satin (silky polyester fabric), while her head, feet, and hands are made with what the manufacturer calls GentleTouch vinyl. This makes the doll very lightweight for kids to tote around and children love to hug her soft satiny body.

Dot weighs just 12 ounces. She is dressed in a cute polka dot sleeper with pink trim and embroidered with an Adora & flower. She also wears a cute baby cap that matches her outfit. Dot is not the only baby that comes in the Playtime series. You can get the Adora Playtime babies in different skin tones, genders, and outfits, including a dark-skinned boy doll. The boy doll wears a removable blue hat with a white lining and a string loop that goes around his neck, thus preventing the headcover from getting lost if it comes off accidentally.

One of the highlights for these dolls is their weighted bean-bag bottom that helps them sit upright unaided. This feature adds to the imaginative qualities of the doll. The Adora Playtime Dot 13 inch Baby Doll is well designed so that each of her hands is articulated differently, allowing the doll to stick her right thumb in her mouth for a suckle just like real babies do.

Dot does not come with hair that kids can comb, and she does not have fitted eyebrows. But she has eyelashes and eyes that open and close. You can hear a click with each snap of her eyes when they open and close but we’re sure children won’t mind. Her eyes close peacefully when she is laid down for a nap. If you want a doll with hair that kids can comb and style, then go for the Nice2You African Girl Fashion Play Baby Doll.

The Adora Playtime Dot 13 inch Baby Doll comes with a mouth that opens slightly, allowing her to suck her thumb and for kids to feed her with the included soft plastic bottle. This 13 inch Baby Doll is safe even for kids who have allergies as the doll is handmade with BPA, lead, and phthalate-free hypoallergenic materials that meet the CPSIA and CPSC product safety standards.

You will be rewarded with a baby powder scent upon opening the package, and the sweet scent stays with the doll even after repeated wash. However, whether you like the baby powder scent or are put off by it, remember the doll is made for your kid and not for you, and we think kids are sure to love the scent.

This is a durable toy although the stitching might start to loosen from the seam if used roughly. The doll is machine washable which means you don’t have to worry about kids playing with it outside or at the park as you can easily throw the dirtied doll in the washing machine and it comes out clean and fresh again. At 13 inches, the doll’s diminutive size is suitable for kids as young as one-year-old while also great for older kids.

10. Glitter Girls Poseable Fashion Doll by Battat - Keltie

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list This doll can be posed in many ways and her clothes have easy-open closures that make them quick and easy to put on and remove.

We’d be doing you a disservice if we concluded this buyer’s guide without introducing you to Keltie. Of course, the best part about Kealtie is the poseable feature that allows her to mimic fashionable photo-perfect diva poses.

Are you looking for a diva doll for three to eight-year-old kids? You can hardly go wrong with the Glitter Girls Poseable Fashion Doll by Battat. She is a 14-inch-sized doll that comes with an exciting range of sparkly mix-and-match outfits that justify the “Glitter” in her description. Depending on the child’s sense of style, they can always change Keltie’s outfit if they do not like the ones that have glitter.

This poseable baby doll comes with a headful of beautiful silky black hair that kids will enjoy brushing and styling into different designs. At 14 inches and weighing about 12 ounces, this doll is neither too big nor too small. It is the perfect size for small hands and easy to carry around.

When we tell you that Keltie is a poseable doll, we mean the whole nine yards. Her arms can bend at the elbows and her shoulders are rotatable. You can imagine the possibilities offered by such flexibility. Her legs also bend at the knees and her hips are rotatable. There’s plenty of fun to be had with this doll.

Keltie comes with dark brown eyes and long eyelashes. We were somewhat disappointed that she cannot blink even with those lifelike eyelashes. This baby doll is made with BPA, lead, and phthalate-free semi-soft plastic that is not only harmless to children but is also durable. The semi-soft plastic is thick but at the same time just flexible enough to allow the limbs to bend. It takes a little effort to bend the limbs but the slight rigidity makes them stay in the position they are posed.

Keltie is an extremely sturdy baby doll that comes clothed in a t-shirt, a skirt, a pair of leggings, a pair of white shoes, and a bow tie in her hair. Extra clothes and accessories for this doll are available for purchase on Amazon. There are a wide variety of cool accessories you can add to this baby doll including a toy convertible car and a 14-inch horse she can be posed in for a ride.

Take note that Keltie has other friends in this Battat Glitter dolls line who do not have dark skin like her. If you like fashion dolls, then Keltie and her friends are worth checking out because they come with a range of hair, eye, and skin colors. The girls also come with such trendy outfits as beautiful dresses, pretty purses, twinkling tracksuits, glittering shoes, light-up shoes, and radiant riding outfits.

The best thing is that the dolls’ outfits can be mixed and matched to create distinct styles according to the child’s imaginations. Keltie and her friends’ clothes have easy-open closures that make them quick and easy to put on and remove. As the doll’s clothes are removable, they can easily be machine washed or washed by hand.

Let’s Play!

While the best dolls can provide plenty of entertainment for children, they can also function as a “mirror,” allowing kids to see and attain a greater understanding of themselves. We let babies play with dolls because it encourages them to create their own little imaginary worlds while also building social, emotional, and language skills. This buyer’s guide has been carefully created to make it easy for you to buy with confidence while shopping for the best dolls that suit your budget and your baby’s needs.