10 Best Easels for Kids 2024

The truth about artistic talent is that it often stays dormant until it is tapped. This is why the importance of introducing kids to developmental tools during their formative years is so important.

For children who love to paint and draw, as well as kids who are interested in fine arts; beginner easels provide the advantage of a larger canvas that offers them enough space to move the arms, shoulders, and hands. More so, kids can produce a more professional looking work on easels because they don’t have to keep looking up from their work and the work can be done on the same plane it will be hung or displayed. This buyer’s guide is a review of the best easels for kids you can buy today.

Types of Easels

In this buyer’s guide, we will present you with an in-depth review of the best easels for kids. But before we do that, let’s take a quick look at the three main types of easels. While there are other types of easels, the three types below are more reflective of the children’s easel category.

A-Frame or Lyre Easels

The BeebeeRun 3 in 1 Wooden Kids Easel is an example of an A-frame easel in our list of the top ten easels for kids. As the name implies, these are triangular-shaped easels supported by two legs in front and one leg in the rear.

These easels are perfect for studios as well as for artists who are economical with space because the rear leg can be flattened for easy storage. One of the advantages of A-frame easels is that they can be adjusted in a variety of positions allowing the young artist to use them while standing or sitting.

H-Frame Easels

Once again, the name of this type of easel is self-explanatory. These are the kind of easels with frames shaped like an “H" and supported by four legs. While H-frame easels are not often as compact as A-shaped models, they are usually sturdier and should be a better investment if you have enough studio/room space.

Since we’re talking about easels for kids, you don’t need a dedicated studio space because these easels come in mini sizes that can easily fit into the corner of a room. One of the advantages of H-frame easels is that they can support bigger canvases. The Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel is a fantastic example of H-frame easels.


Portable easels are designed to be easily used on the go, travel, or the outdoors. As far as easels for kids go, portability means something slightly different.  More advanced portable easels can come with adjustable tripods complete with such features as shelves and drawers for art supplies.

Portable easels can also be built with all-natural wood or with aluminum alloy. However, the Lewo Wooden Magnetic Art Easel is an excellent example of portable easels for kids; interactive, with multiple features, and built with durable plastic suitable for outdoor use.

As stated earlier, there are other types of easels, but the three types above are the more common types of children’s easels. Now, let’s check out the top ten of the best easels for kids available right now.

Top 10 Best Easels for Kids 2024

1. Hape All-in-One Wooden Kids Art Easel

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list This easel comes with three cup holders built into the bottom shelf to secure the three included paint cups.

If you’re looking for an H-shaped easel for kids that is also compact-sized making it suitable for small spaces, the Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel is an excellent choice. This is a 43-inch tall award-winning easel for kids made with all-natural solid wood and comes with plenty of fantastic features. The manufacturer says the wood is sourced from environmentally sustainable forests and finished with non-toxic paint.

This easel comes with a double-sided canvas, with one side a whiteboard and the other side a chalkboard. The whiteboard is a magnetic dry erase surface. The chalkboard is also erasable. Both sides of the board can be used as a blank canvas by pulling down the included paper roll. Any child that loves drawing and painting will be happy to have this easel.

The double-sided canvas allows two kids to make art on the easel at the same time. When the paper is rolled down over the canvas, it is firmly held in place with special clamps on each side of the easel.

When the paper runs out, it can be replaced with an 18-inch paper roll. These can be hard to find, but a more common 15-inch roll will also do in a pinch. Thankfully, kids can continue to make art on the whiteboard and chalkboard until the paper roll is replaced.

This easel also comes with a bottom shelf with built-in holders to secure the three included paint cups where kids can stow supplies like markers, crayons, and so on. The paint cups are color-coded, which helps teach kids color recognition. The cups also come with lids to prevent paint spills. There is still ample space left on the bottom shelf for the young artist to spread out the rest of his or her supplies.

It’s hard to pick what’s best about this easel because the design and features are all well-thought-out. Even so, the adjustable-height is a nice feature that lets kids of different heights comfortably work on the easel.

The height of the easel can be adjusted between 37.5 inches to 43.5 inches. Even if you have just one child, the easel will “grow” with him or her, eliminating the need to replace the set in the future.

The adjustable height feature also makes it possible for kids to draw and paint on the easel while sitting or standing. All they have to do is adjust the red knobs on the sides of the easel. Kids can easily do this by themselves or enlist the help of an adult.

All these features and accessories justify this Hape easel as an all-in-one wooden art easel for kids. The easel is not delivered to the customer fully assembled, but it can be set up in minutes. The Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel weighs 12.11 pounds.

2. Lewo Wooden Magnetic Art Easel

For Ages 3-6
Why it made the list The board can be placed upright, slanted, or flattened.

Are you looking for solid wood construction and double-sided canvas but also looking for something your kids can take with them to school, camping trips, and the neighborhood park? Then the Lewo Wooden Magnetic Art Easel is what you’re looking for.

The Lewo Wooden Magnetic Art Easel is a portable wooden easel for kids that also has a double-sided canvas. The only thing, though, is that both easels don’t work the same. While the Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel is recommended for kids who are three to eight-years-old, this Lewo Wooden Magnetic Art Easel is targeted at three to six-year-olds.

This is an art easel that kids can comfortably place on a table, on the bed, or on the floor. It’s a double-sided easel with a dry-erase magnetic whiteboard on one side and a black chalkboard on the other side. The set includes wooden magnetic puzzle pieces that can form more than 100 different animal shapes, including an elephant, a lion, a bear, a zebra, a crocodile, a horse, and a giraffe, etc.

The puzzle games can help kids develop spatial intelligence, logic, and creativity as they combine the magnetic pieces to form the animals and figures depicted in a small booklet that Lewo includes in the package. Kids can also combine the pieces to create unique animal forms invented by their imaginations.

It’s important to peel off the protective film on the whiteboard before using it. Otherwise, the magnet won’t work. In addition to the included guide book are three colorful chalks- two blue and one peach- and one dry erase marker. Any dry erase marker can be used on the whiteboard.

This easel sports a simple design that looks like a traditional laptop computer except that there is a space where the keyboard should have been. This space is where kids can stow art supplies as they work, including the various wooden pieces. The easel’s aesthetic is uncomplicated but also innovative. The double-sided board can be flattened and used as a chunky tablet mimicking high-end convertible laptop computers.

The board is not held onto the box by hinges making it to be a bit slanted when placed in an upright position. But this shouldn’t be a problem considering that the board can be inclined as well as flattened. The absence of hinges also means the board itself can be fully removed and used as a standalone artboard.

The chalkboard is not magnetic, but an eraser for the chalk is included in the set, while the magnetic whiteboard comes with an eraser on the end cap. The included chalk sticks are not high-quality, but customers are going to get more for their kids anyway. You can also get as many [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071CKSMS7″]different chalk colors[/amazon] as you like to help kids improve their color recognition.

This easel is very educational, and the magnetic features are too cute to deny three-year-olds. The easel is perfectly age-appropriate for three to six-year-olds except for the many wooden puzzle game pieces.  Adult supervision is highly recommended due to the many small pieces in the set that can be easily swallowed by toddlers who put everything they touch in their mouth.

As parents are spending more time at home due to the pandemic, an art set like this can foster family bonding. The easel is designed to fuel imagination, inspire exploration, and encourage the natural curiosity that leads to a lifetime of learning. While this easel is ASTM and CE test-approved, the box is not built with round edges, which is safer for children. The wood construction is also not as solid as the Hape All-in-One we reviewed earlier, but it can handle just fine for the age group it’s meant for.

3. Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list You can get this easel in different styles featuring popular cartoons and film characters, including Pixar’s Cars, Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, and Nick Jr.’s Paw Patrol.

This is a Disney Princess version of the Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station. The easel is also available in Disney Minnie Mouse, Disney Mickey Mouse, Disney Pixar Cars, and Nick Jr. Paw Patrol-themed versions. The easel has the same features in all its cartoon character variants except that each version comes with matching themes and graphics.

The design of the Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station looks like a blend of a magazine rack, an easel, and a workstation. It is built, designed, and equipped in such a way that it is a brilliant tool to encourage arts, crafts, imagination, and creativity in children.

Here is an easel for kids with a unique three-in-one design featuring a magnetic dry-erase board that can be flattened in desk form, allowing kids to comfortably draw and paint on it with markers. The magnetic board can also be positioned upright to reveal a tabletop with enough space to stow art supplies while the young artist works.

The desktop has enough workspace but not such that it is difficult for seated kids to comfortably reach over to the board while it is in an upright position. This is because the desktop is wider than it is long, allowing it to provide enough workspace without obstructing a child’s reach to the upright standing board. When fully assembled, the easel measures 20 inches wide, 19.5 inches deep, and 34.5 inches high.

If you are home-schooling your kids, you don’t have to buy a separate desk as this easel can easily be used for home-schooling purposes as well. One side of the easel (not the board) features two tiers of storage pockets that makes a convenient storage space for everything from books and magazines to art supplies and toys.

The three-in-one description refers to the magnetic dry erase board, the work desk, and the organizer on the other side of the set. This is not forgetting the roomy detachable fabric toy bin at the base of the easel and an included 11 inches stool that can support weights of up to 50 pounds. Delta says this children’s activity center exceeds all national safety standards, including CPSC regulations.

While this is not a typical portable easel such as the Lewo Wooden Magnetic Art Easel, it is still transportable due to its amazing ease of assembly and dismantling. The easel weighs 20.9 pounds. Even the toy bin is removable, and the set is made of durable wood that is easy to clean.

If you’re getting the Disney Princess version of this play station, you can expect the set to be decorated with colorful graphics of girls’ favorite princesses, including Rapunzel, Belle, and Ariel. No matter which style you get this set in, it is guaranteed to get plenty of attention from kids for years, not just months.

4. BeebeeRun 3 in 1 Wooden Kids Easel

For Ages 2-11
Why it made the list This easel comes with many accessories, including magnetic letters, numbers, and color-coded shapes.

If you are looking for a fantastic alternative to A-shaped easels for kids without sacrificing the compact design that is easier to store away, the BeebeeRun 3 in 1 Wooden Kids Easel is an excellent choice.

While the build of this easel is neither H-shaped nor a typical A-shape, it can easily be flattened for unobtrusive storage when kids are done using it. The legs can also be adjusted to save space while using it.

The set comes in three colors for customers to choose from, turquoise, walnut, and pink. The easel can be used for painting, drawing, playing math games, and more. It also comes with accessories such as the included color-coded paint pots and round magnets that help kids as young as two-years-old to practice color recognition.

Three paint pot holders are built into the easel’s bottom tray. The tray also provides plenty of storage space for supplies, toys, and books. One of the main highlights of this easel is the many accessories that come with it, including a box of high-quality chalk.

The accessories that come with this easel are the drawing board, a roll of drawing paper, an age-appropriate math set, colorful magnetic letters to teach kids spelling, one box of dust-free chalk, a chalkboard eraser, six pieces of round magnets in different colors, four whiteboard pens, three paint cups, and six colorful magnetic cartoon fridge post-its. The paint cups can also be used as storage for painting and drawing supplies.

The magnetic letters comprise 26 magnetic capital letters, 26 lowercase magnetic letters, 20 digital magnets, and nine symbol magnets. The BeebeeRun 3 in 1 Wooden Kids Easel comes with a versatile double-sided construction featuring a dry erase whiteboard on one side and a green chalkboard on the other side. One of the advantages of double-sided easels for kids is that siblings and friends can use them at the same time.

This easel is suitable for children from the tender age of two up to eleven-year-olds. This is because the easel has a built-in 39 inches to 56.5 inches adjustable height feature that grows with the child. This also makes it easy for kids of different heights to use the easel in a standing or sitting position whenever they wish.

Any brand of chalk can work on the chalkboard but it is important to prevent kids from writing on the whiteboard with non-erasable pens. Wipe the green chalkboard with a damp rag after writing if dust-free chalks (or water-based chalks) such as the ones included with the BeebeeRun 3 in 1 Wooden Kids Easel are used. We found this to be a better option than the chalkboard eraser.

We also found that the protective film on both sides of the board is tricky to remove. Take note that this film must be removed before using the board. We suggest using a knife to gently scratch around the board to remove the protective film. The manufacturer assures this easel is built with environmentally friendly materials that are safe for toddlers.

5. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

For Ages 2-5
Why it made the list This is an activity set that combines educational electronic gadgets with an easel.

The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is a highly interactive play station and easel for kids who are between two to five-years-old. There is hardly a better company to build an electronic easel for kids than VTech. For more than four decades, VTech has been in the business of developing and designing electronic learning tools for children from infancy to preschool. VTech products are widely used around the world.

Seeing the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is loving it. VTech made sure with this toy that toddlers are not left out of the fun of double-sided easels. This activity desk expertly combines entertainment with education by offering kids a variety of ways to have fun while developing mentally and physically.

We already said that easels are mostly to develop artistic talents in children but you might also want to get something that is fun, not too serious, as well as artistic. In that case, this is the toy easel you’re looking for. For toddlers, wake time is playtime which is why the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is on this list.

This is an activity desk that comes with a stool and a multi-use chalkboard. The set features an array of functions including mini-games and colorful lights and sounds designed to help toddlers learn about numbers, counting, animals, shapes, focus, vocabulary, and so much more. The activity board can be easily lifted to transform it into an easel.

The board is double-sided. One side of it is a chalkboard that also transforms into an easel, while the other side is an interactive touch-and-play desktop that introduces kids to animals, numbers, and other fun lessons. The touch-and-play side of the board works by inserting any of the five included activity pages into the panel. These activity pages cover a wide curriculum. The lessons are then triggered when kids touch the illustrated letters, numbers, and pictures depicted on the pages.

These activity pages alone are worth the money spent on buying this toy. They cover a wide curriculum, including lessons on the human body, clothing, alphabet, letters, music, numbers, fruits, and many more.

Extra packs of the activity pages could originally be bought separately to expand the curriculum but take note that VTech has confirmed the company is no longer making them, which means you are likely to get no more than the five sheets that come in the box.

The activity board is also equipped with such gadgets as a mini calculator that simplifies number lessons for children, a music player that produces fun sounds, and a LED display screen. Kids can hardly be bored with this toy, considering that they can always switch to writing and drawing on the chalkboard whenever they need a break with the electronic features.

When lifted, the board reveals a storage space for art supplies and other paraphernalia. An assembly instruction booklet is included in the box, but we guarantee you won’t even need it because it’s super easy to set up this toy. The toy is good to go once the legs are inserted in the dedicated holes underneath the drawing board, the touch-and-learn panel is connected to the drawing board, and the batteries are inserted.

Four AA batteries are required, which aren’t included with your purchase. Assembling the stool is the same easy process as inserting the legs to the desk. You can opt to order yours in frustration-free packaging that is delivered to you in a plain brown box. Get a toddler the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe and watch your child improve their motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, writing, and communication skills.

6. Crayola Ultimate Art Case With Easel

For Ages 4-15
Why it made the list This art case comes with many colorful and individually boxed art supplies.

If you liked the boxy construction and portability of the Lewo Wooden Magnetic Art Easel, then you should also check out the Crayola Ultimate Art Case With Easel. Unlike the Lewo wooden art easel we reviewed earlier, this one is made with plastic. It is very compact, just like the Lewo art easel, but unlike the latter, this is primarily an art case stocked full with a variety of art supplies.

In the same vein, if you liked the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe because of its interactive and electronic features but want something that kids can easily take along with them on holiday trips, to school, sleepovers, etc., then the Crayola Ultimate Art Case With Easel is what you should be looking at.

There are no interactive or electronic features on this art case, but it also doubles as a compact easel for young artists. You don’t have to open the case to use it as an easel as the back of the case is specially designed for that purpose.

If you have a critical eye for toys, then the first thing you’d notice about this art case is its sturdy plastic build. The case doesn’t just look sturdy. It is. VTech made this children’s art case using non-toxic, durable plastic with long-lasting quality even with rough use. The case weighs 1.13 pounds with dimensions measuring 2.25 inches long, 15.75 inches wide, and 12.2 inches deep.

The toy’s design is perfectly gender-neutral and comes in multiple colors for customers to choose from. If you’re buying this art case, we recommend you focus more on its contents than on the case itself. As earlier stated, this set does not come with electronic or interactive features as is the case with the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe.

Having said that, this is a beautiful art case to buy as your child’s personal portable art studio. The case opens into a tray with a long list of art supplies, including eight washable watercolors, 30 5” X 7” colored paper sheets, eight markers, 24 crayons, 12 colored pencils, one paintbrush, 24 crayons, and one washable glue.

While the case has dedicated compartments to hold the pieces, the crayons and markers come in individual boxes just like you’d find them at the store. The boxed supplies are then placed in special indentations within the case. Although all the supplies fit nicely in the box, don’t expect them to hold like the more advanced art kits. All the same, this is a nice red art case for little kids.

Moving on to the easel features, the hinges of this art case are not built to hold the lid upright on its own. While the case has a built-in space for placing the included art sheets, kids will be more comfortable drawing on it in a flattened position. But the case can also be used as an easel in a slanted position by holding up the lid with standing markers. The markers have special holders specially built into the case for the purpose of holding up the lid in easel style.

7. Delta Children MySize Kids Double-Sided Easel

For Ages 3-6
Why it made the list The artboard has a built-in ledge to keep art supplies within the artist’s reach.

The Delta MySize Kids Double-Sided Easel is another four-legged wooden easel that has earned a place on our list of the top ten best easels for kids. If you’re looking for a children’s easel with a more grown-up look, then this is a good one to consider. The design and features of this easel have a close resemblance to the BeebeeRun 3 in 1 Wooden Kids Easel.

However, the Delta MySize Kids Double-Sided Easel differentiates itself from similar brands by the four different ways it can be used, namely; dry erase whiteboard, chalkboard, pull-down paper roll, and blank canvas painting.

One side of the easel is a chalkboard, while the other side is a dry erase magnetic whiteboard. It also features a pull-down paper roll and two convenient fabric storage bins where kids can stash art supplies like crayons, markers, extra paper, paint, toys, or whatever else that kids wish to keep close to them.

The paper roll comes with 33 feet of white craft paper, and you can easily get a refill when they run out. With four ways to use this easel, kids will never be bored with it. When they run out of paper rolls, kids can continue to practice their artistic skills on the chalkboard and magnetic whiteboard.

Meanwhile, a convenient ledge protrudes at the base of the double-sided board. This is a perfect space for keeping markers, chalk, and art supplies within reach. This ledge can also serve as a support for standalone artboards if such an expansion is ever needed. Kids can also make arts with paints and crayons using the magnetic whiteboard as a blank canvas.

For the age group, the Delta MySize Kids Double-Sided Easel is made for (three to six-year-olds). Its height of 3.5 feet tall is the perfect height. What we think is a let-down about this easel is that the manufacturer sacrificed storage convenience for sturdiness.

While the easel is built with long-lasting solid wood, it cannot be folded away after use as you can easily do with the BeebeeRun 3 in 1 Wooden Kids Easel.

Ideally, shoppers prefer an easel they can easily fold away to economize space in the room. But if you don’t mind this easel as a fixture in your child’s room, then we see no reason not to consider getting it.

This is because it’s not a full-sized easel that room space should be a problem. When assembled, the easel weighs 8.8 pounds with dimensions measuring 21.65 inches wide, 20.5 inches deep, and 40.75 inches high.

At 8.8 pounds of weight, the easel is as lightweight as it is sturdy. You can get the Delta MySize Kids Double-Sided Easel in grey, Bianca white, or dark chocolate colors. Considering that this is an easel that is going to be a fixture in a room, it is just as well it comes in decorative colors. You might even consider buying one in a color that matches your child’s room.

There is an easy-to-follow assembly instruction included with the set. All you need to set up the easel is a basic screwdriver. It’s not super-easy to assemble this easel, but you certainly won’t need help with the instruction booklet that comes with it.

8. KidKraft Storage Easel - Espresso Novelty

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list This easel is built with sturdy wood and has plenty of storage spaces.

If you want to draw out a child’s artistic talents, you need to invest in specific kinds of toys to encourage them to use their creative power, and the KidKraft Storage Easel is the right investment to that end. The set weighs 25 pounds and with dimensions measuring 25.2 x 23.2 x 47.64 inches.

KidKraft has made a name for itself as an industry leader where wooden toys are concerned. This KidKraft Storage Easel is made of wood with a few plastic components. It is crude-looking and very functional. By saying that this easel is “crude-looking”, we mean that you can tell from a distance that it is made of wood. By implication, this is an easel with a very durable and sturdy frame.

You can get the easel in just one color- Espresso- which we think is an inviting color. As the name implies, this easel comes with ample storage space for art supplies. The bottom shelf, for example, comes with space for 3 roomy plastic storage bins. The easy-clean removable storage bins are painted in three different bright colors, which aren’t only pleasing to the eyes but also stimulate children’s sensory perception.

The KidKraft Storage Easel is recommended for kids three to eight-years-old. For the age group that this easel is made for, this is one of the best easels available today. Expectedly, the KidKraft Storage Easel comes with a double-sided board with one side of the easel featuring a dry erase surface and the other side a chalkboard surface.

It also comes with a pull-down paper roll feature that now seems to be standard in the best double-sided easels. KidKraft included a paper roll so kids can quickly get started with all three main features of the easel without the need to buy a paper roll separately. However, we noticed that the built-in clips failed to hold the papers tightly against the board’s surface.

Unfortunately, this is another easel that is bound to be a room fixture with no foldable feature or an adjustable height function. If you prefer a wooden easel like this one but the lack of adjustable height feature is a deal-breaker for you, then you should go for the BeebeeRun 3 in 1 Wooden Kids Easel which is a wooden easel for kids that also comes with an adjustable height feature.

Even so, this easel is suitable for young artists of different heights, considering that it comes in a size that fits three to eight-year-olds. So, even if a child is three-years-old today, he or she wouldn’t have outgrown the KidKraft Storage Easel for another five years. In addition to a bottom shelf with space for three storage bins, the easel also has built-in plastic trays on both sides of the frame.

The trays are painted in different colors and comes with built-in apertures where kids can keep art supplies like markers, erasers, and pencils within reach as they work. Take note that KidKraft did not include markers and chalks with this easel. Customers will have to get markers and [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071CKSMS7″]chalk[/amazon] by themselves.

One of the trays also has three built-in cup holders for the included color-coded and sealable spill-proof paint cups. You can tell there will never be a dull moment every day with this set. It is noteworthy that the compartmentalization features such as the ones in this easel can teach kids organizational skills and the importance of orderliness.

Customers will need a screwdriver to assemble the easel. Assembling the easel is not a walk in the park per se, but you should be done with the setup in about thirty minutes. A detailed step-by-step assembly guide is included in the package. The easel only needs to be set up once and for all.

9. BAOBE Kids Art Double Sided Easel

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The easel can rotate a full 360 degrees.

The BAOBE Kids Art Double Sided Easel is the only children’s easel on this list that is suitable for kids as young as three years old. This easel’s frame is so flexible it can be adjusted to allow a toddler to draw on it while sitting down, squatting, or even lying down. The best thing is that the easel can also be converted to a study desk.

One look at this easel and you could see the innovative yet simple design. There are cool-looking easels for kids at the market and this one is clearly one of them. The manufacturer made a drastic design shift from the typical A and H-shaped build of most easel brands. Five, ten years from now, this easel will still retain its “cool” vibe.

The BAOBE Kids Art Double-Sided Easel has a lot going for it one of which is the inviting size of the double-sided board. With the board alone measuring an impressive 18.5 inches wide and 24.4 inches long, kids are provided with ample canvas space to make creative arts. The easel is 41.1 inches tall from the frame to the platform.

The BAOBE Kids Art Double Sided Easel is made of aluminum alloy and painted in black or pink finish. Aluminum is a silvery soft metal that is malleable and lightweight. This easel weighs 8.25 pounds. The choice of build material promotes the BAOBE Kids Art Double Sided Easel’s lightweight quality.

The downside is that the aluminum alloy construction gives the easel a flimsy feel, especially when used in desk form. Another downside is the lack of an arm’s reach storage space to make it easy for kids to quickly retrieve art supplies while they work. This could also lead to frequent messy paint spills.

This easel’s only storage space is the included storage box located at the bottom of the frame. Even so, the aluminum build and sleek design give this easel a look that feels like it was made for advanced artists.

The BAOBE Kids Art Double Sided Easel features a 360° rotating platform. This makes it possible for kids to comfortably use the easel while sitting on a chair or stool of different heights. For a moment, we worried that the rotatable platform might be prone to swivel while kids are drawing on it. But we needed not to worry because the easel locks itself in place. You could hear a clicking sound with every push signifying that it is locked in place, keeping it steady as you draw.

Not only can the platform rotate 360⁰, but the frame also comes with an adjustable height function that can be moved from 29.5 inches to 44 inches. Paired with the rotating board, kids of any height at all can comfortably use this easel.

As is standard in the best easels available today, this BAOBE kids’ easel comes with a double-sided pad with a whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other side. However, this easel is unique because both the whiteboard and chalkboard are magnetic, unlike most of the competition that comes with a magnetic whiteboard on one side and a non-magnetic chalkboard on the other.

The double-sided magnetic feature allows kids to stick magnetic letters and numbers on both sides. Sixty pieces of colorful magnetic letters and three magnetic buckles come with the package, so there is no need to buy magnetic letters separately unless you want to [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D5ZXXK0″]expand the pieces[/amazon]. Although both sides of the board are magnetic, users still have to use chalk only on the chalkboard and just markers on the whiteboard. It should never be used interchangeably.

But the magnetic pieces are not the only accessories that come with this easel. Customers also get a storage box that can be affixed at the base of the frame, plus an eraser, a box of dust-free chalk, a ruler, a math set, and four anti-slip buckles. The only standard feature that is lacking in this art set is a pull-down paper roll.

While a paper roll is not present in the BAOBE Kids Art Double Sided Easel, there is a workaround for it. A paper roll rod can be added to the middle of the easel, and then the paper is draped over the top of the easel and firmly held in place with clips. You can even paper rolls of varied colors like brown to help spark kids’ imaginations.

Clean-up is easy because of the water-resistant quality of both sides of the board. The adjustable frame makes it easy to store this easel after use, and it is super-easy to assemble it the first time, even with no assembly manual included. Be sure to peel off the plastic film coating on both sides of the board before using it.

10. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids

For Ages 2-6
Why it made the list This easel is fitted with ant-pinch and anti-slip foot covers for improved safety and sturdiness.

If you are looking for a big drawing surface, you should check out the TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids because it comes with an even larger pad measuring an impressive 17.3 inches tall and 19.3 inches wide. That’s larger than all the easels we’ve reviewed in this buyer’s guide.

Granted, the size of the artboard is not what a good easel is all about and some shoppers actually prefer sets that are smaller and unobtrusive. But if you are looking for an easel with as large an artboard as possible, the TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids is one of the best you can get. The obvious advantage of large-size easels is that they offer more painting and drawing space, encouraging young artists to create freely.

This TOP BRIGHT easel comes with a sturdy wooden frame featuring an anti-pinch design. The anti-pinch feature protects children from pinches and injuries while folding down the frame. Another important safety feature in this easel is the non-slip foot covers that eliminate the chance of the easel slipping and falling when placed on smooth surfaces. Plus, this wooden easel for kids is not boring at all to look at. It sports sharp aesthetics finished with attractive child-friendly color accents.

This is a double-sided easel. One side of the pad is a whiteboard for drawing and artwork, while the other side is a blackboard for writing and artwork. This means that this easel allows siblings and friends to practice their creative skills together. More so, both sides of the board are magnetic.

The only other children’s easel in this list that features a double-sided magnetic board is the BAOBE Kids Art Double Sided Easel. One of the advantages is that with both the blackboard and whiteboard being magnetic, siblings can peacefully make similar arts concurrently but on their sides of the board.

Another important feature of the TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids is a capacious tray beneath the double-sided artboard that provides plenty of space for kids to stow their art supplies and other accessories. The colorful tray comes with built-in holders for paint cups, brushes, pens, and an eraser. The accessories included in the package are a black eraser, a scroll, a whiteboard pen, two chalks, and two magnet stickers.

These just bonus art supplies to get the young artists making arts as soon as the easel is delivered. Although the easel features a detachable paper reel, a paper roll is not included with the scroll, which means customers will have to get 18-inch paper rolls. This is not a requirement as kids can still spend quality time practicing their arts and writing skills on the magnetic whiteboard and blackboard.

The tray sits at just the right height within children’s arm’s reach. The height of the easel can be adjusted to grow with kids as well as to fit young artists of different heights. This TOP BRIGHT easel is recommended for kids who are two to six-years-old, and the height can be adjusted between 38 inches to 44 inches.

Kids can easily adjust the easel’s height by themselves just by turning the child-specific red screws. Not only does this easel come with adjustable height, but it can also be folded down for easy storage with the anti-pinch design ensuring the safety of the user’s fingers.

Now, Let’s Make Some Art

The word “easel” has a very interesting origin. It is an old Germanic synonym for donkey comparative to a horse in English. The word denotes a supporting frame. What we can draw from this etymology is that providing kids with art tools such as an easel is a way of helping them build a supportive frame for their artistic talents.

Whether you’re looking for portable easels, fixed easels, or suitable easels for toddlers, we’re confident you’ve found the perfect easel in this buyer’s guide.  We work hard to investigate the products on our list so that you can shop with confidence.