10 Best Dirt Bikes for Kids 2024

Do you know a kid who can hardly go a day without talking about riding dirt bikes? They say “hate the game, not the player," so don’t blame the child—blame motocross. Motocross, also known as MX, is undeniably the most popular dirt bike riding style, but this does not mean kids must get a motorcycle and find a racing track to have some muddy racing fun.

This buying guide will review the best dirt bikes- gas-powered, electric, battery-powered, and bicycles- for kids as young as 3, 6, 8-years-old, and above.

How to Pick the Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

If the child is as young as 3-years-old, we recommend starting him or her out with a ride-on dirt bike such as the Huffy Electric Ride On Car for Kids. Little ones can have plenty of fun riding around on this bike, even while developing the interest and coordination for bike racing.

For children between 4 and 6-years-old, we recommend starting them out with an electric dirt bike such as the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross.

Small electric dirt bikes can replicate the design of advanced dirt bikes. Plus, electric models are eco-friendly, providing a ripe chance to introduce little children to the realities of environmental consciousness, fuel efficiency, alternative energy, and so on.

Little kids can start with small electric dirt bikes and then transition to gas-powered 50cc models fitted with training wheels before moving on to 2-wheel off-road bikes. Whatever developmental stage a child is at, there’s a dirt bike for him or her in this guide. Your primary concern as a parent is your child’s safety. We understand that. Below are quick facts you should know.

Dirt Bikes Can Be Dangerous

You wouldn’t believe us anyway if we said dirt bike riding isn’t dangerous. But the thing is, soccer is dangerous too. So are scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, rollers, swimming pools, and even ballet. Yup, dancers break their hips, ankles, feet, knees, and neck all the time. But don’t take our word for it; ask the surgeons at Johns Hopkins.

Get a Helmet

No matter what you think about face masks, riding gear, including a helmet, can make a world of difference. Let’s take the ballet dancers, for example. According to Sports Medicine Weekly, one of the main causes of ballet injuries is “natural physical limitations and constraints" that restrict “a perfectly correct technique," leading to accidents.

In other words, riding without a proper outfit increases the risk of bike riding injuries. Also, a study by researchers at the University of British Columbia states that more than sixty percent of fatalities caused by dirt bike riding happened to riders without a helmet. It’s not that we expect you to let your child ride anything with wheels without a helmet anyway. Here is a set of affordable and high-quality riding gear for kids you can get right now.

Play Safe

The importance of safety-conscious dirt bike riding cannot be overemphasized. Kids may be tempted to push a dirt bike to its max speed, but the result not be good if they do not have the skill and coordination to match.

Still, this does not mean that children are better off avoiding the outdoors and spending most of their free time in front of the TV or playing video games. Bike riding is a health-building activity with numerous health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, improved posture and coordination, improved strength and motor skills, dexterity, muscle development, mental development, and many more.

Risks Are Okay

Don’t love a child so much that you raise them to have an unhealthy need to avoid risks. If you do, don’t expect them to develop the courage and capacity to handle uncertainties. No matter the consequences, taking risks can help people build resilience and confidence. Surely, you want this for your child.

Consequently, dirt bike riding may have risks, but the benefits far outweigh the risks and those risks can be drastically minimalized by being safety conscious. The Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics reveals that most of the hospitalizations as a result of injuries from dirt bike riding occurred at official racing tracks.

What this means is that your child is highly unlikely to need a doctor because of bike riding accidents as long as the child is not taking part in competitive dirt bike racing.

If your children are less than 5-years-old, then you have next to nothing to worry about because the kiddie dirt bikes we have on this list are no more than vehicles of joy, fun, and improved fitness. Let’s dive in and check out 10 of the best dirt bikes for kids available right now.

Top 10 Best Dirt Bikes for Kids 2024

1. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list This dirt bike comes with front and rear disk brakes that provide faster stopping.

The SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike is a gas-powered motorcycle built for beginner riders who are six-years-old and above. This dirt bike is 21 inches tall from the rear wheel splash guard to the ground.

SYX made this bike to be ideal for both on-road, off-road, and pit bike racing with its 2-stroke 50cc pull-start engine. Aside from the fact that this bike has been approved by the EPA, it also comes with several reassuring safety features starting with the front and rear disk brakes.

Disk brakes provide stronger braking because the brake pads squeeze the rotor as an alternative to squeezing the wheels directly, and the force is transmitted hydraulically instead of through a cable, effectively providing better stopping power. This is an important feature considering that pit bike riding often involves long descents where a powerful braking system can be very useful. In a nutshell, the disk brakes offer faster and safer braking.

In addition to the disk brakes is the 2-level speed governor, which can function as a form of parental control feature. The 2-level speed governor feature in the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike allows the speed limit of the bike to be reduced from 24.9 mph to 15 mph to match the young rider’s expertise. Plus, the bike comes with a kill switch mechanism to shut off the bike if the rider falls.

The bike is lightweight as you’d naturally expect in a pit bike, weighing in at 48 lbs. while the shipment has a 57 lbs. gross weight. Less than 50 lbs. is remarkably less than the weight of many brands of dirt bikes for children. The lightweight quality of the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike offers even more advantages for kids who are beginner riders because the bike is easier to control.

The bike is tough, built with a high-strength steel frame. But it is still a dirt bike for kids, small and with a 176 lbs. max load capacity, which means adults should resist the temptation of “borrowing” this pretty little bike from its young owners.

The bike is pretty, though, which is to be expected considering that the vehicle is targeted at kids and teenagers. A dirt bike for young riders has got to look good, and the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike does not disappoint at all. Made with aluminum alloy, the tires are large and sturdy, providing good grip and smooth rides on-road and off-road.

Kids want a bike they can be proud to straddle and show off to their friends, which is why aesthetics is just as important as other features when choosing a dirt bike for young people. The bike comes in 3 colors to choose from- blue, black, and red. The bike comes to you 85% assembled, so you have to put the rest of it together with the help of the installation manual and tools.

Transmission is fully automatic, further making it easier for beginners to master. With a 2-stroke engine that delivers more power quicker than a 4-stroke engine, this bike is comparatively quieter with less unpleasant noise when the motor is running. Kids can enjoy up to an hour of non-stop riding with the bike’s 0.45 gallons tank capacity. The 2-stroke engine is an upgrade from older SYX MOTO bikes.

This is a dirt bike, so you should expect a bit of maintenance work now and again. You should be able to handle the maintenance needs of this bike if you have some experience working on household machines like a lawnmower. Plus, the SYX company promises 24/7 year-round customer service. Lest we forget, the bike comes with a kickstand.

2. Coleman Powersports CT100U-B

For Ages 13+
Why it made the list The bike’s engine has been optimized to be more fuel-efficient.

The Coleman Powersports CT100U-B is a trail mini bike equipped with a 98cc engine (with an optional 196cc/6.5 hp) that puts out 3.0 horsepower. The bike comes in a classic design that is sure to bring back old memories and inspire the fantasies of motorbike enthusiasts of the future.

While the Coleman Powersports CT100U-B has a more powerful engine than other options that are fitted with a 50cc engine, the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike has a 2-stroke engine that revs up faster than the Coleman Powersports CT100U-B’s engine, meaning that the SYX MOTO’s 2-stroke engine creates more torque at a higher RPM.

98cc engines are perfect for optimal power in a lightweight framework. Some garage projects are known to have coerced an excess of 24 mph from a 98cc engine, although the Coleman Powersports CT100U-B delivers a decent 20 mph top speed. More so, the manufacturer optimized the Coleman CT100U-B’s engine to be economical with fuel, which means kids can get amazing power out of this machine without leaving too much carbon footprint.

The Coleman CT100U is a trail mini bike, which means it is built to chew through bumpy, rough terrains at notable speed. Built for children 13-years-old and above, this bike is guaranteed to repeatedly lure young people outside who love speed and outdoor adventures. Trail bikes have a deliberate longer suspension making them suitable for off-road and downhill riding.

Dirt bike riding comes in various styles and with various degrees of risk. Trail bikes may not be as fast as motocross bikes, but it delivers a much smoother handling and riding experience due to its short gears and soft suspension. Trail and motocross dirt bikes are often indistinguishable from each other except for motorheads, and of course, the riding experience.

The Coleman Powersport CT100U-B is a heavy-duty gas-powered trail bike with an easy pull-start engine. The rev and feel of this bike closely mimic that of a proper motorbike. Plus, it has 5.5 inches above-ground clearing.

The bike comes with a tough metal frame, a rugged clutch, rear drum brake, low-pressure tires, and 150 pounds max load capacity. For a children’s bike that is designed to encourage them to experiment with pit riding, you need a reliable brake that delivers a quick stop, and the Coleman Powersports CT100U-B delivers.

Just remember to gas up, add engine oil, and make sure the clutch bearing and chain are lubricated. These are just important preliminaries in case the bike comes to you without the clutch bearings lubed. The bike runs on unleaded 87+ gas with .95 gallons (3.6 liters) fuel tank capacity. The Coleman Powersport CT100U-B comes in red and black colors for you to choose from.

3. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

For Ages 16+
Why it made the list The bike runs on a 650-watt electric motor, which is plenty of power for a non-gas-powered minibike.

Are you eager to go for this dirt bike for your kid? By all means, you should. But wait until you’ve heard what we can tell you about it because this bike has plenty going for it. For starters, Razor is an American company, so you should heave a sigh of relief where quality is concerned. The “rocket” bit in the bike’s name is an allusion to its speed.

650 watts is how Razor MX650 cuts through dirt and gravel with as much if not more speed than most kid-friendly dirt bikes. Kids can adjust the handlebars of the MX650 whether they’re cruising around the neighborhood or racing up a dirt hill. The adjustable riser handlebars allow kids to share their bikes easily with siblings or friends.

This bike also comes with a twist grip acceleration located on the left side of the handlebars, and hand-operated front and rear disk brakes, giving the rider better control of the bike’s movement and provide a quicker stopping power.

The MX650 comes in a stylish design finished with eye-catching yellow paint with red accents and the number “4” printed on the bike as a crown of glory for its powerful innards.

One more thing this MX650 has in common with the smaller MX350 is the chain-driven motor, which provides a quieter ride and high torque that helps prevent the bike from stalling. And you shouldn’t worry about the tires on the MX650. What you get is a 16-inch front and 14-inch rear pneumatic tires that are rugged and with good grip. Add that to the dual suspension, and you have a bike that can comfortably handle the off-road conditions it was built for.

Just like the MX350, it takes all of 12 hours to achieve an initial full battery charge that will keep the MX650’s motor running for up to 40 minutes of non-stop ride. Forty minutes should take you about 10 miles, which might just encourage kids to plan and manage their time wisely. Perhaps that’s the upside of getting a mere 40 minutes off a full battery charge; developing better time management skills.

Take note that you need to charge the MX650’s battery at least once every 30 days, or there’s a risk the battery will become unable to hold a charge. So, other than the long waiting time for the battery to achieve a full initial charge, the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is an excellent dirt bike for older riders who weigh less than 220 pounds.

4. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

For Ages 4-8
Why it made the list The bike is fitted with a rear coaster brake making it easier to stop the bike.

So far, in this review of the best dirt bikes for kids, we’ve talked about gas-powered and electric motorbikes. Now, it’s only right and fair that we look at pedal-powered, or better still, feet-powered dirt bikes. Dirt bike racing is exciting, but pedaling through trails and off-road terrain has plenty more health benefits. That’s one advantage BMX has over motorbikes.

The Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike is a 16-inch dirt bike designed for children 4 to 8-years-old. This bike is so cool it doesn’t matter if kids just use it as a primary means of transportation.

Dynacraft calls this BMX a “boy’s bike,” but frankly, we think that underestimates the bicycle’s unisex appeal. Kids of every gender who are between 43 to 46 inches tall and weighing less than 81 lb. will have plenty of health-building fun with the Dynacraft Magna Major. The bike weighs 24.03 pounds with dimensions measuring 32.5 inches long, 43.75 inches wide, and 22.25 inches high.

However, there is a [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LPBMAZ6″]Magna Damage Girls BMX[/amazon] if you can’t overlook the “Boy’s BMX” part of this bike’s name. Granted, the Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike comes with a sporty design and a glossy finishing. The eye-catching yellow paint, matching black saddle and handgrip, and black letterings exude an energetic vibe.

Also, the bike comes with coaster brakes, which are simpler and more intuitive for children to operate, although we have to admit that most 8-year-old riders prefer handbrakes. Other features of the Major Damage Boys BMX are the adjustable seat that allows kids of different heights and inseams to comfortably ride the bike, the colorful foam-padded handlebar, the resin pedals, and of course, the adjustable training wheels. This bike is most suitable for riders with an 18 to 22-inch inseam.

The Major Damage may be a BMX but we advise against letting kids who still depend on training wheels to use it in off-road terrains where there are slopes, bumps, and uneven surfaces. Training wheels are fantastic for helping children practice bike riding on flat surfaces but bikes can easily flip over on rough terrains because training wheels can stunt the bike’s maneuverability.

The training wheels are removable so kids don’t have to use them. The Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike comes with a sturdy metal alloy. Don’t worry if the bearings in this bike, such as the wheel bearings are too tight. They just need to be adjusted, and the bike will run very smoothly.

5. Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The bike has adjustable riser handlebars.

As the name of this bike suggests, the Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross is inspired by the renowned motocross superstar Jeremy McGrath, who is inarguably one of the most famous motocross and Supercross champions in the history of the sport in the US.

Fans and would-be fans of dirt bike racing will be proud to train with a motorbike built in honor of McGrath who has 7 Supercross championships up his sleeve. A McGrath-inspired motorbike should better live up to his name, right? We agree.

This Razor SX350 electric bike is run by a chain-driven 350-watt motor that is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery. Made of high-quality aluminum and durable plastic, the SX350 comes with a frame that replicates authentic competitive dirt bikes, giving it an impressive capacity to handle uneven terrains, shocks, and collisions. The bike boasts of a 14 mph top speed, which is notable for a battery-powered mini bike. On a full charge, the SX350 can ride non-stop for 30 minutes.

What about suspension? Unfortunately, the SX350 does not come with suspension, but the large 12” pneumatic knobby tires will absorb some of the bike’s shock and bounce as it barrels through rocky terrains. The bike has a 140 lb. max load capacity.

The Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross looks cool. Razor is known for making bikes with stylish designs, and this SX350 fits the bill, complete with authentic McGrath graphics, fairings, real signature, and the No. 2 racing number.

The SX350 also has adjustable riser handlebars. This feature allows the rider to adjust the handlebar to achieve the best or preferred riding posture.

Also, the SX350 is fitted with hand-operated rear disc brakes providing faster stopping. The bike also comes with a twist grip throttle; you can expect nothing less from a Razor dirt bike. You can already imagine your kid skidding to a hairpin halt in front of his friends, alight from the bike, and take down the retractable kickstand.

Take note that the SX350 is a scaled-down version of the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike which packs a 500-watt motor, dual disc brakes, dual suspension, and built for older kids 14 years and above.

But this SX350 dirt bike is undeniably one of the coolest electric mini bikes for kids that you can get right now. What you have here is a scaled-down MX bike. Get this bike and remind your little rider that in 1993, McGrath was the first rookie ever to win the AMA 250cc Supercross Championship.

6. Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

For Ages 4-7
Why it made the list This BMX comes with a “rev handle” that produces realistic motorcycle sounds.

Once again, we disagree that this BMX by Dynacraft is a boys-only bike. If it was, then why make this bike so painfully stylish? As far as we are concerned, both boys and girls are welcomed to build their riding skills and have plenty of fun with the Dynacraft Hot Wheels BMX.

The Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike is more than a pretty bike. For a BMX that is designed for on-road and off-road driving, it’s not surprising that the bike is both good looking and rugged. This street/dirt bike comes with removable and adjustable training wheels.

The removable training wheels are perfect for on-road riding, especially for kids still learning to pedal 2-wheel bicycles unassisted. Remove the training wheels, and this bike is ready for kiddy action in the pits. The bike is built with durable materials you can see and feel. Assuming you’ve taken to the Dynacraft dirt bike we reviewed earlier, but your kid is a year less than 8-years-old, then you have no reason not to go for the Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike.

This bike is a size 14, making it perfect for 4 to 7-year-old riders who are between 37 to 43 inches tall and has a 16 to 20-inch inseam. This bike is built with a lightweight BMX metal frame that improves on the performance expected from an off-road dirt bike. If beauty is a big deal for you, then you want to choose the Dynacraft Hot Wheels over the Dynacraft Damage.

The bike comes in stylish red, black, silver, and yellow colors to choose from, complete with awesome graphics all over the bike, including the saddle and padded handlebars. Even the typical black tires have a red stripe in the middle and white rims. There’s also the transparent chain guard that is unlike anything we’ve seen in a dirt bike.

This is a dirt bike in the sense that it is built as a children’s version of real motocross bikes. For the age group the bike is made for, it does not disappoint at all, whether off-road or on straight surfaces. Assembling the bike is not entirely frustration-free, so impatient kids may need to learn some patience. Parents should be able to put the whole thing together in about half-an-hour.

More features of the Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike includes a hand caliper brake for the front wheel and a rear coaster brake. That’s a powerful combination that ensures a quick stop whenever the rider wants to.

Kids will love the “rev handle” on the handlebar that produces realistic motorbike sounds. The bike also comes with a gauge that lights up like the real deal. The Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike weighs 6 pounds and has dimensions measuring 6.5 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 34.25 inches high.

7. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

For Ages 14+
Why it made the list This bike is built with genuine dirt bike frame geometry and high torque.

The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike is similar to the Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross except that the SX350 is a scaled-down version of both bikes. So, what are the features of this bike that is scaled down in the SX350? Keep reading to find out the few but significant features that differentiate the McGrath SX500 from the SX350.

This bike is great for beginners but will also be at home under the control of experienced riders. Electric bikes may not carry as much punch as gas-powered motors, but remember that one of the advantages electric bikes have over gas-powered motorbikes is that e-bikes are comparatively cheaper to maintain.

Considering that dirt bikes are built for rough use, maintenance issues can largely affect the performance and overall enjoyment of the bike. If lots of noise and the smell of gasoline does it for you, then go for the Coleman Powersports CT100U-B. In the meantime, keep reading to see the rest of the reasons the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike is one of the best dirt bikes in the market today.

Just like the SX350, this bike pays homage to the famous American motocross and Supercross 7-times champion, Jeremy McGrath. The bike looks beautiful, sporting a design that screams “electric.” The SX500 owes its eye-catching aesthetic to its authentic MX frame, which means this bike is built with genuine dirt bike frame geometry and a high-torque. In other words, the SX500 is a beauty with brains and performance.

Still, on the aesthetics, the bike is decorated with authentic McGrath graphics, shatter-resistant plastic fairings, and the No. 2 racing number that every motocross fan will be proud to show off. The bike is powered by a 36V (three 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system that runs the 500 Watt motor, pushing the bike to a top speed of 15 mph- one mph higher than the speed cap of the SX350- achievable via its variable speed motor.

The battery can deliver up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted ride time on a full charge before you’ll need to top up. Recommended for riders 14-years old and above, anyone can comfortably and safely ride the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike as long as they weigh less than 175 pounds.

Where the SX350 relied solely on its large pneumatic tires for shock absorption, this bike comes with not just one but dual suspension that provides smoother and far less punishing off-road rides. More features of the SX500 includes hand-operated dual disk brakes, retractable kickstand, adjustable riser handlebars, and large pneumatic knobby tires. Pair these impressive features with the Jeremy McGrath endorsement and you have one of the best dirt bikes that just happens to be electric.

8. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross

For Ages 4-13
Why it made the list The Razor MX350 comes with a rubberized handgrip that gives kids better control of the bike in different terrain and weather conditions.

The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross is one of the best scaled down off-road vehicles for kids who love the outdoors and dirt bike riding. Razor is an American company founded in the year 2000 and based in Cerritos, Calif. The company has since produced award-winning action products from bikes to snowboards to skateboards and surfboards.

This Razor MX350 is a mini dirt bike with an emphasis on “mini.” While this product is advertised as recommended for kids 13+ years, in our opinion, the Razor MX350 is too small for the average 13-year-old. We advise you to compare the bike’s dimensions with your child’s height and weight before buying.

When assembled, the Razor MX350 has dimensions measuring 44 inches long, 24.5 inches wide, 31 inches high, and weighing 70.25 pounds. The advertised max load capacity is 140 pounds. We’ve seen parents taking turns with their children to ride this bike, albeit not very comfortable looking. Other than that, the Razor MX350 is a fantastic starter bike equipped with a 350-watt electrical motor.

It’s rather hard to ignore that the Razor MX350 is a battery-powered electric motocross bike scaled down to a kid version. The bike can run for up to 10 miles on a full battery charge that takes 12 hours to achieve the first time. The battery is a 24V (12V) sealed lead acid battery. The bike delivers impressive speed and power performance.

The Razor MX350 comes with 12-inch large wheels and rugged pneumatic tires built to provide smooth performance on uneven terrains. The bike has a speed cap of 12 mph, which should be more than enough to satiate children with a need for speed. And the bike is a looker, painted in glossy blue spruced up with thunderbolt road racing patterns on the sides.

What you have here is a stylish modern design inspired by authentic MX bikes. You may get the bike in yellow, pink, and black colors, depending on availability. The handlebar comes with rubberized handgrips with non-slip features that promote a firmer grip for small hands while riding in different terrain and weather conditions. No child would be eager to pass up the chance of cruising around with the “cool” Razor MX350.

The bike frame is built with premium steel that can handle the roughness of off-road use. The seat is double-stitched, blending nicely with the bike’s ergonomic design. Plus, the riser handlebars can be adjusted to fit the best riding position. The foot pedals are foldable, making them unobtrusive for young riders.

The bike uses a chain-driven motor with a single-speed design that fully powers the bike in response to the twist grip throttle control. The hand-operated rear brake also gives the rider better control of the bike. More features of the Razor MX350 are the high-end suspension, front and rear splash guards, and retractable kickstand. A UL-approved battery charger comes with the bike.

9. Huffy Electric Ride-on Bike

For Ages 3-7
Why it made the list The bike comes with a push-button ignition on the handlebars plus revving sound effects.

If you’re looking for the perfect dirt bike for kids that can only be driven indoors with none of the headaches attached to wondering where your kid has ridden off to, then the Huffy Electric Ride On Cars for Kids is your best bet. Made for children 3 to 7-years-old, the bike is built with a 65 lb. max load capacity.

Well-made and beautifully designed, this ride-on bike comes with an intricately realistic power bike rendition with everything from a fuel cap to motorcycle-type footrests to a realistic dashboard. You can get yours in either of the bright pink or blue colors.

While children can’t take this bike out for a bit of dirt racing thrill, the bike still has plenty to offer indoors. For starters, the ignition is triggered via a push button on the handlebar, just like it is in real, grown-up motorbikes. On turning on the Huffy electric ride-on bike’s power button, kids are rewarded with a realistic ignition sound followed by motorbike revving sounds.

This Huffy electric ride-on has both functioning headlights and traffic lights. These little details inspire children’s imagination. It also gives them hands-on road traffic training and experience.

We also like the functioning red horn button located where a motorbike’s horn button should be- on the bike’s left grip. Kids can develop multitasking skills with this simple practice of riding and honking. For parents who want to spark a child’s interest in motorcycles and motorbike racing, we can’t imagine a better vehicle to help you do that than this cool ride-on power bike, even if the child is a novice.

As a starter bike for kids, it’s not surprising that the Huffy electric ride-on bike comes with training wheels to help children develop balance and build confidence.  The bike even has a windshield that is too small to protect the rider from flying debris. That’s just fine if you ask us since kids won’t be taking the Huffy ride-on bike to the pits anyway. We think the windshield is just there to improve the realistic experience of riding a power bike.

Powered by a 6v battery, the Huffy electric ride-on bike can achieve a top speed of 2 mph. That’s fast enough to thrill young riders and a slow enough speed cap to reassure parents of their child’s safety, as well as avoid frequent crashing into furniture. The bike can deliver up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted riding on a full battery charge. Recharging the battery is easy via the charging port located at the right footrest. A free wall battery charger is included with your purchase.

10. Pulse Performance EM-1000 E-Motorcycle

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list This high-quality electric motorcycle delivers big thrills at a reasonable price point.

The Pulse Performance EM-1000 E-Motorcycle is hard to beat in terms of affordability and quality. In addition to the other electric dirt bikes in this buying guide, the Pulse Performance EM-1000 E-Motorcycle is a different brand that is also one of the cheapest ways to introduce kids to motocross.

The bike comes in a simple but attractive design painted with sleek pink, black, and blue colors that immediately betrays its electric functionality. Without suspension and lacking the intricate components you’d expect in proper motorcycles, this is a beginner bike designed to prepare kids for more advanced dirt bikes.

Although this bike would be uncomfortable to ride in stony bumpy terrain without suspension, the pneumatic tires and unequal front and rear wheel sizes should absorb some of that shock. If you’re looking for a low-cost entry-level e-bike to introduce or satisfy the cravings of kids fascinated by dirt bike racing, the EM-1000 is worth your consideration.

The bike is child-friendly, built for riders as young as 8-years-old, and equipped with a responsive but gentle acceleration that is both thrilling and safe. Plus, the bike has straightforward operability with its simple twist and go mode of operation powered by a single gear. This operational simplicity allows kids to focus on mastering the basic motorbike controls.

But just because this bike comes with only basic components does not mean they are not reliable. What the bike lacks in extra features it makes up for in its durable construction and the reliability of the basic features it does have. The bike is built with tough steel all over except for the plastic fairings and plastic splash guards, making it super-durable and easy to maintain.

The EM-1000 comes with a chain-driven motor (100-watt) that delivers a decent top speed of 10 mph. The max speed of this bike may not compare to the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike, but inexperienced riders don’t need to go any faster.

Powered by 24V 15Ah lead-acid rechargeable batteries, you can get 40 minutes of uninterrupted ride from a full battery charge. Unlike the Razor MX350 and MX360, this bike can reach a full battery charge in under an hour.

The EM-1000 E-Motorcycle is fitted with durable off-road wheels and puncture-free tiny pneumatic tires, not comparable to heavy-duty dirt bikes such as the Coleman Powersports CT100U-B, but designed to familiarize kids with off-road terrain as they master the basic controls of motorbikes.

Even so, power is nothing without control, which is why Pulse Performance Products equipped the EM-1000 with a hand caliper rear drum brake providing efficient stopping power and a long-lasting braking mechanism.

Now, Get Ready for Paydirt

Dirt bike riding is one of the most rewarding outdoor sports that children can take part in. Dirt bike riding can also provide kids with opportunities to socialize, explore the outdoors, build social skills, and confidence. We have already done the hard part of compiling this list of the best dirt bikes for kids, so all you have to do now is just pick one or two.

In most states, you don’t need a license or liability insurance to ride your dirt bike on off-road terrain, although many states have age restrictions on riders’ ages.

In most cases where there are age restrictions, kids who fall below the benchmark are allowed to ride under adult supervision. Take a look at the Dirt Bike State Laws and Requirements to help you understand the dirt bike riding laws in your state. Then, grab the [amazon url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YTF8W3T”]proper riding gear[/amazon] to go with that bike you just ordered.