19 Best Toys for 8-Year-Old Boys 2024

Kids love toys. No one can fault them for that. Great toys can help children develop real-world skills that will give them a considerable advantage in their future pursuits. So, go ahead and get your 8-year-old boys some toys but keep in mind that toys should do more than entertain.

The best toys can spark imagination, build gross motor skills, engage the senses, and help your child’s all-round growth. This guide will help you make the right choices when getting toys for your kids.

Choosing the Best Toys for 8-Year-Old Boys

Before going toy shopping, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and why. While you may be tempted to just hit the stores or internet and grab the shiniest stuff you can find, wouldn’t you like to be sure the stuff you’re buying is as valuable as it is shiny? The following points are essential factors you should consider to help you determine the value of a toy.

Age Appropriateness

Look at it this way. When you spot a nice pair of Nike shoes on a store shelf, the first thing you do is acknowledge how nice the shoes look. Your second thought is that you want them, and then you wonder if the shoes would fit your size. A similar pattern applies to children’s toys.

Not every toy is a good fit for every age bracket. Prioritize open-ended toys that give your child plenty, and sometimes, unlimited playing options. Toys that grow with kids are also a great choice.


The good news about toys is that they can teach through play. Educational toys are also known as instructive toys because they are particularly designed to stimulate learning in children. In this guide, you will find STEM toys like the ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run, perfect for 8-year-old boys.

STEM toys introduce children to science, technology, engineering, and math, but that’s not where the buck stops. Educational toys can also teach your boy problem-solving skills, cause and effect, social interaction, conflict resolution, and more.

Clean and Safe

The toys you choose for your kids should be made with kid-friendly non-toxic materials, and toy components that are easy to clean are a plus.

The above points are three of the most important factors to consider when shopping for toys. Below is our list of the best toys for 8-year-old boys.

Top 19 Best Toys for 8-Year-Old Boys 2024

1. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run

For Ages 8-15
Why it made the list The sixty included challenges cover logic, marble run, and STEM will engage children for many years.

The ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run is the 2019 Toy of the Year Award Winner. This toy is a fantastic brain game that introduces kids to STEM in a manner that is both challenging and fun. The concept is a marble maze builder where kids select a card and try to build differentiated hollow cube towers on a grid that models the blueprint on the selected card.

This is an open-ended toy where kids will experience the excitement of brain challenge and the thrill of completing a task. The toy has 60 marble run challenges for your child to explore and conquer, from beginner to advanced levels. The game gets increasingly difficult to match the progress of the player.

The marble should be able to run through the grid from start to finish if what the child has built matches the selected blueprint. The ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run will not only educate and inspire your little boy’s creativity but also engage him in using his hands while building gross motor skills. An easy to learn instruction manual is included so that your little boy can start playing the game in no time.

2. Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids (With Boxing Gloves)

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list The Whoobli boxing set is sturdier than the competitors.

The Whoobli Punching Bag is a real child-friendly punching bag for your kid to practice boxing or vent his frustrations when he needs to do so. We all need something to direct our anger at sometimes, don’t we? This set is child-friendly in the sense that it will take the rough, crazy treatment typical of a budding boy without tipping over.

Made with non-toxic materials that passed CPSIA and ASTM safety standards, your little boy can safely kit up his Whoobli boxing gear and punch the living stars out of the inflatable bag. The Whoobli inflatable punching bag is made with durable PU leather and painted in the American boxing colors, which might just inspire your boy to aspire to become a national boxing icon in the future.

Boxing will not only help kids burn that extra energy; they will learn important self-defense skills, help improve fitness, and develop sharper hand-eye coordination. The Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids comes with durable gloves and an adjustable stand that matches different heights.

The company that made this product is praised by customers for its excellent customer service. Whoobli sent free punching bags to random kids during the Covid-19 lockdown- no strings attached.

3. Selieve Walkie Talkies

For Ages 3-12
Why it made the list This is a very durable communication tool for children with clear sound transmission.

Why should you get a kid a walkie talkie and not a smartphone? There are great smart devices you can get an 8-year-old, but a walkie talkie has its developmental benefits as well. The Selieve Walkie Talkies are a 22 Channel, 2-way radio toy with a backlit LCD flashlight and a 3-mile range for taking outdoors and on hiking and camping adventures.

A walkie talkie will teach your boy an alternative to shouting or screaming when they need help. This toy will also familiarize kids with effective two-way communication in large meetings and emergencies. The backlit LCD makes the screen easy to read for small eyes, and the buttons are child-finger-friendly. More features that stand out on the Selieve Walkie Talkies compared to similar brands are the VOX function- which allow the user to make a voice-operated switch-, the secure belt clip, and the LED flashlight.

The Selieve Walkie Talkies sport an ergonomic design that feels nearly indestructible when you hold them in your hands. You will get crisp and smooth sound quality with a high anti-interference function but at the expense of batteries. The device runs on 4 AAA batteries. More than just a communication tool, Selieve Walkie Talkies deliver lots of interactive fun.

4. Dan&Darci Crystal Growing Science Kit

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list This toy provides learning moments at each step of the crystal-growing process.

Kids love making things and it’s even more exciting when they get to grow them. There are several crystal growing kits sold in stores but Dan&Darci’s Crystal Growing Kit is Amazon’s Choice for good reasons. This is one of our favorite STEM toys because this toy has so much to teach a child. Growing crystals can teach children foundational lessons on the structure of compounds. This can help give your child a jumpstart towards science or biology.

Growing crystals can also foster a sense of responsibility as kids feel responsible for the crystals they are growing. Dan&Darci’s Crystal Growing Kit for Kids works in the same way that crystals are formed. Pour the crystal powder in the cups provided, add hot water, place the crystal in the cup, and then watch it grow. For the best results, be sure to closely follow the instructions in the manual provided.

The kit comes with three growing cups, three crystal powder bags (red, blue, clear), three crystal starters, a mixing stick, tweezers, a micro USB cable, and a USB-powered LED light-up display where kids can show off their creations. The illuminated jars can make nice room décor.

A 12-page illustrated guide is also included to help you grow the perfect crystals. The particles of crystals may not be living, but they’re active. This is a great toy to encourage the chemist in your little boy.

5. 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!)

For Ages 8-12
Why it made the list We’re impressed with the number of photographs in this fact-filled book; 1200 photos!

5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything is a product of National Geographic Kids so you don’t need convincing about this book’s quality. This book is a must-have for every child, and in our opinion, only rivaled by My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things.

The thing about books is that children love to hear the sound of their own voice before they even become aware of printed words on paper. Reading to kids simulates their imagination and exposes them to life experiences, but an 8-year-old can read for themselves. At this stage, your little boy is better able to develop language and listening skills and explore the universe all by himself through books. And that’s why we love 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!).

The book is beautifully illustrated and organized into two-page spreads that each focus on a different topic. As you can expect from a National Geographic brand, the book is packed full of fascinating facts in vivid colors.

This is a hardcover book filled with 1200 photographs in 224 pages. Kids will learn fun facts about food, survival skills, math, robots, the human body, animals, sports, history, and so on.

But beware. There are sections in the book- necromancy, ouija boards, haunted houses, palm reading, tarot cards- which may feel inappropriate in some households. The upside is that these subjects are great discussion starters for children and adults.

6. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The Flybar Pogo is a much sturdier brand than the competitors.

Jumping is a lot of healthy fun that can lower blood pressure and improve physical fitness.  The Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper is a better tool for this activity for kids than your bed. This product stands out from other pogo jumpers because of the quality and durability.

We won’t blame you if you’re tempted to try this toy out for a few seconds before handing it over to your boy. You wouldn’t be the first to do that, and many adults who bought this product say they are impressed by how strong the Flybar Pogo Jumper is.

The foam and bungee are tough enough to support up to 250 lbs. Similar products often come with a rigid bungee, but the Flybar Pogo Jumper has a flexible bungee and an adjustable handle, which makes the toy enjoyable for users of various heights.

You don’t need batteries to run this toy; just add your kid’s energy, and he is recharged in no time, jumping around on the Flybar My First Pogo. Some customers are annoyed by the squeaky sound the toy makes when kids are jumping, but there’s a way to safely get rid of the sound if you want to.

7. Motoworx Toy Rocket Launcher

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The base of the Motoworx Toy Rocket Launcher is rugged and sturdier than the competitors.

Boys will have a real blast sending the rockets in flights of up to 100ft. Each Motoworx Rocket Launcher is made in the United States and is built with durable materials strong enough to take the persistent stomping it was built for.

This is a STEM toy because children will have to try and plot an accurate trajectory for the rocket shots. Kids also engage in healthy exercise from the fun-filled hours of running and stomping on the launch pad. If you don’t mind turning your backyard into a rocket launch station, then get the Motoworx Toy Rocket Launcher for a blast of healthy family fun.

It’s not just your backyard; the neighborhood park, playgrounds, and open spaces can be used as a safe launch station for this toy rocket. The rocket won’t travel so far out that children can’t keep track of them, so you don’t have to worry about losing the rockets. More so, replacement rockets can be purchased easily. What you get with your purchase are 8 colorful foam rockets, and a foldable launcher stand with a foot launch pad.

8. Dan&Darci Light-up Terrarium Kit

For Ages 6-12
Why it made the list The contents in the terrarium kit are clearly labeled, and the light-up lid is a nice touch.

This is another STEM toy from Dan&Darci that brings children closer to science, discovery, and the confidence of creating things. This is a kit that encourages children to grow fully living gardens in a miniature garden jar that glows at night.

The kit includes a clear jar with a light-up lid, sachets of soil, blue sand, white river rocks, wheatgrass seeds, and black chia seeds, a spray bottle, a wooden stick, a miniature bunny and mushroom house, a sheet of 15 removable stickers, a micro USB charging cable, and a garden growing guide booklet.

This terrarium provides a golden opportunity to teach kids about soil compositions from the different layers of soil that are needed to grow the garden. The pretend-play with the miniature bunny in the garden and mushroom house also sparks imagination in children.

This kit will also teach the importance of responsibility as kids watch and care for their gardens to grow. Everything your boy needs to use this simple STEM toy is in the kit, including an easy-to-read instruction booklet to guide him through the entire process. The light-up lid makes the jar glow at night illuminating the interior of the jar and transforming the Dan&Darci terrarium into soothing tabletop décor.

9. CreativeELF Drawing Stencils Set

For Ages 3-14
Why it made the list These stencils and drawing pens are made with extra sturdy materials.

The CreativeELF Drawing Stencils Set have a total of 16 large stencils with more than 300 different shapes to spark creativity and help children expand their knowledge of various subjects.

This product is made with non-toxic BPA-free quality plastics that are safe for your child’s health and sturdy enough to withstand rough use. The stencils are not made with flimsy materials that typically break within a few days of use. You can easily clean the pen and pencil marks from the washable stencils.

The kit includes the stencils, 3 pens, a sharpener, 25 drawing sheets, and ten colorful pencils, all packed in a nice carrying case with a lockable clasp and child-friendly handle. The stencils have many shapes for children to explore, covering geometric shapes, holiday shapes, circus shapes, alphabets, dinosaurs, animals, vehicles, and more. Get this to encourage your little boy to express himself while developing manipulative skills, dexterity, motor skills, and creativity with the CreativeELF 54-piece Drawing Stencils Set.

10. Activ Life Kids Flying Rings

For Ages 3-12
Why it made the list The Activ Life Flying Rings features an aerodynamic design that enhances throwing and catching accuracy.

Skimming Frisbee is a sport with health benefits for the rapidly developing muscles of 8-year-olds. The activity is good for the wrist, heart and for building sharper hand-eye coordination. The Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings have a glow-in-the-dark feature that allows the toy to be used in daylight as well as sundown. These Frisbee rings are designed for young children and can also be used as swimming pool toys. Another thing that makes this product stand out from the competitors is that it floats on water.

The Activ rings weigh just over an ounce, which is far below the typical sports discs. The featherweight makes the rings ideal for kids to safely carry, throw, and catch. In normal weather conditions, the rings can soar to an excess of 80’ when thrown by a child.

The aerodynamic design features a hole in the middle of the rings that help maintain the intended trajectory of each throw and also makes catching the rings easier for smaller hands. These rings offer plenty of healthy outdoor and indoor fun. The Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings are made in the USA and come with 2 rings packed in a full-color gift box.

11. WisToyz Kids Hover Soccer Ball Set

For Ages 6-12
Why it made the list A set that allows for safe, indoor soccer and gets the competitive juices pumping as they aim to shoot the disc into the goal.

The WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set helps your child get up and play some soccer – inside the house. It comes with a foam bumper, which helps it remain strong and durable and floats off the floor. It can’t be kicked too high and considering that this soccer is being played inside the house, any glass or precious objects are being saved from a physical football.

It comes with an LED light to add to the fun, turning off the lights and playing with the in-built LED lights adds a whole new dynamic to the floating soccer disc. It is a great toy that gets the kids away from electronic gadgets. An added bonus is that it comes with 2 goal nets, so your kids can have an incredible time filled with fun with their friends, scoring goals against each other, and creating a sense of healthy competition among them.

12. Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet

For Ages 6-9
Why it made the list We like the built-in storage for all the markers on the tablet.

The Crayola Ultimate Light Board is a drawing tablet designed to bring out the artist in children. The board comes alive with your little boy’s art when the board is turned on. Children will be able to make sketches on this board only when used with the washable Crayola FX markers.

The LED lights built into the frame of the board makes the Crayola Gel FX Markers glow and your kid’s art comes alive on the tablet. Additionally, the back of the tablet can be removed to make drawing easy with tracing illustrations for your little Picasso. Just put the tracing paper in the back of the tablet when the board is turned on.

Kids can either trace the illustration or use the blank background as a fresh canvas for original art. The Crayola FX markers are easy to clean from the screen so that your little boy can always and easily make room for a fresh start. The tablet also features different lighting effects that can be triggered by the button on the front side.

The box comes with the LED light board with a removable back panel and a kickstand, including six Crayola FX Gel markers. The markers can be easily stowed in a built-in storage space on the tablet, which makes moving around with the kit easier. This educational toy is perfect for use both in home and school settings. The set runs on 3 AA batteries.

13. Educational Insights BrainBolt - Brain Teaser Memory Game

For Ages 7+
Why it made the list This is a simple but challenging memory game for children and grownups too.

The Educational Insights BrainBolt is a straightforward brain teaser concept that is simple but challenging. Educational Insights is a trusted brand that makes award-winning educational toys for children of all ages. Their products are trusted globally by parents and teachers as tools of learning and creativity development for children. The BrainBolt is such a tool of learning designed as a handheld memory game that children and even adults can play for improved concentration and visual memory.

The game is played by trying to remember the light sequence on the unit’s 21 light-up tiles and then follow the sequence for as long as you can without breaking the pattern. It’s a fairly simple concept that is rather addictive and harder than it seems. The game has advanced player modes and a timed mode and can be played solo or head-to-head with a second player.

We are confident that this smart-looking device will end up as your little boy’s favorite toy, which is a good thing because this puzzle game has both mental and physical benefits such as improved finger strength, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and better problem-solving skills. This game comes in 3 versions; BrainBolt, Math Whiz, and Math Shark for you to choose from or collect. The BrainBolt runs on 3 AAA batteries.

14. Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list The toy really does change your voice if you get the settings right.

The Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer is a toy for pure fun. Featuring ten different voice effects and hundreds of sound combinations for your boy to explore, there’s no telling where his creativity might take him with this toy. He could read stories, prank his friends, sing songs, and do whatever else he imagines with the different voice modifiers.

The flashing LED lights and voice amplifier adds to the fun of this toy. The amplifier and frequency can be adjusted through the levers on the side of the device. The Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer comes with one 9 volt battery and an assortment of colors for you to choose from or collect.

The packaging has a voice menu printed on the back with instructions on how best to adjust the side levers and settings for different kinds of voices, although we think the voice menu would be best printed on a booklet for easy reference. The manufacturer says you can get over one hundred sound combinations from this toy voice changer.

15. 6KU Kids Kick Scooter

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list The 6KU Kids Kick Scooter is easily foldable for storage.

What we like the most about the 6KU Kids Kick Scooter is the built-in lean-to-steer technology. The lean-to-steer mechanism helps children take curves in any direction without losing their balance by moving their body weight to the left or right.

The adjustable handlebars can be set between 26 to 30 inches to suit different heights, which means kids won’t outgrow the scooter too soon. The 6KU kid scooter can support weights of up to 110lbs.

The main concern of every parent is the safety of their children, and this scooter is built to be child-friendly. The frame is made with high-density plastic that gives the scooter a stronger intermolecular force and strength. The lean-to-steer mechanism, coupled with the sturdiness and other safety considerations of the 6KU kids kick scooter, makes it the ideal choice.

The deck is extra wide which provides more room and better balance for the rider. The wide deck plus the extra-wide wheels help add to the stability of this scooter on the road. It has 3 LED lights on the wheels for that extra bit of fun and a fast and reliable braking system.

16. UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list The UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target is compatible with every Nerf blaster brand.

The UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target is a fun target for your kids to shoot with their Nerf guns or other shooting toys. The targets fall when you make a hit and all four of them rebound the second the last target falls.

This version features a digital display that shows scores, countdowns, and the shooters’ rounds. This electronic target is compatible with nerf guns such as the Nerf N-strike Elite, Nerf Mega, Nerf Rival Series Guns, and other brands. The toy can be played on solo or multi-player modes and runs on 3 AA batteries.

17. Awesome Jokes That Every 8 Year Old Should Know!

For Ages 7-9
Why it made the list If slow old men use walking sticks, what do fast old men use? Hurry-canes!

This book by Mat Waugh is packed with hundreds of classics and brand new tongue twisters, rib ticklers, and side-splitting jokes curated for 8-year-olds and older. Mat Waugh is a popular children’s’ book author who has written bestsellers including [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/1999914724″]Awesome Jokes That Every 6 Year Old Should Know[/amazon].

If you know a kid who doesn’t like to read books, Mat Waugh’s Awesome Jokes That Every 8 Year Old Should Know! is a fun way to get him or her to want to read. Kids that read this book will soon think they are Jerry Seinfeld and Don Rickles put together. Some customers say they too laughed at some of the jokes in this book, but the children’s laughter is bound to make the adults laugh as well.

Reading can be fun, and this book drives home the “fun” part. Reading can be better than most toys at helping children develop early literacy skills. This book will also develop imagination and spark curiosity as kids figure out the punchline in the jokes and tongue twisters. Some of the jokes are tacky from an adult’s perspective, but they’re just plain funny for 8-year-olds. Just be prepared to be told silly jokes for weeks to come.

18. Toyk RC Flying Toy Ball

For Ages 3-10
Why it made the list This flying ball has sensors at the bottom that when touched make the ball fly back up.

The Toyk Remote Controlled Flying Toy Ball is a lovable toy if there ever was one. Made with safe ABS and strong plastic, this flying ball keeps working even after taking many beatings from running into walls, tree branches, and suchlike.

The power automatically turns off on hard collisions or hard impacts on the ground. The ball stays airborne but begins to lose lift when the toy starts losing power. The Toyk RC Flying Toy Ball runs on electric recharge so no need to worry about battery replacement.

Charging takes about 20 minutes. Once charged, turn on the switch at the bottom of the flying ball and hold the ball vertically in your palms for 3 to 5 seconds. It’s important to delay letting go of the ball as soon as the power is turned on.

Lift the ball to the height you want it to fly and then let it hover. The ball can fly to an excess of 300’ in the air, flying over houses and trees. Use the remote control that comes with the toy to control the speed and stop the flight. Always aim the remote at the bottom of the ball.

Although the Toyk RC Flying Toy Ball has built-in motion sensor on the sides and bottom, kids can also keep the ball from hitting the ground by just putting their hands underneath it and the ball will fly right back up. This is a great beginner drone toy for indoor and outdoor play, and the colorful LED light makes the flying ball fun to play with at night as well.

The Toyk flying ball can also function as a STEM toy as kids become curious and try to figure out how the flying ball works. One USB charging cable comes in the package.

19. Top Race 3-in-1 Take Apart Construction Truck Toy

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list This construction truck kit is made with super-durable materials.

The trucks make realistic truck sounds and run on 4 AAA batteries. We recommend this toy, especially for its durable quality. The design and build quality are superb which makes this toy good at surviving rough boy-use.

Also, kids may take some time to assemble the parts to form each of the trucks making this toy unlikely to bore for a long time. Playing with this take-apart construction truck will build your boy’s hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and imagination.

Now, Let’s Go and Play

It’s quite a list, right? We just wanted to make sure you found that perfect toy for an 8-year-old boy no matter the kind of play he loves most.

But even if you are not certain about the kind of toy that appeals to your child, you can hardly go wrong with the Educational Insights BrainBolt – Brain Teaser Memory Game. Every boy likes a challenge and this portable handheld device is as much fun as it is educating.