20 Best Toys for 2-Year-Old Girls 2024

A little girl’s second year is a magical time. She is more interactive and more active than she was in her first year. You can start to have conversations with her for the first time, and she’ll be more expressive than ever. She’ll ask you a lot of questions and will generally be curious around everything around her.

She’s rapidly developing her personality and her motor skills. Her brain is bustling with activity as she puts together new concepts from the world she is experiencing. The toys that she’s given are the main objects that she will be interacting with daily, so it’s important to choose these toys carefully as they will have a big impact on her overall development. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 20 toys that we think fit the bill.

Picking the Perfect Toy for a 2-Year-Old Girl

There are many factors to consider when picking a toy to buy, and the vast number of options are often overwhelming. To help you decide which toy to buy, here are five factors to consider when choosing which toy to give a 2-year old girl.


Most toys for young children are specifically designed for a certain age range. The toys might be too simple if you choose something aimed for younger kids, and might be too complicated or even too dangerous if you choose something designed for older ones.

Each entry on this list identifies the appropriate age range for the specified toy so that you know how many years you’ll be able to get out of it, but all of them are suitable for two-year-olds.


A child’s development is very important at this age, and it is highly advisable to choose toys that stimulate their growth. There are several areas of development that toys can help with, so we’ve chosen a variety of toys that cater to different ones.

Some toys, like Melissa & Doug Bowling Friends help develop motor skills, while toys like the Oiuros Cartoon Animal Finger Puppets help develop creative thinking, and others still, such as the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk help, can help with literacy and mathematics.

We’ve compiled toys that are varied across these multiple areas of development, so you can see the different options and decide which one you prefer. A balance of all the areas is always advisable.


A toy’s safety is an important aspect to consider, especially when choosing a toy for younger children. All of the toys on this list are safe for kids, but we’ll also mention any small parts that they may swallow and choke on, potentially harmful materials used in the production of the toy, and sharp edges or anything that could physically harm your little girl.


Children aren’t used to handling things delicately, and will often throw, hit, push, and pull on their toys. It’s important that toys can withstand these hits and not fall apart at the slightest touch. Your child will probably be handling these toys daily, and you don’t want them to be broken after a week or so. It will not only be a waste of your money, but it might break the child’s heart that she can’t play with her new toy anymore.


As with buying anything else, you’ll want value for your money. You ideally want something that is made with quality materials, will sustain the child’s attention, and will be useful for years.

Though it might seem difficult to find toys that fit all these factors, it is possible. Finding a toy that is safe, durable, and will help with all the developmental areas at an affordable price isn’t easy, so we’ve compiled twenty that we think fit the criteria the best.

Top 20 Best Toys for 2-Year-Old Girls 2024

1. Hape Pound & Tap Bench With Slide Out Xylophone

For Ages 1-3
Why it made the list The hammer-and-ball/xylophone combination is a uniquely designed toy that combines fine motor skills and musicality.

This age is the perfect time to develop a little boy’s musical skills. He will start to differentiate sounds and recognize music patterns, and this award-winning toy is perfect for stimulating the future rock star in him.

The set is a combination of a xylophone and a hammer toy. The xylophone can be played in multiple ways. The keys can be hit normally, but the unique effect is achieved by pounding on the balls at the top, which leads to them falling on the xylophone and creating a flowing sound as it rolls across the keys. The xylophone might not be a perfectly tuned instrument, but it does a good job for its purpose. It has good, durable build quality, with rounded edges and non-toxic paints. It’s made to withstand a lot of hammering, which little boys are known to do a lot of.

The toy develops hand dexterity and coordination. It also stimulates understanding causality, all in a unique instrument.

2. FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

For Ages 2-8
Why it made the list Little girls can pretend to be princesses in this cutely designed play tent which promotes creativity. Plus, it’s a breeze to set up and put away.

This princess play tent from FoxPrint is a perfect personal corner for a 2-year old girl. The whimsical design and glow in the dark stars stimulate the imagination of the child.

The tent sets up in seconds by just popping it up and inserting shock-corded fiberglass poles that hold the tent firmly in place. Packing it up is equally easy, as it folds flat and can be stored in any bag that is longer than 17 inches in length, which is perfect for camping trips both in the mountains, the beach, or just the backyard.

The tent is spacious, with dimensions of 41.5” x 41.5” x 54”, and can easily be a little girl’s favorite place for years to come.

3. Kidzlane Doctor Kit

For Ages 1.5 - 6
Why it made the list A complete doctor’s toolkit with everything a little boy needs to pretend to check for boo-boos and ouchies.

Not all heroes wear capes. This medical tool playset provides everything a little doctor might need to emulate our modern-day heroes. Roleplaying is an excellent way to develop social skills and empathy, and pretending to be a doctor also helps little boys be more comfortable during those scary visits to a real doctor.

Kidzlane prides itself on making durable, kid-friendly toys, so this set has noticeably sturdier build quality than other doctor sets available.

The set includes a stethoscope with heartbeat sounds, a blood pressure cuff, a toddler-safe syringe, and even a cell phone with ringtones, all perfectly sized for a little boy’s hands. The set also comes with a handy carrying case, so the little doctor can make house calls and bring the whole kit with ease.

4. Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

For Ages 1-4
Why it made the list This product from Little Tikes, which combines the playroom-staple slide with other playground elements is the perfect size and style for 2 year-olds.

This slide playset comes with a slide, a rock wall to climb, and a crawl tunnel underneath. It provides good exercise for rambunctious 2 year-olds. Climbing the rock wall improves their arm strength, while the act of sliding down improves both their confidence and their balance.

The slide has a gentle slope great for young toddlers, and all the edges are smooth and rounded out, which is particularly important in slide sets.

This slide provides an alternative to a trip to the playground, which is especially useful when you don’t feel like going out after a long day. It can be set up both indoors and outdoors.

5. Melissa & Doug Dust! Sweep! Mop!

For Ages 2-5
Why it made the list Little girls will enjoy sweeping around the house just like her parents while developing her motor skills at the same time.

Stanford Children’s Health specifically recommends letting 2 year-olds help around the house. This set of pretend cleaning tools is a perfect fit for any 2-year-old girl. Sweeping and brushing will stimulate her rapidly developing coordination and motor skills and will build her confidence by encouraging her to do adult tasks by herself.

The set includes a broom, a brush, a mop, and a duster that she will enjoy using around the house. The build quality of the tools is excellent, with wooden, rounded out handles that fit perfectly in toddlers’ hands. It also comes with an organizing stand for easy clean up after cleaning up. The cleaning doesn’t have to be pretend, either. The tools are fully functional and can do some actual cleaning.

There is a slight issue with the mop design possibly damaging hardwood floors since it has a screw at the bottom that might scrape surfaces as it’s being used. We suggest attaching felt or another soft material at the bottom to prevent this issue.

6. Sesame Street Talking ABC Elmo

For Ages 1,5-4
Why it made the list Who doesn’t like Elmo? This cuddly iteration of everyone’s favorite Muppet teaches the alphabet while being as cute as he ever was.

The Tickle Me Elmo has been a staple in babies’ collections of toys through the years. Consider this plush toy an upgraded version. This huggable toy sings the alphabet in his lovable voice when his tummy is squeezed, which the child can sing along to. The toy also has interactive prompts like asking what the first letter of your name is. His trademark laugh is still present, of course, and is just as cute as you remember.

The quality of materials used is unsurprisingly excellent, and the figure looks just like the Elmo you would see on the show. The toy is soft and cuddly, and any little girl will love hugging it. The toy requires 2 AA batteries, which are included in the product.

7. Melissa & Doug Bowling Friends

For Ages 2-4
Why it made the list This plush bowling set is a fun game for kids from 2 to 4 years of age, making it an ideal toy for siblings who are in that age range.

This bowling set features cute animal pins – two dogs, two bears, a cat, and a giraffe – which any toddler will happily strike down. The game promotes the development of motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Playing with others also helps them develop a sense of following rules and taking turns.

The pins are made of soft squeezable plastic, all with different textures that can be perfect not just for bowling but for animal character storytime. They also have weighted bottoms that make them easy to setup. The ball is made of lightweight materials with indents like a real bowling ball would have, and will fit right into a little girl’s hands.

8. 3 Bees & Me Magnet Boat Set

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list These fun magnetic boat keeps toddlers in the tub by making bath time fun and interactive, while being educational too.

Bath time can be a struggle with 2-year old girls, but this set of toy boats will help make bath time more fun for little ones.

The set includes four plastic boats that connect using magnets on each boat’s sides.  The boats are also numbered 1 to 4 to help bath time be learning time as well. Playtime with these boats encourages creative thinking and imagination.

Bath time becomes a more enjoyable experience for both the child and the parent, as the one-on-one interaction with few distractions gives a better bonding experience, and helps kids relax and wind down before eventually going to bed.

The boats are made from BPA-free, non-toxic materials so they are safe to put in the tub with children.

9. Oiuros Cartoon Animal Finger Puppets

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list These animal finger puppets make storytime more fun and interactive for both the child and the parent.

Storytime is an important part of a 2-year old girl’s day, as it prepares her for literacy and develops her creative thinking and imagination. These finger puppets help her visualize story characters and interact with them herself.

There’s plenty of animals to choose from. With twenty different animals represented, stories are sure to come to life with these colorful characters. Each puppet hole is fit for either kids or adults, although they might be a bit big for your 2-year old’s finger so the adult might have to perform the storytelling for now. She can use them for years to come, however.

The puppets are small and cute and make a perfect addition to a gift bag or piñata for kids’ parties.

10. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

For Ages 2-5
Why it made the list This well-built interactive desk contains many built-in activities that a 2-year old will surely enjoy, as well as the ability to get more expansion packs as they become available.

This interactive learning desk from VTech has five interactive activity pages, as well as a chalkboard, an art station, a music player, and it comes with its own little chair. Little girls can get ready for school by familiarizing themselves with completing tasks on their own desks.

The base set contains several activities already, with more than a hundred vocabulary words, 20 plus activities, and 20 songs, but there are several expansion packs available with specific topics such as nursery rhymes, numbers, and shapes, or early math.

The desk can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and has safe rounded corners for both the desk and the chair. It requires four AA batteries which are unfortunately not included in the set, so be sure to buy some as well.

11. Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

For Ages 1-5
Why it made the list This set of building blocks is fairly priced, and as stated in the name, is a BIG bag of blocks.

One of the best building blocks of a little girl’s early development is, well, building blocks. The National Association for the Education of Young Children lists a variety of benefits of building blocks for child development including problem-solving, self-expression, mathematics, and creativity, among others.

This bag of blocks is good value for money as it comes with a good number of blocks at a relatively lower price than other brands, while still being of good quality. This particular set comes with stereotypically feminine colors, but there are other color variants available as well. They are fully compatible with all other Mega Bloks products, so you can add these to an existing collection if you like.

The bag packaging itself is of good quality and is an excellent way to store the blocks, which we might not be able to say about the other brands.

12. Battat - Dalmatian Vet Kit

For Ages 2-8
Why it made the list Little girls can learn to love animals early with this great vet kit, complete with a stuffed Dalmatian and all the tools of the trade.

This vet kit helps little girls learn to care for animals before they’re old enough to take care of a real one. Roleplaying as a vet also helps children develop empathy and social skills. The kit comes with everything a child would need to open up their own veterinary clinic at home, including a variety of tools such as a stethoscope, child-safe scissors and clippers, a thermometer, and a brush for your stuffed pet’s fur. It also comes with a cute Dalmatian plush toy and carrying crate.

As a bonus, if you already have a bunch of stuffed animals lying around the house, your little girl will have a whole roster of furry patients to take care of, and every future new plush toy will be a new patient just waiting to be treated by your little vet.

13. The Learning Journey: Match It! Self-Correcting Spelling Puzzle

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list These award-winning hybrid flashcard puzzles will help develop both problem-solving skills and literacy in a fun activity.

Flashcards and puzzles are some of the most common tools to aid in early child development. This product combines the two in a smartly designed product that helps children develop multiple skills at once.

The set contains a collection of mini-puzzles that form a word and a corresponding picture when it is completed. Completing the puzzles improves problem-solving skills, forming the three and four-letter words builds basic reading and spelling skills, and maneuvering the thick durable cardboard material used in the product helps develop motor skills.

These are perfect learning tools for a 2-year old girl, as the words are easy enough to read and pronounce, while the puzzles are simple enough for her to complete herself.

14. KIZZYEA Water Doodle Mat

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list These water doodle mats are a mess-free solution to early doodlers, keeping their doodles out of the walls and floors.

Doodling has several benefits both for the health of children and their development. These include the development of non-cognitive skills, mind-mapping, and memory development. Little girls will naturally doodle, and sometimes, these doodles reach places where we don’t want them to, like the walls and floors of your house.

This water doodle map provides a large area for a little girl to doodle on, using water-filled pens that use no ink. The doodles magically erase themselves after a few minutes, which leads to zero need to clean up. The pens are reusable by just refilling with water.

The mat is large enough to fit 2 toddlers drawing at the same time, so it’s a perfect toy to share with a friend or a sibling. The letters on the side of the mat are also a useful addition, as toddlers can try to copy the letters to write words themselves.

15. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

For Ages 1-3
Why it made the list Get ready for a future soccer or basketball star with this 2-in-1 sports center that will help little girls quickly develop their motor skills.

A 2 year-olds motor skills are rapidly developing, and introducing a little girl to sports is a great way to stimulate her development.

This sports center has both a basketball hoop and a soccer goal, both of which will greatly help her develop coordination and balance. The LED scoreboard counts baskets and makes cheers and whistle sounds as she makes them, which helps her learn about cause and effect, as well as counting to 10. The scoreboard also has interactive buttons in different shapes that play sounds and animations.

The set contains the goal, hoop, and scoreboard fully assembled, as well as a toddler-sized soccer ball and basketball. It needs 3 AA batteries, which unfortunately aren’t included.

16. Learning Resources Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set

For Ages 1,5-10
Why it made the list Color sorting brings a variety of developmental benefits for little ones, and this farmer's market set teaches them about healthy vegetables at the same time.

This farmer themed set contains fruits and veggies from all colors of the rainbow for your little girl to sort into their respective baskets. In addition to all the benefits of color sorting, children will expand their vocabulary by learning the names of 25 different fruits and vegetables. Interacting with these vegetables makes them more familiar with them, which will also help them become more open to eating them when mealtime comes.

Sorting objects by color also develops cognitive skills in a toddler, and helps build visual perception and critical thinking skills. Children can often sort objects into colors before they can name the actual colors.

The toys are BPA free, latex-free, lead-free, and allergen-free, so they’re as safe as their real-life counterparts are healthy.

17. KicksyWheels Scooters for Kids

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list This scooter, with its removable and adjustable seat and handlebars, grows with a child as they age and is suitable for toddlers as young as 2 years old.

Scooters help develop a child’s motor skills and enable them to get good exercise. Parents can also bike or jog along with the kids for family bonding moments and short trips to the park.

We recommend this particular scooter for your 2-year old girl because it has several features that set it apart from the other brands. It has a removable and adjustable seat, which is perfect for her since she might have difficulty standing on a moving scooter. The handlebars are adjustable as well, so she can easily grip them no matter how fast she grows.

It also has wheels that light up, which is always a kid-favorite feature. It’s also designed to withstand abuse from children, so your little girl should get plenty of use out of it.

18. Kidoozie My First Purse

For Ages 1-7
Why it made the list This cute purse has all the accessories that a budding businesswoman on the go might need.

2-year old girls love to mimic what they see. This is especially true in the case of most little girls’ primary role model, their mommy. This purse, which is already adorable on its own, contains a smartphone, a wallet, a debit card, a set of keys, lipstick, and a mirror.

Role-playing is effective in developing empathy and critical thinking skills, and every little girl will be pleased that she can be just like mom with this set of accessories.

All the parts in the set are made with toxin-free materials and rounded edges, ensuring that your little girl doesn’t scratch herself while playing pretend. She’ll look really cute while carrying it, too.

19. Hide N Side Kids Play Tunnels

For Ages 1-4
Why it made the list These colorful tunnels develop arm and leg muscles and are suitable for indoor or outdoor play.

Little girls will enjoy crawling through these brightly colored tunnels as they develop their gross motor and sensory processing skills. It’s also designed for imaginative play as toddlers can play pretend while crawling inside.

If you have pets, they will love crawling around inside these tunnels, too. The tunnels are large enough to fit multiple kids in, but make sure they don’t crawl too fast or they might bump into each other.

The tunnels are made from see-through mesh polyester material so you can always keep an eye on your little girl while she’s inside. The tunnels are easily foldable and packable for easy storage and portability.

You can set them up indoors or outdoors, but we recommend setting them up on softer surfaces since the material is quite thin.

20. Play-Doh

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list It’s Play-Doh. It’s been around for generations, it’s the most trusted brand in kids’ clay, and they sell 100 million cans each year.

Sculpting with clay (though they use the term “modeling compound” now) is one of the best activities for 2-year olds to develop their creativity. They will get busy thinking and deciding on the almost endless possibilities of objects to create. It will also develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and finger muscles as they touch, feel and form shapes with their hands. It’s also irresistible to adults, and parents will almost certainly sit down and join their daughters as they play.

This pack comes with ten commonly used colors. Play-Doh is made from non-toxic, non-irritating material, but the manufacturers warn that it contains wheat, so keep that in mind in case your little girl is allergic.

Wrapping Up

We love every single one of these twenty age-appropriate toys which combine development, safety, durability, and value. No matter your little angel’s interests, we’re sure that there’s a toy here that both of you will love too. Have fun playing with your little girl!