10 Best Toy Police Cars 2024

Police cars are ground vehicles that police officers use for patrols and to enable them to do their jobs efficiently. Children are attracted to wheels and things that roll, including police cars. Many parents choose to start talking to their kids about the police and their role in society at an early age.

A child’s fascination with the police is usually not about civics but about the flashing sirens, the uniforms, logos, cool cars, as well as the job of saving the world. These factors spark imagination, creativity, and mental development. They also set the stage for a healthier understanding of work, ethics, and life in general. This buyer’s guide is a review of the best toy police cars available right now.

Three Reasons Toy Police Cars Are Cool

Quoting the Encylopedia Britannica, the “Police typically are responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law, and preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities." Some parents have reservations about getting their kids toy police cars, while others believe Police officers can be role models for children, especially those who do not have many positive role models in their lives.

You may be cynical of children’s view of the police as heroes but just remember that those heroic ideas can help set them up to be valuable members of society when they grow up.  Thus, letting them play with police toys can help position them to become altruistic law abiding citizens. Below are three benefits of police toys for children.

The Police Save Lives for a Living

Do you want to raise kids who don’t turn a blind eye to other people’s suffering or do you want to raise children who have the courage to offer help to strangers in need? Do you want to raise kids that believe they have a responsibility to intervene in critical situations? Playing with toys like the LEGO City Police Patrol Car 60239 Building Kit can help children develop the problem-solver mindset.

The Police Keep Us Safe

The police make plenty of arrests every day. While some people may hate them for it, the truth is that many such arrests are often a blessing in disguise. Consider a drug bust that leads to addicts being sent to rehabs. Or a domestic abuse arrest that saves a family.

Kids who admire the police are very likely to grow up to become some form of change agents themselves. Why not empower your child with his or her own Liberty Imports Friction Powered Police Car to start ‘patrolling the streets’ today?

The Police Are a Tight-Knit Family

“Esprit de corps" is a latent force in the police force. When children pay attention to the cops’ way of life, they have the exposure to imbibe in the spirit of teamwork, solidarity, and loyalty to family, group, coworkers, teams, and causes.

Teamwork is a valuable skill that inspires devotion, enthusiasm and honor. The JOYIN 4 Pack Friction Powered City Hero Play Set is a great toy that can introduce children to the importance of teamwork delivered in the form of inter-agency collaboration.

Now that we’ve agreed that police toys are cool, let’s check out ten of the best toy police cars you can get your kid today.

Top 10 Best Toy Police Cars 2024

1. Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car

For Ages 3-10
Why it made the list The remote controls have different frequencies allowing both cars to be raced at once.

Little siblings often engage each other in screaming matches over whose turn it is to play with toys. The Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car comes with two remote-controlled police cars that siblings can play together. So, instead of screaming matches, you get collaboration and teamwork.

Racing remote-controlled vehicles at the same time often comes with frequency interference challenges. This toy police car set has overcome this problem because each of the remote controls comes with different frequencies allowing simultaneous racing. With a radio range of up to 20 feet, the signal is still strong enough that kids have some room to race.

The Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car may not have ultra-realistic police car decals like many other toys in this buyer’s guide, but it has an adorable design and many great features. Prextex made these toys for children between three and ten-years-old, so they come in bold, eye-catching colors. The set is made with premium quality durable plastic, including the removable police and race driver figurines.

The pieces are chunky, making them suitable for tiny hands. The chunky size also helps prevent choking hazards. The cars have child-friendly features such as police sirens, honking sounds, music, flashing headlights, and racing sounds to entertain and excite children’s imagination.

While kids are entertained by the fun sounds, unfortunately, there’s no option for reducing the volume or shutting off the sound effects.

The second and final letdown about this toy is the number of batteries required to run the set. Each of the two cars run on three AA batteries, two AA batteries for each of the remotes, making a total of 10AA batteries. Considering the remote’s long signal range, the flashing siren and sounds, it’s not surprising that this set requires this many batteries.

Even with the sound effects and battery issues, the Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car enjoys wide popularity. The tough plastic material means the cars can survive minor collisions and falls from tabletops.

Even the antennas sticking out of the rear of the cars are covered in flexible rubber. Kids often pick up the cars by grabbing the antennas, but the rubberized material keep them undamaged. The steering wheel-shaped remote control makes it very easy for kids to operate, although it can also be a bit challenging for some users since there are only two buttons in it.

These two buttons comprise all the control functions for the cars. With only buttons for moving the cars forward and turning them in cycles, there are no controls for making the cars turn left or right or go in reverse. The upside is that this arrangement will encourage kids to be creative as the cars will need to be maneuvered using 3-point turns to make them go in a specific direction. When kids get the hang of it, their confidence grows.

You can trust children to come up with ingenious ways of playing. We’ve seen children spin the cars on their sides using the “spin” button on the remote. If you’re looking for cute toy police cars that will keep siblings occupied and entertained, the Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car is a great choice. The set comes in a beautiful boxed set.

2. PLAYMOBIL Tactical Unit Truck

For Ages 4-8
Why it made the list This tactical truck runs on just one AAA battery eliminating the need to spend a small fortune purchasing replacement batteries.

The PLAYMOBIL Tactical Unit Truck is top-notch in terms of sparking imaginations in children. This toy police truck is built to encourage role-playing as kids re-enact police scenes using realistic-looking police equipment right in the comfort of their homes. The manufacturer recommends this toy for children five-years-old and above, but we think nothing stops four-year-old kids from enjoying and learning with this set.

However, the toy comes with small pieces making them unsuitable for toddlers due to the risk of choking hazards. The box comes with descriptions written in a foreign language, which is not surprising given the origin of the Playmobil range of toys. Playmobil is a toy brand by a German company called Geobra Brandstätter with headquarters in Zirndorf. Since 1974, Playmobil toys always come in theme series’ as well as individual figurines.

The Playmobil toy series are always made with quality materials, but this toy tactical unit truck comes with even better quality. If you already have other Playmobil toys, you can spot the difference by a simple comparison. The Playmobil Tactical Unit Truck is sturdy, well-built, and comes with many features. The truck comes with realistic police lights and sirens.

The flashing sirens reflecting on the black-painted tactical unit truck creates a fantastic scene. The truck even has suspension on the rear axles, which allows the vehicle to handle better on uneven terrains. Of course, we can’t have the bad guys escape through the garden just because the police vehicle might get stuck in the mud. Besides, the trailer hitch and front winch are there to pull the truck out of trouble.

The removable police officer figurines measuring 2.95 inches in height are also well-made as well as well-equipped. The figurines can firmly hold equipment like handguns, rifles, riot shields, bullhorns, and the trailer hitch in front of the truck. The roof of the truck is removable, revealing seating accommodation for two police figurines.

The cab window can also be opened, allowing the driver to join in the ground action. The truck’s left and right side doors can also be opened on a hinge coupled with stairs to give the crime fighters easy access to and from the tactical truck. The truck’s rear has fold-down stairs giving access to the storage space for the unit’s crime-fighting gear.

This toy is versatile. You can combine other Playmobil tactical police sets with it to expand the crime-fighting story. You can start the expansion by attaching the Playmobil amphibious truck (sold separately) using the trailer hitch and pull the boat from the water using the included front cable winch.

The Playmobil Tactical Unit Truck kit includes one tactical truck, three figurines, a satellite dish, video camera, handcuffs, megaphone, fire axe, two rifles, two handguns, riot shield, and other accessories. This tactical truck runs on just one AAA battery eliminating the need to spend a small fortune purchasing replacement batteries.

Although the kit comes with three figurines, the truck has space for more. You can expand the crime-fighting team by adding extra SWAT officers (sold separately). The truck measures 15.16 inches long, 11.18 inches wide, and 4.92 inches high.

3. FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list The toy has a fast transformation time of sixty seconds max.

If you have seen the Transformers movies, then you understand why children can’t get enough of them. The FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot is inspired by the robotic cars in the Transformers movie franchise where the cars transform into robots and back to cars. Imagine a police supercar that transforms from a ground vehicle to a menacing crime-fighting machine. That’s the concept behind the FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot.

There is plenty to like about this toy but what we like the most is the quick transformation. No one will enjoy twiddling their thumbs for an eternity waiting for the car to transform. This supercar transforms into a robot in 60 seconds, tops. You don’t have to touch it to aid or complete the transformation. Just push a button on the remote control and watch the magic happen.

The FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot is well designed, although we think Figrol could make a better replica of real-world Lamborghinis. The supercar’s alien version also sports an uncanny resemblance to the Autobots from Cybertron.

For sure, the toy looks cool with a glossy finish. It comes in four colors to choose from- blue/white, dark red, light blue, and light yellow. The electronic car features, such as the shining headlights, add to the delight of this toy. The headlight sparkle like a cat’s eye in the dark. Imagine staring into Optimus Prime’s face in pitch darkness.

The remote control looks like an alien gadget, which means it looks cool. I know I’ve used a lot of “cool” in this review but you should expect nothing less than “cool” from a Transformer police supercar. The remote is also as durable as its cool design. It has left-turn, right-turn, forward, and reverse functions, as well as the deformation control to transform the vehicle.

The remote also has a Demo button allowing you to watch what the toy can do. It requires two AA batteries. When standing in Autobot form, the machine measures 7.3 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and can rotate 360⁰. It would have been nice to pair Prime with Bumblebee, but unfortunately, you can’t race two FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot cars at once due to the 2.4 GHz frequency interference.

Kids can race this vehicle on different surfaces. With a four-wheel suspension, this car performs well on carpets as well as hard concrete. Plus, the sturdiness of the front dash ensures it can take collisions with walls and sidings without falling apart. The toy is made with ABS plastic. Another of this toy’s great features is the durable battery.

The toy comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that takes 2 hours to achieve a full charge and delivers an hour of non-stop playtime. This means there’s no need for replacement batteries for the car as 60 minutes is a lot of non-stop runtime. During regular play, the battery can last for hours on a full charge. A free USB battery charger comes in the box.

4. Top Race Remote Control Police Car

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list This supercar comes with 4D motion sensor technology allowing the car to respond to the movement of your hands.

This remote-control police car by Top Race stands out with its new-gen 4D motion gravity remote control function. We loved the FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot but complained that it lags in its resemblance to real-world Lamborghinis. Well, the Top Race Remote Control Police Car does not transform into a war robot like the FIGROL does, but it looks even better.

This toy comes with features that place it in a class of its own. Why don’t we start with the simulation steering wheel? Everything about this toy exudes premium design, including the full-featured simulation steering wheel/remote that comes in matching colors with the supercar. The remote is well-designed, with padded easy-grip handles.

This RC car has working indicators with light-up effects. It also has a push-start button to turn the car on and off. There are also button controls for the brake, horn, and power doors, plus the button to produce realistic car sounds and sirens. It also has a gear handle with which the car can be put in neutral, reverse, and drive.

Don’t be surprised if kids spend as much time with just the steering wheel/remote control as they do with the car itself. The steering wheel has a cradle attached to the bottom, allowing kids to place it on a flat surface or on the floor and comfortably control the car while sitting. The steering wheel itself produces car sounds.

What you have here is a luxury toy supercar that allows you to use it luxuriously without forgetting you’re a crime fighter. It comes with a different type of remote control function. The 4D motion sensor technology enables the car to respond to the movement of your hands. 4D motion sensor is a powerful compact new-age technology capable of capturing any motion anywhere.

The 4D motion sensor technology enables the Top Race Remote Control Police Car to be set in one of two driving modes; mid-air steering and tabletop steering. You can guide the car by holding the steering wheel in mid-air or place the steering wheel on the floor or tabletop for a more real-world driving simulation.

Judging by the high-tech of this toy police supercar, we were rather surprised that the remote transmits the typical 2.4 GHz, which means there’s a risk of frequency interference with similar toys and gadgets. Kids won’t mind, though. This toy is so cool that children won’t mind being lone rangers. Besides, the car is fast, as fast as you can expect from a supercar built for police work.

The vehicle comes in a large 1:12 scale, with dimensions measuring 12.01 inches long, 2.99 inches wide, and 5.98 inches high. The car also comes with working Lamborghini signature scissor doors. Use the remote to open the powered door and you can access the car’s interior.

The blinkers on the cars work, so do the sirens and headlights. The car is built with thermoplastic rubber (TPR), giving it considerable strength to bash against walls and furniture without breaking. If you prefer rechargeable batteries, then we have a bit of bad news for you.

The Top Race Remote Control Police Car runs on five AA batteries (which aren’t included), while the remote requires separate three AA batteries (also not included), making a total of eight batteries to run this toy. If you’re wondering about the longevity of the batteries, we recommend Duracell AA batteries for the longest battery life.

5. Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This truck is built with high-quality crash-resistant plastic.

The thing about fighting crime is that there is no telling where the “roaches” will flee to. For those times when the bad guys flee to the deserts and other off-road terrains, budding crime fighters are ready to go after the bad guys with the Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck.

No one wants to mess with a cop driving a monster truck. This is the kind of toy active kids are attracted to. Offering a monster truck in the form of a police vehicle is an opportunity to blend manliness with civic responsibility. This truck is remote controlled, allowing kids to build concentration and motor skills.

With no small parts and an easy-to-use remote control, the toy is suitable for children 3-years-old and above. While kids will consider it a letdown that the Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck does not come with the typical police siren and motor sounds features, adults are probably relieved to know that kids can race the truck around the house without disturbing the peace. The irony.

This monster police truck does not honk or play the siren sound, but it does have flashing siren lights. This arrangement could be good or bad, depending on who you ask. If the absence of siren and revving sounds is a deal-breaker for you, then go for the FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot.

The Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck is built with high-quality, durable, and crash-resistant plastic that has been lab-tested for child safety. This is an important feature in a remote-controlled racing toy for children as young as 3-years-old. Crashes and collisions with walls and furniture are nearly unavoidable, so sturdiness is probably the only thing standing between the adult and a sad 3-year-old.

Measuring three inches long, four inches wide, two inches high, and weighing four ounces, older kids can also enjoy racing this monster truck. The vehicle sports a realistic monster truck design complete with intricate detailing. The rubber tires with front and rear suspension promote the truck’s off-road construction. It’s fast too. The truck can reach a top speed of 10 mph.

The remote control is fully-functional, meaning that you can execute all the truck’s functions with it, including forward, reverse, left, and right turns. The remote has about 30 feet signal range, better than the Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car’s remote control signal range. The toy comes in a beautiful window box packaging, making it gift-ready as a birthday or holiday gift. The toy runs on four 1.5V AA batteries, which aren’t included, but you can get a good deal here.

6. JOYIN 4 Pack Friction Powered City Hero Play Set

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list These emergency vehicles are friction powered, removing the need for constantly changing batteries.

Are you looking for a toy with plenty of entertainment potential but can also teach children the importance of collaboration and teamwork? We quickly recommend the JOYIN 4 Pack Friction Powered City Hero Play Set. The various vehicles in the pack mean that just one child or siblings can play together without waiting for turns or quarreling over who gets to play with the toy.

This toy is also a money saver since parents can just buy one pack of 4 vehicles for multiple kids to play with. As the name of this toy implies, these vehicles are friction powered, meaning that they are built with a mechanism consisting of a large flywheel connected to the drive wheels. This is a simple mechanism that allows the vehicles to be launched by a gentle push.

Kids can also make the vehicles go faster by pushing the vehicle forward repeatedly, which spins the flywheel up to speed. The flywheel connects to the drive wheel through a low-gear ratio, which explains why the flywheel turns faster.  Friction powered toy vehicles such as the ones in the JOYIN City Hero Play Set can go forward as well as in reverse.

The Joyin 4-pack kit includes a fire engine truck, an ambulance, a police car, and an emergency helicopter. With this set, kids are reinforced with the concept and value of inter-agency collaboration. It’s a highly imaginative set teaching kids that heroes come in different shapes and colors, and that they all have vital jobs and responsibilities.

We’re disappointed that all the emergency vehicles that come in this set have similar siren sounds. For a set like this, unique ambulance sirens that differ from that of the police and the firefighters would have offered a better learning experience. Other than that, all the emergency vehicles in this kit have working lights and sounds.

The ambulance comes with operable doors that the future medics can open and close to transport the wounded. The toys have great detailing, down to the logos and chosen fonts for the graphics. The emergency helicopter comes with a rotatable propeller plus a working hoist cable to lift the critically wounded on a stretcher.

What you have here is a pack of toy vehicles to encourage role-play, spark imagination, and educate children. The wheels on these vehicles grip the floor firmly, allowing them to roll forward with a gentle push. The sirens can be turned off and on via a push button as well as the helicopter propellers. Since the vehicles are friction-powered, they work better on smooth surfaces. A gentle push can propel them forward at long distances.

The fire engine comes with a flexible and rotatable water pump, engaging kids in a more realistic role-play. The police cruiser also has operable doors allowing kids to transport the bad guys they caught to the station. The antenna on the rear of the police car simulates real-world police antennas, swinging from side to side.

All the vehicles are well-built and durable, but you want to avoid kids dropping them from too far distances. With a 1:20 model scale, the vehicles are large, even larger than the Liberty Imports Friction Powered Police Car. Since the vehicles are friction-powered, you are spared the headache of replacement batteries. We think this pack of four provides a better learning experience for children, but you can [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W412SR3″]buy the police car only[/amazon] if you prefer.

7. LEGO City Police Patrol Car Building Kit

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list This LEGO set is compatible with other LEGO sets.

Well, it’s a LEGO. Need we say more? This LEGO City Police Patrol Car is a 92-Piece set allowing children to not only patrol the streets with a police cruiser provided but to also build the car themselves from start to finish. This toy offers a lot of fun and also engages kids in the use of their hands, eyes, and mind.

If you liked the LEGO Speed Champions range, then you will like the LEGO City Police Patrol Car 60239 Building Kit even better because this police car looks and feels like an improvement on the design of the Champion series. This 92-piece set includes traffic cones to help the police officer direct or re-direct traffic.

This is an excellent toy set to help kids stretch their imaginations and develop problem-solving skills. Every day is never the same in a cop’s life and there is no telling the challenges that each day will bring. Therefore, there is no telling what road traffic issues the budding cop will need to solve with his or her LEGO City Police Patrol Car and traffic cones each day.

Since this car is a LEGO building set, there is none of the typical flashing lights or police siren sounds. The focus of this toy is to build creativity, imagination, motor skills, as well as entertain children and encourage their fascination with police work. This 92-piece LEGO set is versatile, allowing them to be combined with other LEGO CITY sets such as the [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KKTN9J4″]LEGO CITY Mobile Command Center Truck[/amazon] and the [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GW2L164″]LEGO CITY Fire Station[/amazon].

Expanding this set with other LEGO sets will bring the LEGO city alive, allowing kids to stretch their imagination even further as they create expanded scenes requiring them to maneuver the police patrol car through overturned trucks and other traffic challenges. LEGO has already made a lot of vehicles, so it is refreshing to have a police patrol car for a change.

This kit also comes with a removable policeman figure that looks no different from a standard LEGO figurine, except he has a cocked brow. It’s obviously the officer’s job to drive the car as well as place the cones on the streets. The roof of the car is removable and there are two traffic cones in the kit. For fans of LEGO bricks and police toys, this is an affordable blend of both worlds. The toy patrol car measures over 1-inch (4cm) high, 4-inch (12cm) long and 1-inch (5cm) wide, and weighs 0.15 grams.

8. Liberty Imports Friction Powered Police Car

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The flashing lights and siren sounds can be turned on and off.

The Liberty Imports Friction Powered Police Car is another push-and-go toy police car on our list but with its own distinct features. This car is modeled after the Ford Taurus Police Interceptor sedan. It has operable doors that open and close just like the doors of the JOYIN 4 Pack Friction Powered City Hero Play Set emergency vehicles.

The front door windows of this police car are wound down, allowing kids to see the detailed interior as they play with the car. The car is large, measuring an impressive 1:16 scale. The chunky size makes this toy safe for toddlers to play with without the risk of choking hazards. The car is as lightweight as it is chunky, making it easy for little hands to handle and maneuver. It has dimensions measuring 11.5 inches long, six inches wide, 5.5 inches high, and weighing 9.9 ounce.

This is a friction powered police car, so there is no need to worry about batteries. The Police Interceptor is a special vehicle, so a child should be proud to own one. Here’s a fun fact; the Ford Interceptor models are modified so that it can pass a 75-mile-per-hour rear-crash impact. According to Ford, no other vehicle in the world has this capacity.

Pushing the vehicle forward repeatedly, which spins the flywheel up to speed, will make it go really fast. With its admirable friction power and no need for batteries, this is an excellent toy police car. In addition to the chunky size and lightweight quality, the Liberty Imports Friction Powered Police Car also has flashing headlights, flashing sirens, and a working horn.

The push-buttons for the ignition sound, siren, honk, and reverse control is conveniently accessible on the roof of the car. The car does not actually go in reverse, but it simulates realistic reverse sounds. The option to turn the sounds and flashing lights on and off means that the car can be raced around the house with none of the noise.

The option to turn off the lights and siren sounds also prolongs the lifespan of the dedicated batteries. Batteries to power the flashing lights and fun sounds are built-in and rechargeable, meaning you don’t need to buy any. The car is built with non-toxic plastic that is safe for your child’s health. It comes with a realistic police car design, finished with authentic-looking decals and stickers.

9. JOYIN Die-Cast Police Patrol Rescue Truck

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This set comes with ten different types of police vehicles. They do not require batteries.

The JOYIN 10 in 1 Die-cast Police Patrol Rescue Truck is a big one. This is a toy carrier truck that calls to mind a toy police version of a mother ship. It’s the toy police transporter truck version of an aircraft carrier. What you have here is a large-size truck designed as a repository for ten different types of law enforcement vehicles, all included.

It’s safe to say that this toy is a collector’s dream. No sibling bickering over who gets to play with the toy. The set has plenty to engage multiple children at a time. The different types of vehicles, figures, and accessories that make up this set will inspire unique crime-fighting stories every day.

Unlike the JOYIN 4 Pack Friction Powered City Hero Play Set that comes with inter-agency emergency vehicles including firefighters, police, medic, and helicopter, this JOYIN police patrol super-truck ferries only multiple purpose police vehicles. Even so, this set can still teach children about teamwork and collaboration.

The super truck can be used as a standalone toy, as well as in combination with the other police vehicles that come with it including SWAT armored truck, pickup truck, helicopter, ambulance, patrol van, crane truck, heavy-duty tow truck, patrol SUV, Humvee, and patrol sedan. Wherever children’s imagination takes them, there’s a police vehicle here to drive the story.

The front of the carrier truck can be flipped down and converted to a ramp. The accompanying police cars neatly stored within the carrier will ‘shoot out’ via the ramp and drive off when kids press the lever at the truck’s side. The storage racks on the sides of the super truck come with flip lids that open and close.

If you’re worried about how many batteries are required to run this many vehicles, you have no need to worry. The police cars are friction powered, which means they are totally push powered. The super truck measures 13.75 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and six inches high. In addition to the carrier truck and accompanying police vehicles are figures of armed policemen, each measuring 2-inch tall and 0.98 inches wide.

Unlike the others on our list, these vehicles are made of metal instead of plastic. They are 1:64 scale die-cast models, some with plastic fairings. Another good thing about the carrier truck with its flip lids is that it can also serve as a neat storage case for the toys. The thing even looks good as a tabletop display.

All the vehicles are well-detailed so that they look like the real thing. They are all finished with the police blue, white, and black color scheme, although you might notice that the carrier truck has slightly better quality than the rest of the vehicles.

The set is good to be played with on different surfaces, including sand and grass. The manufacturer assures that these toys are made with non-toxic materials making them completely safe for children. With this much variety and different modes of operation, the JOYIN 10-in-1 Die-cast Police Patrol Rescue Truck provides a great learning and entertainment experience for children.

10. Lil' Rider Ride on Police Wiggle Car

For Ages 2-6
Why it made the list The wheels of this wiggle car are made with tough plastic suitable for the outdoors.

The Lil’ Rider Ride on Police Wiggle Car is a special kind of toy vehicle. This toy police car is largely unique from the others in this buyer’s guide. For starters, it is a ride-on toy. But it does not require batteries, electricity, or a push to run. All that this wiggle car needs to drive is the driver’s energy, a mechanic that combines the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction.

The wiggling and twisting motions employ the whole body in active movement that build the muscles, coordination, cardiovascular system, and more. The wiggle car is an engineering marvel that brings a simple concept to life. It is identical to plasma cars except that plasma cars have softer wheels making them better for indoor use because they won’t damage the floor. However, wiggle cars are built with harder plastic wheels, making them a better alternative to plasma cars for outdoor use.

If you’d like a wiggle car for mostly indoor play, a plasma car version might be your best bet. But the tougher plastic wheels of this wiggle car also make them go faster than plasma versions and you know that speed is half the fun. Whether the child is male or female, the Lil’ Rider Ride on Police Wiggle Car is perfect for them. You can actually get them in 10 attractive colors, including this police blue with police graphics and detailing.

It is built with super durable, non-toxic phthalates-free plastic and metal. Even children who aren’t particularly active kids will find the Lil’ Rider Ride on Police Wiggle Car to be a lot of fun. The car comes with an advertised max load capacity of 150 lbs. Take note that this fantastic ride-on toy has many counterfeits. Always look for the Lil’ Rider logo when buying one.

This car has dimensions measuring 30 inches long, 13.5 inches wide, and 16 inches high. It comes to you ready to go with no assembly or installations required. Since this car is neither battery nor electric powered, what you will get instead of the typical police sirens, sounds, and flashing lights is the rider’s hooting and whooping.

There is nothing complicated about operating the car, just climb on and wiggle along. Its plastic wheels allow the car to roll quietly since there are no gears, pedals, or engines involved. All the car needs is your energy and a smooth flat surface. If you’re looking for an inexpensive ride-on car to encourage an active lifestyle, this Lil’ Rider is a perfect fit. When small children are riding this car, adult supervision is recommended.

Now, It’s Time to Catch Some Bad Guys

What if your child tells you that he or she wants to be a cop when they grow up? As recently as 2018, a survey conducted by Fatherly.com and New York Life found that being a police officer was the third most-desired career for children. If your child is is interested in the police, getting them police toys such as toy cars can help set them on the right course.

But even if they do not intend to become police officers themselves, police toys like the LEGO City Police Patrol Car 60239 Building Kit and the others in our best 10 list are a great source of learning and inspiration for children, helping them to build physical fitness and develop problem-solving skills. So, go ahead and get the kid a toy to outsmart and catch the bad guys.