10 Best Swords and Shields for Kids 2024

Toy weapons often present an ethical dilemma for parents. But used safely, swords and shields can be a great way for children to engage in fantasy play. This is especially true of the foam variety, which look realistic for play but are soft and flexible enough to prevent injuries.

For fans of sword-wielding superheroes such as Wonder Woman and Deadpool, foam sword toys can be a safe, fun, and affordable outlet for their imaginations. So, check out our unbiased review of the best swords and shields you can get today.

What to Look for When Shopping for Sword and Shield Toys

While some of the products on our list include both swords and shields, it’s usually swords that are most responsible for sparking excitement in kids. As such, the type of sword included can be a solid starting point on your quest for the best.

Nerf Brand Swords

Nerf foam swords are the most popular variety. In fact, you may even use the word ‘Nerf’ as a catch-all term for foam sword toys. Unfortunately, the Nerf N-Force sword series was discontinued in 2019. The Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy Sword is still available though, so if you’re interested in Nerf specifically, you better be quick on the draw and get yours before they’re all gone.

Rapier Swords

Rapier swords are known for their slender, sharp-pointed double-edge blade. They were popular in 16th and 17th century Western Europe and were kept for both civilian and military use. A rapier is mostly used for thrusting because they are lightweight and very sharp, with a hilt to protect the hand of the one wielding it.

If you want to spark a child’s interest in professional fencing, a rapier such as the Skeleteen Ninja Weapons Toy Set is a fitting choice for you. Fencing is a fantastic sport with many benefits such as improved coordination, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular strength, and gross motor skills.


Perhaps not swords in the strictest sense, foam lightsabers are another great option for little sword lovers. The Set of 6 Pool Noodles Foam Light Sabre Toy Swords is one of the best options available—the blade is made of pool noodles foam, so you need not worry about your little man chasing after Jack the nosy cat.

Light up Swords

In addition to the foam swords mentioned above, our list also includes some fun light-up sword varieties, perfect for dazzling night-time duels. Just bear in mind, these swords are not constructed from foam (usually a soft plastic) and as such, they may be more dangerous. If your little one is particularly unruly, we’d suggest sticking with our foam picks until they’re a little older.

Now, without further ado—here’s our top 10 list for the best swords and shields for kids.

Top 10 Best Swords and Shields for Kids 2024

1. Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy Sword

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list This sword comes with a plastic core and foam shell that makes it both sturdy and child-safe.

Product Review:

For Nerf fans who are convinced that it’s Nerf or nothing, the Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy Sword will make you happy. Nerf swords provide kids with a safe way to cross swords without hurting each other.  This lone sword might be just what your child needs to fend off zombie hordes, defend the city of Rome, or save the princess from the evil castle.

Measuring 32 inches long, the Vantage Nerf N-Force is rugged and durable. It comes with a plastic core covered in durable Nerf foam. This gives the sword a realistic feel and great durability, while still safe for kids to whack each other. Kids will love the fact that the sword feels solid in their hands and yet delivers painless blows. The sword weighs 13.6 ounces.

It’s advisable to quit using the sword if the core gets exposed, although that should only happen after long periods of heavy use. It doesn’t come with a shield, so you’ll have to buy one separately if you’re looking for a more complete playset. We recommend the round-shaped Liontouch 50002LT Viking Foam Toy Shield for Kids or the [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0017X1RE2″]Liontouch 113LT Medieval Noble Knight Shield[/amazon]. Both shields are made of foam, sport a medieval design, and come with the perfect size and weight for kids.

The Nerf N-Force is fitted with a modern grip stylized in black and blue colors. It’s quite a beautiful sword and can engage your child’s imagination without burning a hole in your purse or wallet, whether it is paired with a shield or not.

This toy sword will come in handy for pretend play, both indoors and outdoors. It will also make a fantastic prop for stage plays, school plays, costume parties, and so on. The Vantage Nerf N-Force toy sword is recommended for ages six years and up.

2. Liberty Imports Dual Foam Sword and Shield Playset

For Ages 3-12
Why it made the list The swords and shields are of excellent quality, lightweight, and safe for kids.

Product Review:

You can trust the reliability of the children’s toys offered by Liberty Imports. The company has been in the toy business since 1983 and has built a name for itself by delivering high-quality products and services.

When it comes to swordplay, it takes two to tango, which is why it’s great that this set comes with two swords and two shields. The set comes with everything your child needs to have fun with their friends and siblings.

We like that there is a pair of shields for each pair of swords in this playset. It reinforces the lesson of equality and fair play as each little warrior and their opponent is armed with a sword and a protective shield, too.

Just bear in mind that the swords in this set are more fitting for Frodo Baggins than for Aragorn. By that, we mean that these are pretty short swords, but appropriate for the age group they are made for.

Each sword is 16 inches long and weighs just 5.6 ounces; that’s lightweight enough for kids to swing with ease. The shields are 9.5 inches wide and 11.6 inches long. The shield’s compact dimensions make them easy for young ones to bear. They also come with adjustable Velcro straps on the back, which allows kids to strap the shields to their arms.

Kids can also use the adjustable Velcro strap to hold the swords if they want. This compact-sized playset won’t take up much storage space. The playset is suitable for kids who are three to twelve-years-old. The swords and shields are stylized with colorful decals such as a coat of arms on each shield. The realistic detailing enhances the set’s imaginative attributes.

Both swords come with different designs; one looks like a ninja sword, while the other looks like a Renaissance sword or Talwar sword with curvatures. One kid could pick the first sword and be a stealthy ninja, while his sibling plays a scary pirate with the Talwar. The coat of arms on one shield bears an image of a grey lion, while the other has an image of a red dragon.

You never have to worry about children getting hurt by these toy weapons. The swords are made of thin layered felt material that makes them soft and safe for kids. The foam on these swords is firm, but not so hard that it hurts children with normal play. The Liberty Imports Dual Foam Sword and Shield Playset are made with 100% safe and non-toxic materials that fully conform to ASTM F963-17 toy safety requirements.

3. Super Z Foam Prince Sword Toy Set

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list The multi-colored sword handles make it easy for kids to group themselves in teams during pretend play.

Product Review:

The Super Z Outlet 16″ Foam Prince Sword Toy Set is just what your kids need to defend the princess’s honor and fight the king’s battles. Imagine a birthday or costume party where all the girls have got their magic wands and tiaras, and the boys are left with nothing to fend off the dragons just waiting to cart the princesses away. You could even the odds by bringing home this set of six medieval-style 16-inch swords.

The swords come with blue and red handles. They are 17 inches long from handle to blade tip and weigh 3.2 ounces each. At 17 inches, the risk of kids knocking and breaking things when they swing the swords is near-non-existent.

Three of the swords have blue/yellow handles, while the other three come in red with blue covered handles. Both the swords’ grey-colored 16-inch blades and handles are made of foam, so there is no chance of kids getting hurt while playing with them.

The multi-colored sword handles enhance the swords’ beauty as well as make it easy for kids to divide themselves up into teams and legions during pretend play. Just because the swords are made of foam, this doesn’t make them floppy. The foam is firm, sturdy, and durable while still soft enough to be completely safe for kids.

With this many swords in one pack, parents are likely to be summoned to help fight the dragons and the witches riding them; or join the Roman legion to fight whatever epic battles the kids can imagine, so prepare yourself. Bottom of Form

4. Super Z Assorted Foam Toy Swords

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list An excellent variety pack of swords, to suit the changing tastes of little ones.

Product Review:

Looking for a sword set that comes with a wide range of sword types? What we have here are eight different types of foam swords in one pack, all of which differ from each other in design and sword length.

The swords come in different stimulating colors, too. The different sword colors include red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, and grey. There’s something here for every age range.

You can get all eight swords in this pack from Liberty Imports but with four shields included at a marginally higher price. You can also get the same eight swords from OUFOTAT, but with just two shields included, and at a slightly higher price than this set.

The different types of foam swords that come in this set include a pirate scimitar, ninja sword, warrior sword, Viking sword, samurai katana, and more.

Some of the included swords in this set have already been reviewed separately in this buyer’s guide, but this pack gives shoppers the option of ordering as many of them in one pack and at a bargain price. Get all the swords and kids will put them to work at birthday parties, beach parties, school plays, backyard parties, as well as swordfights with friends and siblings.

All of the eight swords are made with thin layered felt material so they are completely safe for sword fighting games at home.

They’re lightweight swords with an average weight of 5.6 ounces each, and 15 to 17 inches in length. The sizes and weight are comfortable for tiny wrists.

5. Starlux Games Glow-in-the-Dark Foam Swords

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list This is an action-packed sword fighting game that promotes family bonding and social interaction.

Product Review:

The Starlux: Ninja Game with Glow-in-The-Dark Foam Swords is an electronic sword fighting game, but the rules of engagement are very distinct from the Dojo Battle Electronic Battling Game that also made our list.

This Starlux glow-in-the-dark ninja game is suitable for players aged eight years and up. It is designed to lure friends and family members outside for hours of adrenaline-pumping, mind-racing sword fighting games. Even the neighbors will want to join in the fun, too.

So, what exactly is the Starlux: Ninja Game with Glow-in-The-Dark Foam Swords? It’s an organized ninja sword fighting playset that’s best enjoyed as the sun goes down. The package contains eight glowing game pieces that include four light-up katana swords and four Dojo markers, as well as glowing bracelets for the players to wear.

The game is played with two teams of players battling each other with glowing swords. Each team/player first takes up a position in their respective Dojo (home base), from where the epic battle begins—medieval style. When a player gets hit, they return to their home base where they change their glowing katana to flash mode. This lets the other players know that you’ve got just one “life” left. A second hit eliminates the player.

The battle continues this way until just one player is left standing. It’s a simple concept that promises a lot of cardio-fun for the whole family. The set comes with downloadable bonus games for customers to explore. It also includes a stack of different cards with instructions for a variety of games. These extra game variations ensure the excitement remains fresh for longer.

If you’re looking for toys that parents and adults won’t feel awkward to play with the kids, this is what you’re looking for. The Starlux ninja game can be played by two to twenty players depending on the chosen variations.

The game pieces are not waterproof, so playing the Starlux Battle in the rain is out of the question. You can battle it out indoors, but the game is best experienced outdoors with lots of space and fresh air. They run on five cell batteries (three G13A batteries for the swords, and two CR732 batteries for the bracelets), which are included and replaceable.

The swords are child-friendly as they are made of foam with a durable external shell. Even with all the fun and physical exercise that this playset offers, the best part is the family and communal bonding that comes as a result.Bottom of Form

6. Liberty Imports Foam Light Saber Toy Swords

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list These swords are made with pool noodles foam from tip to hilt.

Product Review:

One of the greatest objects of fascination in the Star Wars films is the lightsabers. Without the lightsabers, the series would lose much of its glow, so to speak. Kids are fascinated by the sabers, and will not pass up the chance to have their own laser sword just like a proper Jedi should.

If your kids are Star Wars fans, and you are looking for lightsabers that do not require batteries, this Set of 6 Pool Noodles Foam Light Sabre Toy Swords by Liberty Imports might be your best alternative.

These swords are not battery-powered and therefore do not have LED light-up functions. However, the colorful noodle foams come with bright colors that mimic the glow-in-the-dark feature. If you prefer proper LED light-up swords, go for the JOYIN 2-in-1 LED Light Up Saber, or the JOYIN 2 Deluxe Ninja LED Light Up Swords.

This set of six foam lightsabers may not have built-in LED lighting, but it is a very safe alternative for the young ones as it is made of pool noodle foam. This hollow cylindrical polyethylene foam material is the same buoyant material that buoys people in the water. The material is non-toxic and is ASTM-tested and certified.

It comes with polyurethane plastic tubing of about 3/4 of the sword’s length, which promotes the sturdiness of the swords. While polyurethane and polyethylene are of the same plastics family, they differ in properties, making them the perfect combination for a sturdy toy.

The swords are hard but do not hurt when a child is whacked with them. Each sword weighs 8.8 ounces. It is suitable for kids three-years-old and up, and the sword from tip to the hilt is made of the same soft foam. Nothing should stop parents and their kids from whacking each other with these, whether they are playing ninja, Vikings, or brave knights.

All six swords in the package come in two vibrant colors; three red swords and three blue swords. This can make it easy for kids to divide themselves into teams identifiable by color. The swords are 29 inches tall from hilt to blade tip.

These foam swords are great for outdoor and indoor use. The foam material will not be easily damaged by water. As there are no batteries required, the swords can even be used for swimming pool sword fights without worrying about them getting ruined.

With six swords in one pack, kids can invite their friends and siblings to play warrior games, not to mention that it is a money-saver for parents.

7. Dojo Battle Electronic Battling Game

For Ages 8-10
Why it made the list This electronic sword fighting game uses a patented Smart Strike Technology that automatically detects and scores hits from Dojo Battle swords.

Product Review:

For the ultimate hi-tech ninja swordfight experience, go for the Dojo Battle Electronic Battling Game. Dojo Battle is an action-packed electronic game that lets kids fight like a modern-day ninja. What does a modern ninja fight like? The answer to that question is best experienced with the Dojo Battle Electronic Battling Game.

This electronic sword fighting game uses a patented Smart Strike Technology that automatically detects and scores hits from Dojo Battle swords. The technology is designed to ignore hits from other sources such as arms, legs, or even other weapons that may come with the Dojo Battle set.

The Smart Strike Technology is a brilliant system that also ensures kids don’t get carried away by the excitement of the game and forget the rules that keep everyone safe. It’s important to teach kids not to aim their sword strikes at their opponent’s face. The chest piece is a good target for the playful strikes.

Other than the pair of disc-shaped sensors that attach to the chest pieces, the Dojo battle does not come with a separate device to power the weapons. The technology is built into the pair of swords and chest pieces that come in the box.

It requires six AAA batteries, which aren’t included, so customers have to order separate packs of long-lasting AAA batteries. The swords and shields sync together, allowing multiple players to enjoy the game simultaneously. Up to 12 Dojo players can battle at once, although it comes with two swords and two chest pieces in one box.

The Dojo Battle Electronic Battling Game can be played in multiple modes for enhanced entertainment and sensory stimulation. Players will have to get three hits in Mode 1 to win; six hits in Mode 2. The “loser” has to push a reset button to continue playing, though. This is one area in need of improvement, as the winner, too, has to “hit” themselves once or twice, depending on which mode they are on, to reset the game.

The chest pieces come with authentic battle sounds and light-up features that are triggered during play. Players can choose which Dojo they belong to by picking a chest piece color. Unlike some motion-activated swords that trigger battle sounds in reaction to movements, the Dojo chest pieces make battle sounds only when they detect a hit from the Dojo swords.

The Dojo Battle delivers a pretend sword fighting experience that is on another level. It is suitable for older kids, and the manufacturer recommends the battle game for eight to ten-year-olds. Still, we find that even adults can play the Dojo since it has long nylon straps that can be adjusted in two places to fit different body sizes.

8. JOYIN 2 Deluxe Ninja LED Light up Swords

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This sword set comes with motion-activated sound effects that can be turned on and off.

Product Review:

This is another light-up sword by JOYIN. The JOYIN 2 Deluxe Ninja LED Light Up Swords is distinct from the JOYIN 2-in-1 LED Light Up Saber even though both models come with motion-activated sounds and LED light effects.

Unlike the JOYIN lightsaber that can be joined together to form one massive sword, these pairs are standalone swords that siblings and friends can use to cross swords with each other.

The first thing customers should keep in mind about this toy is the sound effects feature. We consider the sound effects feature to be both the highlight and downside of this model.

The swords make authentic clanging sounds that are sure to delight children. The clanging sound is loud, but so are battlefields, right? The thing is, the sounds are motion-activated, which means that you will hear clanging sounds with every swing of the sword. While this is rather cool for kids, we think it would have been better if it only triggered the clanging sounds on impact with the other sword.

For example, kids may be met with a heroic clanging sound just by raising the sword above their heads in a warrior pose, and this can get tiresome after a while. However, for the low price tag, it’s hard to complain. Moreover, the motion sensor can be turned on and off, news which may come with a huge sigh of relief for some parents.

The set comes with two swords to encourage kids to role-play with friends. The swords weigh 16 ounces each, which does not put a strain on a child’s wrist while still being heavy enough to remain fun and feel ‘sword-like’ in hand.

These swords are modeled after a ninja sword, so you might want to get your kid a ninja outfit for a more realistic play. For the perfect ninja outfit to go with this sword set, we highly recommend the [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075BLPK16″]Spooktacular Creations Boys Ninja Deluxe Costume for Kids[/amazon]. It’s a complete set of ninja costumes, including a pair of pretend-ninja daggers, throwing stars, and gloves.

One sword glows a blue color, while the other is a multi-color LED light-up blade. The sword handles come with detailed silver and black easy-grip design. The sounds and light-up features require two AA batteries, which are included.

9. JOYIN 2-in-1 LED Light up Saber

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The swords make authentic warrior sounds when they are swung.

Product Review:

Say hello to the JOYIN 2-in-1 LED Light Up Saber and make your little Star Wars fan very happy. Two sabers come in the box, each of them measuring 28.5 inches with the 1.5-inch handle included. The saber features an impressive design that allows the two to be joined together to form one great lightsaber. It includes a connector to link both sabers in the package.

Both sabers retain their LED light-up features, whether they are attached or detached from each other. One glows a blue color, while the other is green.

There is a built-in motion sensor that enhances the saber’s ‘cool factor’. The grip is a black and silver handle with realistic details that mimics the lightsabers we see in the movies. The saber comes with light and sound features that can be triggered with a button on the sword’s handle. You can imagine the fun of swinging the blade and getting authentic feedback of warrior fighting sounds.

The fun sounds and light-up features require six AAA batteries, which are included. Of course, six batteries feels rather excessive, and you should definitely keep extra packs of long-lasting batteries around, because kids will surely play with this lightsaber every day.

The handle features an easy-grip design that ensures the sword stays in your child’s hand. It weighs 1.15 pounds; not too light to make the mimicry too obvious, and not too heavy on a child’s hand.

10. Skeleteen Ninja Weapons Toy Set

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The weapon pieces in this set come with super-realistic detailing.

Product Review:

The Skeleteen Ninja Weapons Toy Set has enough pieces to satisfy kids that love all things ninja. The weapon pieces in this kit include a pair of sai daggers, a pair of katana swords, and a pair of shuriken stars. The pieces come with super-realistic detailing. The shuriken stars are silver-colored, just like the real thing, and so are the sword and dagger blades.

The katana swords even come with their individual sheaths, which are also stylized with realistic detailing. The swords are 15 inches tall, while the blades are 1.8 inches in diameter. They weigh just 6.38 ounces, which shouldn’t be too heavy for a child. The katana swords come with black handles with gold hilts, while the daggers come with a black handle with silver hilts.

The katana sheaths also have gold hilts that prevent the swords from losing any of their coolness, even when sheathed. The Sai daggers are 12 inches tall, while the throw stars are 3 inches. The only thing that’s left is a ninja outfit to complete the costume. Of course, kids can also have plenty of fun just using their imagination and acting out ninja moves with this set of weapons.

Would you like a fun way to get your child involved in the unique sport of professional or organized fencing? This six-piece ninja set offers a safe and realistic way for beginners to practice their sparing skills.

The Skeleteen weapons can also be paired with other sword fighting costumes such as a Deadpool costume, and other karate or samurai costumes.

Who knows if your little boy or girl is a future Olympic medallist? The included Sai daggers could be a great way to introduce kids to professional fencing moves as they look just like proper rapiers.

Skeleteen makes its products with tested materials that are non-toxic and safe for your child and family. However, this ninja weapon set is not made with the same super-soft foam as is the Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy Sword, so kids must know they shouldn’t hit their human adversaries too hard.

Now, Be Quick on the Draw

Thank you for staying with us to the end. The product list above is our top 10 best sword and shield toys available on the market. So, go ahead and shop with confidence.