10 Best Spy Gear Toys for Kids 2024

Are you raising the next James Bond or a future CIA agent? If your child loves spy movies and he or she is always sneaking around playing pranks and re-enacting secret agent roles, you might consider getting some toy spy gear to support their top-secret missions. Maybe you have no idea which toys are the best to inspire and entertain your little undercover agent, that’s okay because this article is your ultimate guide to the best spy gear toys for kids.

Not only are today’s kids prodigious with technology, but the best spy gear toys can train your child to pay attention to details and look for hidden facts. It also sparks their imagination while showing them the value of STEM knowledge. The toys reviewed in this buyer’s guide offer tremendous value for your budding Inspector Gadget.

How to Choose the Best Spy Gear Toys for Kids

There are enough spy gear toys available online to give you a lot of options. But how do you choose the best from the pile? Consider the following three factors:


Spy gadgets are bound to be “shiny" and attractive, but even more important than appearance is their durability. Look for toys that are made with high-quality materials to promote longevity and that are sturdy enough to survive your child’s style of play.

Many toy shoppers resign themselves to the knowledge that the toy they are buying will not last long, but at least the product is affordable. In that case, toys that are durable and affordable are a great buy. Luckily for you, this buyer’s guide will lead you to the best spy toys that offer the best value for your money.


Most toys sold in the US market have passed the country’s toy safety regulations, so you have little to worry about in this regard. Unfortunately, many children are treated in hospital emergency departments for toy-related injuries every year. There are toy safety laws installed to help protect children and their families. However, parents have a role to play to ensure their kids are safe from toy-related harm and injuries.

To prevent choking hazards, it is advisable to avoid getting toys with many small parts for kids under three-years-old. Also avoid toys with sharp edges, especially if the toys are meant for little children. Toys with long cords or strings that could wrap around a tot’s neck and toys with flammable materials should also be considered with caution. Make sure to look for toys that can be played with alone as opposed to with adult supervision.

Educational Value

One of the best things about spy gear toys is that they are often bundled with educational features. Consider the SmartLab Spy School Sneaky Surveillance that teaches STEAM subjects. Or the 4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit that educates kids on how to collect and analyze fingerprints.

Toys are fun, but they are even better when they help children expand their knowledge and develop useful skills. The best spy toys spark children’s imagination while teaching them about technology and STEM subjects. What’s more? Kids can be inspired for their future careers.

We considered many factors, including the three above, while creating this buyer’s guide. As a result of our efforts, we found ten of the best spy gear toys for kids as listed below.

Top 10 Best Spy Gear Toys for Kids 2024

1. DROCON Ninja Drone for Kids

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list This drone packs way too many cool features that rivals advanced drones.

Espionage is at the forefront of what comes to mind when the words ‘ninja’ and ‘drone’ are used in a product’s description. You may ask why this drone, among many others like it, should be a spy’s favorite. A spy needs speed and agility, just like he or she needs caution. For that reason, the DROCON Ninja Drone for Kids would be your budding agent’s favorite as it’s easily maneuverable in three-speed settings, ranging from 1-3 MPH.

These 3-speed modes ensure the little spy can encroach hostile territory with speedy or intermitted caution, just like a sneaky ninja. It also makes it easier for experienced and beginner users to safely fly the drone.

There are indeed many beginner drones for shoppers to wade through while searching for the most suitable option, but this DROCON model, though relatively new to the drone market, stands out because of its many cool features. These features are designed to make drone flying safe and fun for kids and beginners. Also importantly, it is reasonably priced.

The drone is foldable, which makes it more compact and easy to store. It sports an attractive futuristic design in its quadcopter construction. This is a very durable drone built with beginners in mind. The polyamide materials it is built with gives it a robust and tough quality. It won’t break apart after a few crashes, as is to be expected with beginner pilots.

It measures 4.3 X 4.3 inches with its rotors folded out. That’s the height of a 5.6-inch iPhone X.  It comes with an adjustable FPV 1280x1080p video resolution. This allows the sneaky spy to record all the comings and goings of the bad guys in 1080p FHD reels. Plus, the camera is adjustable to up to 90⁰ for the best downward and forward capture. When you add that to its 120⁰ angle view, you can take breath-taking videos and pictures to rival the wide-angle views obtainable in advanced drones.

The electronic image stabilization system ensures that the camera captures smooth and clear images. The first-person view (FPV) means kids can view the drone’s footage in real-time as if they were looking through the drone’s “eyes.” This FPV feature requires downloading the DROCON FLY app- available on Google Play and Apple Store- to your mobile device.

With the app installed, you will be able to enjoy real-time communication between your drone and your mobile device over a Wi-Fi connection. That’s right; eyes in the sky. But with a 450mAh 7.4V battery, your budding little spy would better hurry with the missions, as the battery can only provide seven to eight minutes of flight time.

The controller requires four 1.5V AAA batteries, which aren’t included. Amazon sells a pack of 8 for under $6. You can also control the drone using the controller or using your smartphone via the DROCON FLY app. The control is fun and easy; we like the Altitude Hold mode that makes it easier to hover the drone and capture crisp images.

2. AGM Spy Gear Night Mission Goggles

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list It comes with a nose pad that protects a child’s nose in case of collisions or falls.

No, this isn’t a pair of real night vision goggles. To be blunt, they are light-up tinted glasses with a headlamp. But of course, for around $15, infrared is not an option. The best-selling pair of night vision goggles on Amazon sells for nearly $2000.

Having said that, the AGM Spy Gear Night Mission Goggles are cool enough to make your little one feel like a proper spy commander. The green-tinted lens with etched graphics will glow when the lights are turned on. This night vision goggle may not function like the real thing, but the vibe kids get from it is real.

The primary use of night vision goggles is to help you see in the dark, and this model does the job with impressive efficacy. The flip-out lamp allows you to see at night for up to 25 feet into the distance. The light is not a typical white light, but a bright blue LED light that mimics infrared lights of real night vision goggles.

One of the reasons we chose the AGM Spy Gear Night Mission Goggles is its ergonomic design with thoughtful safety features to protect the young ones wearing them.

For example, it comes with a nose pad for ultimate comfort, and the adjustable elastic band keeps the goggles securely on a child’s face while making it possible for kids of different head sizes to wear them comfortably.

The on/off switch for the LED lamp is conveniently located behind your head. The goggle is built with durable Polycarbonate (PC) material, which is a strong and tough material that is easily molded and thermoformed. It is BPA-free for its intended use. Our only disappointment is that it does not include the required four AAA batteries.

Yes, the LED light feature that allows you to see with the goggles at night can be turned on and off, which means the goggles are still useful even without their lamps during daylight. But the night vision is the goggle’s primary feature, and we think it’s not cool that the required batteries are not included. Customers have to buy them separately if you don’t already have some at home. The bright side is that you never have to replace the bulbs.

3. LSS Shock Proof Compact Binoculars for Kids

For Ages 3-12
Why it made the list This pair of binoculars pack an impressive 8X magnification.

What’s a spy without a trusty pair of compact binoculars to scoop out enemy activities and spy on foes? The LSS Shock Proof Compact Binoculars for Kids may be kiddie binoculars, but they pack more powerful optics than competitors in its category.

While it looks similar to many other models, we chose this one sold by Living Squad Store (LSS) because not only does their version come with superior optics compared to the others, but this pair of binoculars rivals the quality of many adult binoculars. Do you doubt that? Wait till you read the specifications, then compare them to as many adult binoculars as you can.

The Living Squad was founded by two sisters who sought inventive ways to get their kids to spend more time outdoors while expanding their knowledge. Their goal, according to the sisters, is to come up with toys that rival adult versions without losing their child-friendly appeal. The same is the case with this pair of binos. It is made for kids three to twelve-years-old and sports an appealing design, which is probably why several manufacturers adopted it, anyway.

Customers can get Living Squad Binoculars in an array of six color combinations, including blue/black, green/blue, pink/blue, purple, red/blue, and turquoise/pink. They are built with anti-friction plastic that promotes the durability of their moving parts, such as the adjustable dioptre and ocular. They also comes with a shock-proof rubber coating to cushion shocks in case of falls.

The large rubber eyepiece protects little spy’s eyes in case they bump into something while observing their target with the binoculars. The rubberized eyepiece also makes it possible for kids to use the binoculars without first taking off their glasses. The rubberized anti-slip grip enhances the device’s stability in a child’s hands, while the quick-release neck strap loop makes it easy for kids to get free of the lanyard in case of accidents.

With 8 x 21 high-quality optics magnification, kids can view sharp no-blur images in high resolution that rivals adult binoculars. In fact, LSS would have gone even further with the magnification, except that more than 8x magnification would decrease children’s field of view. It comes with a 7.1-degree angular field of view, 21 mm objective lens diameter, 18 mm ocular lens diameter, and a center focus system, etc.

A spy needs to have reliable tools when they’re sleuthing. Spying is not all that kids can do with these LSS binoculars, though. It is a great learning tool for stargazing, astronomy, and studying the solar system. Accessories included are plastic carabiner, bird eCalendar, belt carrying case, 2ft long breakaway neck strap, user manual, and cleaning cloth.

4. 4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit

For Ages 8-11
Why it made the list This kit comes with everything you need to detect and analyze fingerprints.

Here is the STEM kit to help your kids learn how to detect and collect fingerprints, just like a forensics expert. While this is a toy kit, the data collecting process is quite educational. This kit is a great fit for kids eight to eleven years old.

Detecting invisible fingerprints is an important forensic skill that any spy worth his or her salt should be familiar with. It is a branch of science that helps criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence from crime scenes. The easiest method is called dusting, in which you use a very fine powder that can stick to the oil in the fingerprint. The good news? 4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit comes with the full package, dusting brush and all, to get your child unraveling mysterious crimes as soon as the package is delivered.

Although the dusting brush is small, this kit comes with a load of accessories included. It has everything your child will need to explore the fascinating science of fingerprint detection. The kit includes a brush, dusting powder, twenty stickers used for collecting fingerprints, ten fingerprint cards and a stamp pad.

KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit makes sure to come with detailed instructions for how to use and care for the kit as well. You also get a sturdy carrying case that allows you to store everything when not in use. The case also makes it easy for kids to bring the kit along while off on spy adventures away from home.

The carry case is 8.5 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, and 6.75 inches tall. It weighs a mere 1.5 ounces with all the accessories inside. Although this kit is made with non-toxic materials that conform to the ASTM D-4236, it is not suitable for toddlers under three-years-old because it comes with many small parts that can be easily swallowed.

On the whole, this is a budget fingerprint kit, so do not expect premium performance. But for the price and the wide range of included accessories, it delivers the best value for your money.

5. HAUSBELL Bionic Ear Electronic Listening Device

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list This listening device also comes with an 8x magnification eyepiece, plus an elegant headphone.

Every spy or detective needs a to be able to secretly listen in on their adversaries. The little undercover agent sleuthing around your house needs a listening device to help him or her uncover the enemy’s plots, and there is no better device to help the little spy do that than the HAUSBELL Bionic Ear Electronic Listening Device.

The HAUSBELL Bionic Ear boasts a listening range of up to 250’ and It features an ergonomic handle that is suitable for small hands, making it easy for kids to operate the on/off switch with just one hand. Plus, its components and accessories are the perfect addition to any detective’s toolkit. The spy can listen to a target’s voice, as well as eyeball the owner of the voice through the built-in 8x monocular. That means the HAUSBELL Bionic Ear offers you listening and viewing capabilities in one device.

With 8x magnification, your little spy can clearly spot the meandering enemies, whether in your kitchen or several blocks from your home. The volume is adjustable for better hearing, and it can record the unsuspecting enemy’s conversations for about 12 seconds. The recordings can be replayed and listened to using the included over-the-ear headphones.

The HAUSBELL Bionic Ear Electronic Listening Device includes a free headphone in the box. The headphone looks elegant, and we were pleased that it wasn’t just a cheaply made addition to help sell the main product. The padded headband can be adjusted to fit different head sizes, and it comes with a cord so you can plug it into your mobile devices and listen to music.

This listening device requires one 9V battery, which HAUSBELL did not include for safety purposes, but you can easily order a pack of high-quality 9V batteries for less than $9 on Amazon. Remember that this is still a toy, so don’t expect advanced level performance. Since it is basically a sound amplifier, occasional interference is to be expected.

For the best result, use the device in quiet areas. However, it delivers fantastically for the educational and imaginative purposes it is built for. What customers should be mindful of is the transparent plastic dish. This component is rather fragile and is prone to damage. Thankfully, HAUSBELL promises to replace them free of charge if the plastic cover arrived damaged.

6. SpyX/Spy Recon Watch

For Ages 6-15
Why it made the list This is the most affordable kid watch with espionage features.

The SpyX/Spy Recon Watch is the way to go when you’re not just looking for any type of kids watch, but a watch befitting a sneaky little spy. In that case, this creative watch is your best choice. It also comes at an unbeatable price compared to other children’s watches in the market.

After all, James Bond wore such luxury timepieces as a Rolex and an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch, but the watches had secret features. Cue the circular-saw and a magnet, predictably designed to help Bond out of a jam or two. The SpyX is not just a fashion accessory for your child, but a way to spark their imagination and encourage role-play.

Get your kid the SpyX recon watch and you will have bought an 8-in-1 spy watch with espionage functions such as an LED spotlight, motion alarm, flashlight, and red decoder lens. It’s also a digital watch with multiple time zones.

The SpyX watch also comes with secret message paper and message drop capsules to help the spy safely communicate with his or her comrades. The flashlight ensures little spies do not have to be interrupted in their clandestine missions during the day or at night. The watch also comes with basic watch features in addition to the James Bond-like functions.

The basic features are a stopwatch, digital display, alarm settings, and a world clock. In other words, this watch continues to be of service even after the spy has retired from active duty. Even with the fiddly aesthetics that promotes its creative design, the watch still manages to weigh just 3.2 ounces, making it lightweight and comfortable on a child’s wrist.

It is sturdy and suitable for six to fifteen-year-olds, and the strap can be adjusted to fit kids of different wrist sizes. While there are better watches for kids available today, the SpyX Spy Recon Watch can feed the inner spy in your child. Kids will certainly enjoy writing secret messages and flipping open the front to expose the time.

7. MALEDEN Invisible Ink Pen

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list Does your little spymaster need to pass secret messages? These pens use invisible ink that is only revealed under UV light.

Invisible inks are one of the clever ways spies pass secret messages among themselves. Invisible ink is any substance that you can use to write secret messages that remain invisible to the natural eyes unless the ink is somehow revealed.

There are countless ways kids can play imaginative games with the Malden spy pen. The ink from the pen remains invisible unless it is revealed under UV light. The possibilities of play are endless. Not only will kids have fun passing secret messages to each other and their parents with the magic marker, but they also learn about invisible inks and how they work.

Both boys and girls will love the Spy Pen, as it can also be used to make secret entries in diaries. The pens come in a variety of six colors for the genius spy to collect. The colors include black, red, yellow, blue, purple, and green.

They come in a bag, but each marker pen is individually packaged so you could easily separate them for gifts, stocking stuffers, or treat bags. We like that kids can feel more in control of their secret messages as the pen comes with a built-in UV light that can be used to expose the hidden messages. How cool is that?

Of course, you can observe the ink with any UV light, but it gives your child an extra boost of confidence knowing that they alone hold the key to the invisible messages. It requires three cell batteries, which are included and last for a very long time.

Not only does the ink remain invisible, whether on your furniture or your car seat, but it can also be wiped with a clean cloth and mild soap-and-water solution. But what happens if the ink is not deliberately cleaned? They can last for up to a year on any surface, which is plenty of time to keep secret messages secure.

The MALEDEN Upgraded Spy Pen ink can be safely applied on the skin, white and dark paper, t-shirts, and any other surfaces.

8. SmartLab Spy School Sneaky Surveillance

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list Kids will have a blast with the rear-view sunglasses that allow you to view people behind you.

SmartLab’s Spy School Sneaky Surveillance is a complete kit of tech with everything from listening devices to rear-view glasses for your budding sleuth.

SmartLab has been a leading name in the design of educational toys for children, using the STEAM approach by producing innovative toys that offer experiences and experiments in chemistry, measurement, engineering, electronics, and physics. The same is true about the Spy School Sneaky Surveillance, as it immerses your little spies in an imaginary spy training program packed with clandestine activities.

The included funny in-world book and decoy tools teach the science of optics while strengthening reading and observation skills. This is an educational kit that promises lots and lots of fun. The kit includes a decoy spy storage case with a hidden compartment, a decoy pencil box periscope, two-in-one spy scope, a decoy yo-yo microphone with earbud, rear-view sunglasses, two mirrors, two magnifier lenses, and a 24-page illustrated activity book with a masked viewing prop.

There is nothing else you need to buy for your kid to start his or her surveillance operations while smartening up at the fictional BREK Industries Spy School. BREK industries is a fictional spy school where the budding secret agent can learn all sorts of spy tricks, tools of the trade, and how to use them. Plus, the included in-work book is a hilarious guide into ethical espionage.

Spy School introduces wannabe spies to optics and the science of light, as kids experiment with the included mirrors, lenses, and rear-view glasses. The young agent will also learn about the science of sound as he or she plays with the listening device. They also learn how to use codes and ciphers and read profiles of famed spies.

This kit packs enough resources to keep any curious child engaged in STEM and STEAM subjects for a long time. The downside? The cord connecting the earpiece to the Yo-Yo is just about six feet long, so kids have to carry the set around a lot while nosing into people’s conversations. But we don’t see kids minding the cord’s length at all, after all, a spy is just as good as his or her ninja skills. You think this the coolest spy kit? We’ve only scratched the surface of all the fun your child will have and all the stuff he or she will learn.

9. SpyX Lite Hand Light Device

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list We like the way the web of tubes lights up your fingertips.

When you spot the SpyX/Lite Hand Device you immediately know it is a hi-tech gadget, even if you don’t understand what it is used for. So, what can a wannabe spy do with the SpyX? The short answer is they can use it as a flashlight to see in the dark, and they can use it to confuse hostiles.

The Lite Hand is just the kind of device professional spies would want to take with them on delicate missions. It could come in handy for those desperate times that require desperate measures.

This device transforms your hands into a flashlight, allowing you to locate concealed objects and light up darkened areas. Just strap the SpyX to your hand and you stand a chance of disorienting your enemy, and locating secrets stashed away in a dark stronghold.

This device is fun, but it also works. We like the way it lights up your fingertips, and kids can even control the pattern of the LED lights.

The elastic wrist strap can be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes. The strap wraps around the wearer’s wrist, while the four LED beams strap around the wearer’s four fingers. It comes with replacement finger straps in case some are lost.

For enhanced fun and spy games, get two or more of them for siblings and friends to play with each other. This toy is suitable for ages six years and up. Weighing just 4 ounces, the SpyX is so lightweight that kids can even forget they are wearing them. Two AAA batteries are required and not included.

10. AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope Kit

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list It comes with a shrimp hatchery experiment that takes the young learners through the life cycle of aquatic animals.

Any spy or investigator should own a few personal tools for those times when the agency’s office is inaccessible. One of those essential tools is undoubtedly a microscope. The AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope is just what your little spy needs to examine blood samples from a crime scene or spatter from the fleeing bad guy he or she almost nabbed.

Even when the agency’s technicians are available, a trained field agent should be able to understand the compound observation processes. This toy microscope promises a limitless educational and imaginative potential for kids. Kids can view the life cycles of tiny sea creatures while familiarizing themselves with scientific methods, note-taking, visual analysis, and more.

Part of the included accessories is a shrimp hatchery experiment that takes the young learners through the life cycle of aquatic animals. It includes prepared slides, as well as blank slides for kids to explore unique experiments. Not only are the blank slides reusable, but prepared slides from other brands can also be used with this microscope.

It comes with over fifty accessories to help the little ones observe compounds with up to 1200x high magnification. With this Amscope beginner microscope, kids can observe their projects through a monocular viewing head with a rotating turret equipped with an LED light source and a built-in color filter wheel. The LED lighting requires two AA batteries, which are included.

The included accessories are everything from tweezers, collecting vials, micro-slicer, petri dish, scalpel, eosin dye, stirring rod, five prepared slides, seven blank slides, and many more. The accessories that come with this device are the perfect introduction to STEM subjects.

All the accessories come packed in a compartmentalized sturdy carrying case.

Because the Amscope microscope has no fine adjustment function except coaxial coarse focus, it can be a little difficult to focus, but it’s clear enough for kids to even see individual cells and nuclei. If you’re looking for the best entry-level microscope to familiarize children with internal structures, plant life, insects, skin, and tissue, this is an excellent choice.

The device itself is made of durable stain-resistant double metal and plastic frame with a glass lens. You can get the microscope in white or black color. It may not be a lab-level microscope, but it delivers a reasonable level of clarity and magnification.

Now, Let’s Play “I Spy”

Thank you for staying with us to the very end. We trust you’ve found a handful of great toys in this buyer’s guide to entertain, educate, and inspire your curious child. Curiosity should be encouraged in a child, as it is vital for growth, imagination, and creativity.

All the toys in our top ten list are fantastic spy gear toys for kids. But if you can only pick one and you still don’t know which, pick the SmartLab Spy School Sneaky Surveillance. It is a highly educational kit, and we can’t imagine a child who won’t love it.