The 10 Best Laser Tag Toys for Kids in 2024

If you have kids who love playing laser tag in the arena, are skilled target masters, strategic game players, and would love to be able to play the game whenever and wherever gift them with a laser tag toy set. Laser tag toy sets offer almost all the features of laser tag blasters at the arcade with perks that only laser tag toys at home can provide. You can play multiple games with these guns without having to splurge on the entrance fee for arenas, begin a game with just two players, and play from dawn to dusk in the privacy of your surroundings.

Read on to learn more about the best features offered by laser tag toy sets and pick a set from our list of the ten best laser tag toys for your kids.

Unique Features of Laser Tag Toys for Kids

Laser tag toy sets come in a wide variety of designs, guns/vests sets combinations, shooting ranges, and features offered. Most laser tag toy sets have a few, if not all, of the following features:

  1. Infrared Beams: None of the laser tag toy sets featured here or available online actually emit laser beams. Exposure to direct laser beams is harmful over long periods. These toy sets emit infrared rays instead. And even these infrared beams are super low intensity, less than 1 mW, in keeping with children’s safety standards. These beams aren’t visible to the naked eye.
  2. Shooting Range: Laser tag toys made for home use or non-commercial use usually offer a shooting range of 100 to 300 feet.
  3. Shot Accuracy: While some toys need you to hit the target marks provided for the hits to count, others allow shots in a 180-degree range to count as hits. Based on your skill level, you can buy a pair that lets you practice as a beginner or one that requires precision hits to play the game.
  4. Number of Lives: The number of lives allowed per game also makes a lot of difference to the duration of the gameplay. Some have limited lives per player, from 10 to 25, to raise the stakes of the game, while others allow up to 99 lives per player in a single game. If you’re looking for a laser tag set that’s easy to learn and play with for long hours, go for the ones with maximum lives.
  5. Vests/No Vests: Wearable vests provide a more realistic and more immersive gameplay experience. Few laser tag sets for kids offer full-on vests with the blasters. Most either provide a vest plate with straps that can be strapped onto the torso or LED markers that can be tagged on any area of the body. Usually, the front portion of the blasters has receivers, and players need to target this area with the infrared beam to register hits. Hit count and tracking are also a feature of these guns, so you can do away with separate markers.
  6. Batteries: Laser tag toy sets for kids operate on Lithium-Ion batteries, either AA-sized or AAA-sized, with the exception of a few. Each blaster gun and vest set requires two or three battery cells to operate at total capacity. Battery life varies with usage but usually extends up to eight games of 30 minutes each before you need to swap them out for fresh ones. In addition, some laser tag sets come with built-in batteries that can be recharged after use.
  7. Lights, Sounds, Vibrations: Additional effects like lights, unique sounds for different shots fired, and vibrations for actions like recoil, reload, etc., make these toys more enjoyable to play with. These effects also create an arena-like vibe and add to the kid’s excitement while also making cheating impossible, as these added effects give away the hits.

Besides the features listed above, each toy set has its own unique technology to register and track hits, track the number of lives left, reload mechanisms and speeds, etc. You can learn more about these innovative techniques deployed by different toy sets in our list of the ten best laser tag toys for kids below.

Top 10 Best Laser Tag Toys for Kids 2024

1. ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list This multiplayer, advanced laser tag blaster set will help you turn your backyard into a legit laser tag arena.

This set by ArmoGear with laser tag blasters and target vests is one of the most advanced sets available online. Both the blasters and the vests are equipped with sensors and other mind-blowing hi-tech features.

The design and quality of the blasters in this set are a class apart. They have a shooting range of about 150 feet, are equipped with a night vision LED flashlight, a speaker, and a receiver for voice-guided directions. A team selection button allows users to pick one of the four team colors—orange, green, red, or blue. The blaster operates in four power-play modes – pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket accompanied by realistic sounds for each mode and vibrations. You can switch between the different options to blast your opponents based on their proximity.

The blaster power button is conveniently located below the team selection button and can be turned on and off with the thumb. LED lights below the target area indicate the number of lives left. There are a few more LED indicators for shooting and night vision. Blaster reload can be activated in the invisible mode. You can play these blasters in two modes—one for just a casual laser tag game without vests and another with proper rules. The ergonomically designed handles provide an easier grip, and the infrared signals emitted are 0.9mW in intensity – in keeping with International Child Safety standards.

This set comes with four blasters and vest jackets. You can also buy a more economical version with two blasters here. All the blasters and the vests are powered by a set of three AAA-sized batteries that need to be purchased separately. The night mode allows you to play with this set in the dark. Splurge on this laser tag set for birthdays or holidays, and have hours of unlimited fun with kids and adults alike. It’s on the more expensive end of the price spectrum for laser tag toy sets, but the quality, durability, and design justify the price tag.

2. eKids Toy Story Infrared Laser Tag Set

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list This is the best set of infrared laser tag blasters for younger kids who want to join in some laser tag fun.

This set of two laser tag blasters follows the ‘Toy Story’ theme. The design and make of the guns are sturdy and simple. Each weapon has three shooting modes. Each mode serves a different function with varying damage levels, shooting ranges, and reload times. While one of the modes allows quick reloading, another offers a wider range for shooting but slower reload time. You can switch between modes with ease even while a game of laser tag is in progress.

Besides the three standard modes, there’s a secret button to unleash the ultimate attack and maximum damage. This button can only be used once per game and should be reserved for times when you’re out of all options. Each blaster requires three AAA-sized batteries to operate, and six are included in the pack. Vibrations, lights, and sound effects accompany the shots to make the game more exciting and help kids register the hits with ease.

Although these are infrared light blasters, there are no vests provided, nor needed. The guns are equipped with sensors on the front that detect and keep track of the hits received. You have to target the other players’ blasters to register a hit, eliminating the need for vests. You don’t have to worry about getting close to your targets or missing your shots due to the size of the guns, as the fine sensors on these blasters can detect shots accurately within a 180-degree radius.

These guns are made of high-grade plastic and are very lightweight, so kids can handle them easily. There’s a speaker and receiver on each blaster tuned in to the same frequency for accessible communication during gameplay. If you buy additional blasters, you can easily sync them all together. These are economically priced blasters that would make for the perfect gift for kids around five and above who are laser tag enthusiasts.

3. Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list This set of laser tag guns is the most economical toy set for the number of features on offer.

These toy guns are similar in design and application to the Armogear laser blasters, but they’re available for half the price. Most of the features available in the other set are also included in this one, but there might be a slight compromise with the quality, durability, and functionality. These are still very serviceable, offer top-notch gameplay, and are an excellent alternative and affordable option for those who would like to test out the different features without spending a lot. As with all kids’ toy sets, your mileage may vary, and you might find this set better designed than the other one.

The front portion of the gun, which is almost half the blaster’s body, is the target area, and any blasts anywhere on this portion will register as hits. There’s a built-in receiver on the gun to track all hits. You can pick one of the four colors by pressing the team selector button—red, green, blue, or white and let the battles begin!

You can use the gun in four modes. One hit in the ‘Pistol Mode’ costs one life bar, and you can reload the gun after every 12 shots. The ‘Shot Gun’ and ‘Machine Gun’ modes offer six shots each before the need to reload, and the damage rate is two life bars per hit. These two modes differ in the shot range they provide, with the maximum limit being 130 feet. ‘Rocket Launcher’ mode inflicts the most damage by targeting three life bars per hit, but you’ll be slowed down by the reloading required after every single shot in this mode. Each mode has a unique and realistic sound that accompanies the shots. The blasters also light up and vibrate when a target is hit.

If you’re looking for an even more affordable option that offers all these features, you can buy this exact set in a pack of two. Although, if you work out the cost per piece, the pack of four is more economical.

4. Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

For Ages 8-12
Why it made the list These are the best rechargeable laser tag blasters and vests with digital hit counters aimed at tweens and teenagers.

This rechargeable laser tag set is the most expensive amongst all the laser tag sets featured in our list. It also has one of the most innovative blaster designs and technology, digital vests, and other features that add to the total cost of the set. With this set, you can play an ultra-high-tech laser tag battle and invite all the pros to test their prowess!

This laser tag set comes with a charging station to charge the four guns and the vests. The design of the charging station allows all eight items to be recharged at the same time. Once fully recharged, you can play eight games of 30 minutes each until the batteries run out and need another charging cycle. All the blasters are set to the same frequency to make it easy to pair them with each other, as well as additional sets of Squad Hero rechargeable laser toy sets.

The vests and guns pair up to keep a count of the hits. All the vests have an LCD screen with Heads Up Display (HUD) technology to display live scores, number of lives, and hits. Data is exchanged between the different paired devices, and the syncing allows for it to be updated instantly. Players can check their scores without having to stop gameplay. Vests are easy to strap on and are kitted with rechargeable LCD screens synced with the guns to indicate the number of lives left. You can adjust the number of lives allowed per game in the range of 1 – 99 lives.

Just like the other advanced laser tag guns, these blasters also work in four modes: ‘Pistol Mode’ with nine preloaded shots and one life hit per shot, ‘Automatic Mode’ with eight preloaded shots and two life hits per shot, ‘Laser Mode’ with three preloaded shots and three life hits per shot, and ‘Rocket Mode’ with one preloaded shot and four life hits per shot. There’s a separate button to activate each of these modes, so you don’t have to click the same button twice or thrice to switch between modes.

You can choose one of the four colors—red, blue, green, or yellow for your team. An LED light indicates the team color. A small LCD screen on the top of the gun shows battery life, ammo power, and the number of lives left. A button for the flashlight is situated below the LCD screen for gameplay in dark areas.

The infrared beam that shoots from these laser guns is safe even after frequent exposure. The blasters have a shooting range of 150-feet so you can play indoors as well as outdoors. Unlike all the other laser tag sets featured in our list that allow for wide areas around the target to count as hits, these blasters require precision control and bullseye hits. This set is for advanced and skilled laser tag fanatics. You can also play this game in stealth mode by muting the sound.

Besides offering the most advanced home laser tag set, Squad Hero also has an excellent customer service team if you run into any problems. If you’re looking to break your bank for an awesome gift for your kids, this laser tag set will make for an excellent choice.

5. SHARPER IMAGE Two-Player Laser Tag Gun & Vest Armor Set

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list This laser tag set provides the best laser tag battle gear for a one-on-one showdown.

The sleek design of these laser tag guns is very different from the regular laser tag blasters available online. Besides looking stylish, these blasters are also designed to be wielded in 1:1 battles. The blast range is around 100 feet, so you can chase your opponents at close range.

The other part of this set consists of two wearable laser tag vests. These are designed to mimic vests worn in laser tag arenas and have a sizable triangular target for players to aim at. Adjustable straps make these vests easy to wear, irrespective of your size. Each vest requires three AAA-sized batteries to operate. The vests are synced up with the blasters to keep track of the hits and number of lives left.

On the other hand, the blasters require two AAA-sized batteries each to operate. The speakers and receivers are all tuned to the same frequency band, so additional blasters can also be paired up with these devices. Flashing LED lights accompany shots, as do unique sounds. Reloading has a different light effect and sound accompanying it. An LED indicator starts blinking when you’re out of shots and need to reload. The other sounds and vibration effects are designed to provide an immersive experience, just like you’re playing a game of laser tag in an actual arena.

You might notice that the chest plates get triggered sometimes, and a hit is registered when the speakers are in use. This is because the infrared signals that control the speaker are the same as those that control the vests. This results in a low-frequency sound wave emission that the vest registers as a hit.  You can troubleshoot this problem by opening the plate and cutting off the white wire that connects the speaker.

You’ll have to plan an elaborate game with hurdles, roundabouts, and other obstacles to lengthen the game, as each player is only allowed six lives per game. Once you’ve managed to get six hits, it’s game over. This is a decent option for an affordable laser tag toy set for kids under the age of ten.

6. HISTOYE Laser Tag Toy Set

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This laser tag toy set is safe and good enough for kids as young as three.

This laser tag set includes two blaster guns, two vests, a screwdriver to open the battery compartment, and an instruction manual that explains the working of the various items. Both the guns and the vests require three AA-sized 1.5 V batteries to operate, purchased separately.

Like most laser tag guns, these also have four shot modes. The ‘Single Shot’ mode comes with 12 preloaded shots and inflicts damage of one life bar per hit. Both the ‘Shot Gun’ and ‘Machine Gun’ modes come preloaded with six bullets and inflict damage of two lives per shot. Finally, the ‘Rocket’ mode or the most destructive mode takes three lives per shot but must be reloaded after every shot.

Besides the four shot modes, there’s something unique that these blasters offer. You can revive a fellow player’s life when they’re down to only three remaining lives. A sound indicator informs players when they need to use the revive their teammates. On pressing the team change button for two seconds, the player will be able to activate three more lives. You can use this feature thrice per game before you finally run out of all lives.

If you’re playing a multiplayer game with additional sets, you can revive an enemy player’s life to resurrect them as your team player. Once a player has switched teams, they remain on that team and cannot switch teams again. Players on the same team can also revive other players’ lives without changing team allegiance. Just aim the blaster at the infrared receptor of the other gun, press the team selection button, and that’s that, you’ll see your fellow player have their number of lives refilled.

These guns are lightweight, easy to operate, and sturdy enough to withstand rough handling. The infrared beams have an intensity of less than 1 mW, and all you need to do is point and press the trigger to play. Sounds and vibration effects are also programmed to accompany shots and hits. ‘Team Blue’ and ‘Team White’ can have plenty of fun playing with these laser tag guns. You can buy the same set in a pack of four here.

7. Nerf Official Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list This laser tag set does not require ammo or vests. Just point and shoot until the game ends. You can preset the number of hits per game and use them for the entire duration of the game.

This laser tag set has two preset shots range, 10 and 25. You can even level the game playing field by letting the amateur players have 25 shots each while the pros are restricted to 10 shots per game. This unique feature definitely makes the game more interesting and fun for groups with a variety of ages. Another reason to opt for this set is that it comes in an eco-friendly and recyclable package.

To maintain the authenticity of the laser arena experience, these blasters have a noticeable recoil after every hit, so the shooting has an authentic feel to it. Another distinguishing feature of this set is a reactive vibration when you’re tagged or hit. Players will register the hits without mistake with this feature. And the ammo reload process is superb, to say the least.

Another area where these laser tag blasters depart from regular design features is the inclusion of a red receiver dome situation on top of the gun. This dome flashes red whenever it’s tagged, making cheating almost impossible. There’s no menu screen or a receiver barrel, so you can play simple games with minimal rules as these guns are not feature-rich.

You can use these guns to play solo 1:1 matches or as teams of two where you can either be part of ’Team 1’ or ‘Team 2.’ A secret ‘Team 3’ can also be activated by a complex power switch mechanism. A significant drawback here is the absence of any clear team indicators, so players will have to remember who’s in their team and who’s not, as the blasters aren’t equipped with the tech to point at other players and figure out their team allegiance.

The match begins once the trigger is pulled and the 10-second countdown is initiated. These guns are best used to play free for all competitions with a single player per team. The last man standing wins the game. You’ll need 12 AA-sized batteries to operate these guns. The shot range they provide exceeds 300 feet. Even at long distances, shots are registered accurately.

8. Play22 Laser Tag Toy Set

For Ages 8+
Why it made the list These are sturdy laser tag guns with long-lasting batteries for long hours of fun.

This laser tag set includes four blaster guns and four vest plates with straps. An instruction manual is also included in the package. Together, the eight items require 28 AA batteries that are not included in the box. You’ll also need to have a screwdriver handy to open the battery compartment and place the batteries in.

Amongst the regular features of this set are the four blaster modes. The ‘Pistol’ mode has a hit rate of one life and needs reloading after 12 shots. The ‘Shot Gun’ and ‘Machine Gun’ modes have a hit rate of two lives and need reloading after six shots. The ‘Rocket Launcher Missile’ mode allows one big hit to inflict three lives’ worth of damage, and you’ll need to reload your blaster after each shot in this mode. Each of these modes has a unique sound effect for shots with vibrations to accompany them.

Like other 4-blaster laser toy sets, this one also offers four team colors to choose from – blue, green, white, and red. Team colors are displayed on the vests and the blasters, so there’s no mistaking your opponents for your teammates. You can shoot from a maximum distance of 130 feet for the hits to be registered accurately. Three LEDs each on the guns as well as the vests indicate the number of lives left. The infrared beam launcher and receiver are located on the front end of the gun for precision hit tracking.

Unique features offered by this manufacturer include the ease of pairing up with more devices of the same make and even laser blasters by other brands in some cases. Also, a warning feature on the guns tells you to turn the device off when it hasn’t been in use for a while to save battery life. These guns also work well with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

9. LASER X Two Player Laser Gaming Set

For Ages 12+
Why it made the list These laser tag guns have the fastest reload time.

The standout feature of these laser tag guns is their stellar reception and pairing capacity. Pairing up these devices with additional blasters is a reasonably straightforward process. These guns are ultra-lightweight yet offer a shooting range limit of around 100 feet. The vest plates included in this pack are also uniquely designed. They can be tagged onto your sleeves or other parts of the body with ease. They provide a sizable target, and the beams need to target these plates to count as hits.

All Laser X laser blasters are compatible with each other and the target markers, so you can increase the number of players per game if you have additional sets.

The guns have a sleek futuristic design and look very stylish. Instead of stickers, LED lights make up the decorative elements of the guns. The markers and guns require 6 AAA-sized batteries to operate, which you’ll have to purchase separately.

Apart from the futuristic design, a unique feature of these laser tag guns is their superfast ability to reload. All you need to do is keep the trigger pressed, and voila! You’re done reloading. These guns come in a random assortment of colors for the LED lights. The same goes for the markers that are just hexagonal targets with an LED surface to detect hits.

Although the manufacturer’s recommended age is 12 years and up, you can buy this set for kids around eight years old.

10. Kidpal Laser Tag Toy Set

For Ages 6-12
Why it made the list This laser tag toy set features human voice prompts to help the game along.

This laser tag toy set has similar features to the Histoye Laser Tag Set featured above. But, this one has more advanced features and comes with a steeper price tag. It’s also aimed at kids above six, unlike the other one, which has a simple design and operating mechanism so kids above three can also participate in laser tag games.

Like the Histoye guns, these blasters also have the ability to resurrect a player who has run out of all allotted lives. You can also revive the number of lives you have when you’re running low. Reviving an opponent’s life changes their team allegiance, which, once changed, can’t be switched back.

The blasters have the four standard shooting modes accompanied by unique sounds, vibrations, and light flashes to indicate the kind of shot taken and the number of lives impacted. The four tag modes are ‘Pistol,’ ‘Shot Gun,’ ‘Machine Gun,’ and ‘Rocket Launcher.’ Each has a different hit rate and a varying number of preloaded shots. The shooting range is around 130 feet, and each gun and vest requires three AA-sized 1.5 V batteries that last for quite a few games.

Voice prompts are another unique feature offered by this set. For example, when you change between different shot modes, a prerecorded voice tells you the name of the mode, so there’s no confusion. The downside of this feature is that it sometimes slows you down while playing because you have to wait for it to finish saying the voice prompt before proceeding to the next step. The ability to turn down the volume would have been a great addition along with the voice prompts.

Final Words

Laser tag sets for kids allow you to turn your house, backyard, front yard, playgrounds, campsites, and other areas into laser tag arenas. Unlike the actual arena, these toys do not require elaborate costumes, detailed planning, lots of players, or cleaning up after. And though they’re called ‘Laser Tag’ toys, these guns emit infrared beams for safer gameplay.

Just buy a couple of Lithium-ion batteries and a laser tag toy set to start a fantastic game of laser tag. Even 1:1, two-player games are fun when you’re playing with these laser toy guns. These toys are also much more affordable than buying tickets to the laser tag arena. Buy a pair today and let your kids jump into this physical activity with as much enthusiasm as they have for video games.