10 Best Kids Watches 2023

“Cool" comes in all sorts of forms and shapes, and one of the coolest things for many kids is a really neat watch. Not only are nice wristwatches a fashion accessory, but wearing one is also a way of expressing yourself and showing you care about the times.

Even for a child, wearing a watch can signal a sense of style, organization, responsibility, and alacrity. Meanwhile, learning to tell time early in childhood, as well as forming a habit of wearing a watch is a good quality that can help children develop punctuality in their own life. This guide features the top-ten best watches for kids.

A Guide to the Best Watches for Kids

Have you ever heard the saying, “a runner’s destination can also be reached by walking?" It’s an African adage implying that what matters most is the legs and determination. Even so, you may have to run if you want to finish first or finish on time. Many times, just getting to your destination is hardly enough.

In other words, any watch may be able to tell the time, but not all watches are equal. Some watches simply tell the time better. In the same way, not all children’s watches are equal; some are simply better at what they do. We considered the following qualities while creating this guide to the best kids’ watches.


Most children’s watches are made of plastic, while others are made with stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, ora combination of two or more materials.

Even among plastic watches, the quality and aesthetics of the plastic are important to evaluate the sturdiness and durability of the watch. For example, the high-impact, stylish, and sporty-looking resin plastic band of the CakCity Boys Camouflage LED Sports Kids Watch makes it a tough and long-lasting watch that endures harsh use in different weather conditions.

Water Resistance

The way a watch handles wet conditions ranks at the top of the qualities you should look for in a great watch. It is important to choose a watch that can at least survive a bit of immersion and exposure to wet conditions.

You don’t want to invest in a watch, only for it to be ruined because your child forgot to remove it that one time they were caught in the rain or when they hopped in the pool.

Water resistance is an important feature when choosing a watch for a child, and you can hardly go wrong in that regard with the Casio F108WH Water Resistant Digital Blue Resin Strap Watch.

Watch Face

If you want the best in watch faces, look for models made with sapphire glass due to their propensity to remain scratch-free under rough use. These days, watches come with different types of faces, including touchscreens. This factor is largely determined by how your child likes to use his or her watch and for what purpose.

The Marvel Touchscreen (Model: SPD4588AZ) is a children’s watch model that blends an eye-catching design and an impressive array of features with a touchscreen watch face. You will find the details of all our favorite kid’s watch in the list below.

Top 10 Best Kids Watches 2023

1. Timex Time Machines Digital Watch

For Ages 3-11
Why it made the list The elasticity of the Velcro strap makes it easy for kids to slip their wrists in and out of this watch without unbuckling the strap.

The Timex Time Machines Digital Watch is a multi-award-winning attractive watch for boys and girls. This watch has a simple design that makes it easy for children to practice their time-telling skills. If you’re looking for a great starter watch for kids, this product is a great choice.

According to Parents Magazine, kids only get good at reading analog watches starting around the time they are 7 or 8-years-old. The Timex Time Machines Digital Watch features a digital display, making the watch suitable for children as young as three. A digital display watch is easier for children to master in comparison to an analog one.

Another child-friendly feature of this watch is the adjustable Velcro strap with a buckle clasp that makes it easy for children of various ages and wrist sizes to wear it. The adjustable Velcro strap is grime-resistant as well as washable, although some children might find the material irritating on the wrist.

The elastic camouflage-colored strap can comfortably fit kids with up to 6 inches wrist circumference. The watch’s strap may appear smaller than shoppers anticipate but the face makes up for the “missing” inches. Tiny eyes will have no problem viewing the easy-to-read gray digital display with “Indiglo” light-up watch dial.

Timex put in a lot of thought to make this watch as child-friendly as possible. The elasticity of the Velcro strap makes it easy for kids to simply slip their wrists in and out of the watch without unbuckling the strap. The settings buttons are easy for tiny fingers to operate.

Measuring only 12.75 millimeters thick, the watch’s case is made of tough plastic, complete with a stainless steel back cover. Extra features include a timer that can be set to go off every hour, an alarm and stopwatch functions. The strap comes with a camouflage design, although shoppers can choose from four different colors of the watch.

This Timex watch model is up to 50 meters water-resistant, which means the watch should handle rain splashes, light swimming, snorkeling, and poolside diving. The case and bezel are made with resin, which should attest to the watch’s durability.

The Timex Time Machines Digital Watch comes with the Timex Time Machine app engineered to further help children learn to tell time as well as other skills. The Timex Time Machine app is compatible with Android and iOS.

2. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

For Ages 4-12
Why it made the list This watch comes with more than 50 different customizable analog and digital watch faces, which effectively keeps the watch “new” each day.

This watch is an interactive children’s watch. We may not tell you that the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 is the best children’s watch ever, but we can tell you that this watch is known as the smartest children’s watch yet.

The watch comes with the basic calendar, alarm, and timer features. The “smart” extras include photo, video, interactive voice, and touchscreen functions. The touchscreen, with its brightly-lit and child-friendly graphics, is easy to manipulate.

Take note that the DX2 is an upgrade to the [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WV87CL1″]VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX[/amazon], which is still available for purchase. The DX is a good alternative to the DX2 except for a few upgrades found on the DX2.

The DX2 features a slightly more refined aesthetic as well as a dual camera that lets kids take selfies with the watch. The camera function of the DX2 comes with an array of photo effects allowing children to customize their shots with several fun adjustments and photo frames.

One of the highlights of the DX2 is the customizable watch face. The watch comes with more than 50 different analog and digital watch faces kids can choose from, which effectively makes the watch feel “new” each day.

Kids can also switch up the watch’s appearance with one of their own photos using the built-in frames. With a 1.5ft focus capability, this watch’s camera can snap images less than 18 inches away.

Let your kid play the spy next door using the DX2’s voice recording feature that also comes with voice-changing effects. It is never boring with this watch since the DX2 comes with educational games that are just as fun to play. Parents can download additional games to the watch from the VTech Learning Lodge.

The watch is powered by a built-in lithium-ion polymer battery that can be recharged with a 2.0 micro USB cable. The included charging cable can also be used to connect the watch to a computer to upload files and download games to the watch.

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 does not have internet capability, and kids cannot use the watch to make calls or send text messages. We think this limitation allows some parental control to keep children safe.

More features of the DX2 include a motion sensor-powered pedometer, splash-proof capability, AR-powered Monster Detector game where children capture monsters in the real world, and fun sound effects.

This watch can take 640 x 480-pixel resolution photos with its humble 0.3 MP camera on a screen size that measures 1.44 inches. The selfie camera is positioned on the front of the watch, with the other camera on the side where the bezel meets the strap making it easy for kids to take pictures.

The camera on the DX2 also has an AVI video recording capability, although with just 60 minutes duration. The watch is equipped with 256 MB memory, which is enough to store up to 1,500 photos and 22 minutes 160 x 120-pixels video or 10 minutes 320 x 240-pixels.

3. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

For Ages 6+
Why it made the list The Ace 2’s watchband can be swapped out with separately-sold interchangeable accessories with fun patterns and bold colors.

Fitbit is a brand that makes wearable computer devices. But unlike a typical smartwatch such as the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, the Fitbit brand is all about fitness bands, smartwatches, and accessories that help health-conscious and fitness-minded individuals track their heart rates, monitor their weight, track their steps, exercise better, sleep better, and more.

The Fitbit app that comes with the products helps owners monitor their health, fitness, progress, and so on. The Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids is a real activity and active wristwatch for kids. With a 50 meters water-resistant capability, the watch can survive rain splashes, light swimming, snorkeling, and swimming, or diving in a pool.

When it comes to children, one main reservation that parents have for smartwatches like the Fitbit Ace 2 is the possibility of kids being tracked by tech-savvy stalkers. With the Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids, parents don’t have to worry about their children being tracked because even though the watch can be synced to the Fitbit app, the Ace 2 does not have GPS capability.

Users have the option to sync the Ace 2 to the Fitbit app by installing the app on their Android or Apple devices. Even so, the app ensures parental control by requiring a family account set up on the app before creating one for the kids.

Even for a watch built for kids, the Ace 2 sports its trademark eye-catching ergonomic design. The watch is also lightweight, weighing only 0.02 kg. If you’re looking for the best child-friendly wristwatch that is both good looking and at the same time help raise health and goal-oriented kids, this watch is our best recommendation.

The Ace 2 is also a great tool for parents to monitor their child’s health. The family account required to syncs the watch to the Fitbit app ensures parents can view and see what and how kids are doing. The watch also comes with a daily one-hour activity goal, challenging kids to engage in fun, health-building physical activities. Kids earn virtual badges and on-screen celebrations when they reach their goals each day.

With a battery life that keeps the watch running for up to 5 days, the Ace 2 can track the wearer’s overall fitness levels for a longer period. However, kids have to sacrifice the animated watch faces, etc. to make the watch’s battery last longer.

The Ace 2’s watchband can be swapped out with separately-sold interchangeable accessories with fun patterns and bold colors. This feature allows kids to customize their Ace 2 activity tracker to their personal style.

More features of the Ace 2 includes call notifications, bedtime reminders, silent alarms, and sleep tracking. The call notification feature can be easily deactivated by removing the Ace 2 from the Bluetooth device list, logging out of the app, logging back into the app, and adding the Ace 2 back to the Bluetooth device list. The Ace 2 is a great wristwatch to encourage children to develop healthy habits.

4. JoJo Siwa Touchscreen Watch

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list This watch’s design and the celebrity theme all over it focuses on inspiring fans of JoJo Siwa.

The JoJo Siwa Touchscreen watch by VTech is a fun watch for kids who can’t live without their selfies. The JoJo Siwa kid’s touchscreen smartwatch comes in a completely pink color option, with a feminine aesthetic, fun JoJo Siwa themed graphics, and a selfie-camera feature.

This watch belongs to the smartwatch category. But unlike the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 that comes with a dual-camera on the front and side, the JoJo Siwa features a selfie camera on the front of the watch only.

Other aesthetic features of the JoJo Siwa Touchscreen are a USB charging port on the side of the watch right next to the power/home button and the side speakers. If you’re wondering who “JoJo Siwa” is, you may want to check out her youtube channel to see some of her videos.

Kids who likes JoJo Siwa are inspired by the star’s positive energy and optimism. Hopefully, wearing a fashion watch inspired by JoJo Siwa will contribute towards a child’s faith in themselves and their dreams.

But the JoJo Siwa smartwatch is not all about the famous American actress. Weighing only 0. 1 kg, this watch even weighs less than the Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids. The Jojo Siwa looks great with a design that mimics an Apple watch.

The watch features a touchscreen digital display that pays homage to modern times. For children who haven’t mastered the art of telling time, digital is easier to learn than analog watch displays.

More features of this JoJo Siwa watch model include a pedometer, fun computer games, an alarm, a voice recorder, a calculator, and a stopwatch. Another highlight of this watch worth mentioning are the ten different customizable watch faces that come in both digital and analog designs.

Just like the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, you can connect the JoJo Siwa Touchscreen watch to a computer via the USB port on the watch’s side.

This feature allows you to upload your photos and videos and share them with friends and family safely and securely without connecting the watch to the internet. A free USB charging cable comes with the package.

5. Disney Minnie Mouse Kids' Analog Watch

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list This watch’s strap is made of rubber, which should be more durable than plastic materials.

Although we recommend digital display watches for children still learning to tell time, the Disney Minnie Mouse Kids’ Analog Watch is a great choice for kids who prefer an analog watch with a more grownup feel.

While both boys and girls are fascinated by the Minnie Mouse character, the pink bezel, pink strap, and the round shape of the watch’s face come together to give away the Disney Minnie Mouse Kids’ Analog Watch as a girl’s watch. After all, Minnie Mouse, whose full name is Minerva Mouse, is not a boy. She’s Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, although Walt Disney admitted privately in 1933 that Minnie and Mickey are married.

The first thing you’d notice about this Disney-inspired children’s watch is the cuteness. That much is undeniable. The Disney Minnie Mouse Kids’ Analog Watch is guaranteed to look charming on a child’s wrist.

This watch’s makers are obviously aware that analog watches are harder for kids to follow, so the Disney company had the hour and minute hands of this model properly labeled, effectively making it easier for kids to follow.

The two little watch hands are labeled with a bold “hour" and “minute." This feature assures that children who prefer analog display do not have to sacrifice their preference on the altar of easy-to-follow digital options. The watch’s color is pink all over except for the silver-tone casing and strap buckle.

What you have here is a blend of style, simplicity, and the beloved Disney brand. An adorable Minnie Mouse picture is emblazoned on the watch’s dial beneath a glass window. This watch’s strap is made of rubber, which should be more durable than plastic materials. The rubber strap also comes with an adjustable feature.

In comparison to other materials, rubber straps are the most comfortable because their elasticity fits the wrist better, even in changing temperatures. Rubber straps are also better for swimming, diving, and other sporty activities.

The watch’s casing is made of metal- silver colored- with a 33 millimeter diameter, and 6 millimeters thickness. The Disney Minnie Mouse Kids’ Analog Watch is water-resistant but not waterproof. What this means is that while the watch should be okay with splashes of water, kids don’t want to go swimming with this watch.

6. SKMEI Camouflage LED Sports Kids Watch

For Ages 5-10
Why it made the list This watch is made with durable silicone materials and also shock-resistant, water-resistant, and survivable in extreme conditions.

If you respect the tough-looking, tough working, water-resistant, analog/digital blend G-shock wristwatch series by Casio, then you will want to take a look at the CakCity Boys Camouflage LED Sports Kids Watch. Although this children’s watch comes with a solely digital display, the watch still packs plenty of features to satisfy fans of tough sports watches.

CakCity advertises this watch as a “boy’s” watch, but frankly, we wonder why. This watch with its loads of features is perfect for both boys and girls, just like the Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap looks, feels, and works fantastic for both mom and dad, especially for moms and dads who live active lives or just like the sporty vibe of a tough watch.

The CakCity Boys Camouflage LED Sports Kids Watch comes in an array of 17 eye-catching military-style colors for kids to choose from. But unlike the G-Shock models, this watch is made with silicone case and band instead of resin material. The diameter of the case is 37 millimeters.

Still, silicone is better and more durable than pure plastic since silicone is a blend of synthetic rubber and synthetic plastic polymer, which isn’t a surprising feature in a watch that exudes a “tough” vibe. Plus, in our opinion, a silicone band is more child skin-friendly than Velcro and resin. The fastening strap and buckle style of the watch’s band allows the watch to fit different wrist sizes.

What this means is that you can expect a level of durability in this product that supports its shock-resistant, water resistance, and overall survivability in extreme conditions. Silicone watch bands are known to have a one-year lifespan, which you can make even longer by caring for the watch. This watch also comes with an extra long-lasting battery, considering that all G-Shock watches have minimum 8-year battery life.

The CakCity Boys Camouflage LED Sports Kids Watch does not sacrifice style for toughness. The watch features a fashionable design that makes it perfect for everyday use. Even with such features as a multifunction button, Japanese automatic movement, stopwatch, calendar, alarm clock, LED light, dual time, week display, etc., this watch is still easy to operate.

The watch’s face has large, easily decipherable dials in the digital style. The watch is also up to 50 meters waterproof allowing it to survive a dip in the backyard swimming pool, the shower, and snorkeling as long as the wearer does not have to stay for a prolonged time underwater.

With nearly every watch with water-resistant capability, it is advisable to avoid pressing the watch’s buttons while underwater to prevent damage to the watch’s waterproof ring or even water getting through to the watch. Also, do not expose to hot water.

7. Marvel Spider-Man Touchscreen Watch

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list This Marvel Touchscreen Smartwatch’s face is customizable with 9 different analog and digital Spiderman-themed clock faces.

The Marvel Touchscreen Smartwatch sports an uncanny resemblance to the JoJo Siwa Touchscreen. The explanation for this striking resemblance between the JoJo Siwa and this Marvel Spiderman watch is the same manufacturer that made both watches.

The actual manufacturer of the JoJo Siwa Touchscreen Smartwatch and the Marvel Touchscreen Smartwatch is a company known as Accutime Watch Corp.

In this case, while the JoJo Siwa is targeted at mostly girls only, this Marvel model has more of a unisex appeal.

Spiderman is one of every kid’s favorite superheroes, but that is not the only reason this watch makes an excellent gift. It packs the same features like a built-in selfie camera on the watch’s face, a voice recording function, three computer games, a pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator.

The selfie camera also has video recording functionality. A USB port on the side of the watch allows for charging the inbuilt lithium-ion battery and also to connect the watch to a computer to download photos and video files.

The watch also comes with the signature red Spiderman color and themes. There’s a large picture of Spiderman on the watch’s interchangeable clock face and the watch’s strap.  The watch’s face is customizable with nine different analog and digital Spiderman-themed clock faces.

This Marvel Touchscreen watch’s design features the same rectangular face that mimics a typical Apple smartwatch. The watch’s bezel and window are made of plastic, while the entire watch weighs only 1.6 ounces. One downside is that the watch is not water-resistant, which means kids shouldn’t wear them in the pool.

8. Casio F108WH Water Resistant Digital Blue Resin Strap Watch

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list The square-face design of this model is perfectly gender-neutral, with a 42.4-millimeter case diameter and 10.26-millimeter thickness.

The Casio brand is known for making some of the best durable sport watch models that complement and promote an active lifestyle. If you want toyou’re your kid a “grown-up” watch without feeling a dent in your wallet, the Casio F108WH Water Resistant Digital Blue Resin Strap Watch is your best bet.

This model is great for children. While you will find the words “Water Resist” printed on the casing of the Casio F108WH, this watch has the same water-resist capacity as most other children’s sport watch models.

With a 30 meter (up to 100 feet ) water-resistant capacity, this means that while the Casio F108WH should be okay in the rain and light swimming, you don’t want to go diving with it or wear it for a long time underwater. The watch’s case is made of stainless steel, while the band is made of resin plastic with a buckle clasp.

Don’t expect the same level of toughness in this model as you would get in more advanced made-for-grownups square-faced Casio models. Still, this Casio F108WH Water Resistant Digital Blue Resin Strap Watch is an excellent investment considering the high quality and affordable price.

The watch’s display shows the time and date in an easy-to-read digital format. The watch also comes with a LED lighting feature that makes it easy and fun for kids to check the time when it’s dark. Other features include an alarm, a stopwatch, a calendar, an hourly time signal, and more.

The square-face design of this model is perfectly gender-neutral, with a 42.4-millimeter case diameter and 10.26-millimeter thickness.

All Casio watches come with a standard 8-years battery life, and the Casio F108WH has a year short of that benchmark. If you ask us, having to change your watch’s battery once every seven years is impressive. One of the main highlights of the Casio F108WH is its attractive bright blue color.

The watch also comes with an attractive blue color large storage case with touches of silver. This beautiful case helps make the product a great choice for gift wrapping. The Casio F108WH weighs only 2.08 ounces.

9. Pokémon Kids' Watch With Flashing LED Lights

For Ages 3-9
Why it made the list Featuring characters from one of the most successful anime series of all time, this smartwatch helps kids tell time while they gotta catch ‘em all.

The Pokémon Kids’ Watch with Flashing LED Lights is another kids watch manufactured by Accutime Watch Corp. This is an officially licensed Pokémon children’s watch with a distinct flashing LED light feature. The light show around the watch’s bezel is triggered by pushing the start button on the top right side of the watch.

For boys and girls who are Pokémon fans, this watch will make a memorable gift they will love to wear on their wrists every day. The watch has prints of Pokémon on the big dial and also on the smooth non-irritating strap. Other Pokémon creatures printed on the watch’s face and the band are the popular Pikachu and Ash Ketchum characters.

Pokémon is a universe of its own where you can find creatures of all shapes and sizes who live in a parallel world with humans but do not speak except to say their names. As of today, the Pokémon universe has more than seven hundred creatures who live in it.

It’s a fascinating imagination-sparking world for kids to explore. If you ever thought a wristwatch should spark imagination in children as much as it teaches them to tell time, the Pokémon Kids’ Watch with Flashing LED Lights makes it possible.

Kids love the idea of training their Pokémon just as they love to “train their dragons.” This watch may not be in the heavy-duty or fitness watch category, but kids are bound to be drawn by the child-friendly design, the animated characters, and colorful lights features.

The watch also features a quartz movement digital display and an adjustable band with a buckle clasp designed to fit wrists of various sizes. The watch’s components are made from non-hazardous materials and have been certified to be safe for children.

The case around the bezel is made of plastic and a plastic window, with a diameter of 36 millimeters and 14 millimeters thickness. The watch’s strap has a width of 16 millimeters, while the watch itself weighs 22.68 grams.

It’s a little fiddly to change the hours and minutes, too tricky for a child to do, and you need to keep the instructions to follow how to do it. This watch is not water-resistant.

10. VTech PAW Patrol Skye Learning Watch

For Ages 3-6
Why it made the list The watch’s “toyish” design, 12 interchangeable clock faces, and overall functionality is developed to engage children with plenty of fun and educational activities.

If the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 is the smartest children’s watch, this VTech PAW Patrol Skye Learning Watch is the most fun interactive wearable gadget for children.

This interactive watch features Skye, PAW Patrol’s high-flying Cockapoo pilot pup, and includes the real voice of Ryder. Kids will hear Ryder call the pups into action, with cool sound effects and popular phrases from the PAW Patrol show.

The watch’s “toyish” design, 12 interchangeable clock faces, and overall functionality is developed to engage children less than 6-years-old with plenty of fun and educational activities. Just open the cover on the face of the watch and let the educational fun begin.

The watch comes in bright purple, red, and pink colors for kids to choose from. Shoppers will have to choose or collect all three versions with three different Paw Patrol characters- Chase in blue, Marshall in red, and Skye in pink- with each character’s face on the cover of each watch. All three versions come with the same app and games.

Smaller children, especially, are particularly fascinated by this watch. The VTech PAW Patrol Skye Learning Watch may look like a toy, but it is a fully functional watch designed to teach kids to tell time as well as other developmental skills.

This model comes with the basic smartwatch features such as a timer, alarm, stopwatch, and glowing light on the watch’s face. The watch weighs 2.88 ounces and comes with an adjustable band to fit different wrist sizes.

With this watch, learning to tell time is extra fun with the 12 Paw Patrol characters. Paw Patrol is a Canadian children’s cartoon series starring a team that protects the fictional shore side community of Adventure Bay. Even kids who have never seen the PAW Patrol cartoons will want to own one of these anyway.

Additional features of this watch include four built-in games devised to introduce and help children practice matching shapes and patterns, develop problem-solving skills, learn about animals, basic addition and subtraction skills.

This watch is not a touchscreen model, so the built-in games function with the buttons on the watch. The games are designed in such a clever manner that kids are educated while they have fun.

Kids can listen to age-appropriate and popular fun phrases voiced by members of the PAW Patrol. Parents can also use the VTech PAW Patrol Skye Learning Watch as a potty watch.

When the cuckoo clock is activated, the watch will briefly chime at the top of each hour between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. However, the cuckoo clock will not ring if a game is in progress. This PAW Patrol Skye Learning watch runs on one lithium metal battery.

Now, It’s Time to Take Time

Time can make all the difference. To “take time” in this part of the world implies to be patient or to use an amount of time to make something happen. But in West Africa, only a few time zones away, to “take time” means to watch out for danger, to be cautious, or to respect oneself.

So yes, time (and time zones) makes plenty of difference. If a child is old enough to watch TV, then they are ready for a personal watch. We are sure you can find the right watch for your child on the list above, no matter his or her age and preferences.

For sporty kids, you can never go wrong with the Casio F108WH Water Resistant Digital Blue Resin Strap Watch. And for active kids who prefer a simple but smart wristwatch, you can’t go wrong with the Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids. Finally, no child can possibly resist the possibilities of the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2.