10 Best Firetruck Toys for Kids 2024

Do you know a kid who loves firetrucks? Or, perhaps you have children who admire firefighters and the heroic work they do?

This buyer’s guide will review the best firetruck toys, ones that can help feed a child’s imagination and strengthen their heroic instincts. Children have loved firetruck toys through many generations, and these toys are just as exciting and developmentally beneficial today as they were decades ago.

Kids find firetruck toys so cool, not only because their heroes drive them but also because advances in technology have led them to be highly interactive, stimulating, and educational.

What to Look for When Shopping for Firetruck Toys

The market for firetruck toys is saturated, so shoppers might become overwhelmed by the many choices available to them. To make the right choice, you’ll need to think about the type of toy, the child it is meant for, and the developmental benefits that come with it. Below are four important factors to consider in a firetruck toy before handing over your credit card details.


When shopping for toys, it’s important to consider the user’s age. This will help determine a child’s interest in the toy and the developmental value for the child. One of the most important qualities of age-appropriate toys is that they are an excellent match for the user’s skill-set, learning capabilities, and interests. This buyer’s guide makes it easy for you to identify the right firetruck toys for your child’s age group because we have included a recommended age range for every toy on our list.

Lights and Sounds

Many fire engine toy comes with fun sounds and light show features. This, however, does not mean that only firetruck toys that make sounds and light up are good for your child. Some parents, especially parents that work from home, may prefer “silent" toys to minimize distractions. The Chicken Toys: Firetruck Toys with Play Mat is a fantastic firetruck toy with plenty of developmental benefits, even though it does not include light and sounds features.

But there’s no denying the fact that firetruck toys that light up and make sounds are very engaging for children. The WolVol Electric Firetruck Toy, for example, packs impressive lights and sound effects that keep kids spellbound.


Kids are hands-on learners, and they’re not always gentle with toys. In fact, kids are often so rough with toys because they are still developing their coordination skills, which is why durability is an important quality to look out for. The best toys don’t just look nice; they’re also built to last. So, consider your child’s age and his or her playing habits while shopping for firetruck toys, especially if you’re paying a lot of money. Keep reading to find out why we’ve chosen the items below as our top ten firetruck toys for kids.

Top 10 Best Firetruck Toys for Kids 2024

1. Green Toys Firetruck

For Ages 1-10
Why it made the list This earth-friendly truck is made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers.

Recycled Construction

As the name implies, Green Toys made this firetruck toy from recycled plastic, making it an endearing option for environmentally-conscious shoppers. Although this toy is recommended for one to ten-year-olds, this Green Toys Firetruck is the best toy for babies, specifically. If you’re looking for a safe playset to introduce your child to fire engine toys, this is the one to buy.

One of the reasons we think this is the best firetruck toy for babies is because it is entirely harmless, even if your child chews or licks it. We know that babies as young as a year old tend to put anything they touch into their mouths. Thankfully, this firetruck is made with materials completely free of phthalates, BPA, and even PVCs. Plus, the truck comes with no external coatings, paints, or dyes that could threaten a child’s health.

Everything about this toy, including the packaging, is earth-friendly. It is delivered to the customer packaged in recycled and 100% recyclable corrugated boxes with no plastics, cellophane, or twist-ties. Even the letterings and graphics on the box are printed with soy inks.

Emergency Ladders

Child safety is not all that the Green Toys Firetruck has going for it. It also comes with three emergency ladders. One of those ladders can rotate 360⁰, while the other two ladders are removable. The ergonomic design of this toy allows the two 8-rung ladders to be easily stored on the sides of the truck, so that kids have all the equipment they need while roleplaying a heroic dash to save lives and property.

The removable ladders can prove a bit of a challenge for toddlers to remove and replace, but it will help boost their fine motor skills. This toy fire engine is not battery powered and will need a child’s gentle push to move along different terrains. Unlike self-propelled toys, pushing this truck around will help improve children’s fine and gross motor skills.

Since the truck weighs just 1.4 pounds and has dimensions measuring 10.5 inches long, 6.25 inches wide, and 7.5 inches tall, it is easy for babies and tots to push it around and carry it with them.

Extreme Durability

If you have boys who enjoy ramming their toys together and generally playing rough, you can be sure that this firetruck is hard-wearing and will last for years. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the toy getting dirtied while kids play with it outdoors because the Green Toy firetruck is dishwasher safe. Green Toys actually recommends frequent washing to keep the toy as germ-free as possible. You can wash it with mild soaps or baby shampoos whenever your child wants to play with it.

This truck’s decals do not rival the WolVol Electric Firetruck Toy, but it does have molded details on its body such as hatchets, compartments, dials, and two sets of steep steps up the back, along with a GTFD shield on each door.


There are firetruck toys that come with a lot more fanciful features, but this Green Toys Firetruck could be the right choice if your child needs the flexibility to use their imaginations and play the way they want. The downside, however, is that toys like the WolVol Electric Firetruck Toy and the Chicken Toys: Firetruck Toys with Play Mat have greater educational value. This toy truck may not come with an array of electronic bells and whistles, but it is definitely worth buying because of its eco-friendly qualities.

2. PAW Patrol - Ultimate Rescue Firetruck

For Ages 3-5
Why it made the list This firetruck is an impressive size and has moving parts from front to back.

Incredible Size

Do you want a large-sized firetruck toy to make an impression on your child? Then the PAW Patrol – Ultimate Rescue Firetruck is what you’re looking for. This firetruck toy is impressive not only because of its size but also because it comes with impressive features.

The Ultimate Rescue Firetruck comes with a mini Marshall figure, a ladder, a sticker sheet to decorate the truck, four water cannons, a mini fire cart, and the Ultimate Rescue Firetruck. An instruction sheet to make it easy for kids to use the playset is included, too. Weighing 7 pounds, this could be your child’s ultimate fire-fighting vehicle, complete with flashing lights and sounds.

Even though the toy is suitable for children as young as three-years-old, adult supervision is highly recommended as the set comes with small parts such as the detachable water hose and mini-figures. These could pose a choking hazard for toddlers. The highly detailed firetruck measures an impressive 14 inches in height and includes a two-foot extendable ladder. The rest of the truck’s dimensions are 7 inches in length and 25.5 inches in width.

Moveable Parts

The truck has many moveable parts from its front to its back, to spark a child’s imagination and encourage pretend play.

Three of the water cannons are positioned beneath the lookout cab, while the remaining launcher fires its projectile from the rear of the truck. Thus, Marshall is equipped to fight fires from all fronts and your child is right there to direct the operation. Just turn the yellow knob behind the launcher or press the button to launch the water cannons. Aside from the lookout cab and mini fire cart, there is also a mini fire hose that your young firefighter and their paw patrol crew can use for small fire-fighting missions. Additional equipment includes an extendable claw arm that distends from the firetruck’s right side and can be used to safely rescue people and pups in trouble.

Additional Figures Available

This PAW Patrol Ultimate Firetruck has room for up to six paw patrols, although only Marshall comes included in the box. Completing the figurine set could be necessary if this toy is used by siblings, so keep that in mind. You can also buy [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YQHFEW2″]the rest of the team plus extra water cannons[/amazon] to complete the rescue crew.

In the meantime, kids can make do with the included cardboard cut-outs of the rest of the Paw Patrol team, including Rubble the bulldog, Chase the German shepherd, Rocky the mongrel, Zuma the Labrador retriever, and Skye the cockapoo.


We have no doubt the PAW Patrol – Ultimate Rescue Firetruck will be a huge hit in the family. Both boys and girls can have loads of educational and imaginative fun with the playset. This firetruck is as durable as it is cool. It can take plenty of abuse from children without breaking apart and its large size is highly impressive.

3. LEGO City Fire Station Rescue Tower Building Set

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list The set is compatible with fire toy vehicles from other LEGO CITY fire building kits.


The LEGO CITY sets are some of the best toys to encourage kids to cut screen time. These sets are based on the computer-animated LEGO CITY adventures and with the Fire Station Rescue Tower Building Set, kids can engage in hands-on interaction with the characters and stories they love watching on TV. This means less time watching the TV and more time building creativity and fine motor skills.

The lights and sound features require one LR44 battery, which is included. This set comes with a whopping 509 pieces that provide children the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in the heroic thrills of LEGO adventures. This 3-level LEGO fire station is recommended for LEGO fans who are five-years-old and above.

Small Parts

Part of the reason this playset is recommended for older kids is because of the many small parts that come with it. The LEGO City Fire Station Rescue Tower Building Set comes with four mini-figures, including a fire chief, firefighters, and a fire dog figure. It also comes with a buildable drone that has a spinning rotor, its own landing pad, and a water scooter to enable the noble firemen to put out fires in difficult to reach areas. Kids can also imagine themselves putting out fires using the included off-road fire vehicle that comes equipped with a stud-shooting fire hose.

Lego Alternatives

If you’re looking for a LEGO firetruck or fire-fighting playset for smaller children, go for a DUPLO LEGO version specially designed to introduce little ones to LEGO building toys. The LEGO DUPLO Town Firetruck Buildable Toy is a fantastic option for one to four-year-olds. Also, the 21 pieces LEGO DUPLO Town Firetruck Building Blocks is equally one of the best you can get for two-year-olds and older.

Fire Station Design

The building is well detailed and comes with nice extra touches. But we would’ve liked it if there were connecting stairs to the rooms and a fire pole. It’s almost unbelievable that there’s no fire pole in this otherwise realistic and beautifully designed fire station. The station measures 13.94 inches long, 14.88 inches wide, 2.78 inches tall, and weighs 2.2 pounds.

Easy Assembly

Kids will be able to build the entire set without an adult’s assistance using the included easy-to-read instructions. The bricks come in numbered bags, too, making it easy for kids to start their building adventures. LEGO includes spare bricks, especially of the smaller parts, to ensure children are not interrupted in their building projects even if they lose some of the pieces.


Both boys and girls will enjoy playing with this LEGO Fire Station building set. The included fire extinguishers, fire hose, office, relaxation room, scout tower, and a small waterside dock for a water scooter are guaranteed to be irresistible for LEGO fans. Although this playset comes with hundreds of pieces, the garage can fit just one firetruck, and the set is not as big as some other LEGO CITY playsets. One of the things we like the most about this LEGO set is its versatility. The set is compatible with Fire toy vehicles from other LEGO city fire building kits, and this fire station toy can be built together with other LEGO sets and building bricks for imaginative play.

4. LEGO City Fire Chief Response Truck

For Ages 5+
Why it made the list This Response Truck comes with well-detailed construction as seen on the 2019 TV series.

Compatible With Other Lego Sets

You can view the 201-piece LEGO City Fire Chief Response Truck building kit as a scaled-down version of the LEGO City Fire Station Rescue Tower Building Set we reviewed earlier. The best thing is that both sets can be bought together to merge and expand each other’s stories.

LEGO drives a concept that makes it possible to assimilate multiple stories in a single construction. So, if your child is a LEGO fan, the fact that you already have a LEGO set, even a firetruck or fire station building set, can hardly be a good reason to shun this LEGO City Fire Chief Response Truck. For example, this truck is perfectly compatible with the LEGO City Fire Station Rescue Tower Building Set and other LEGO building bricks. The more bricks you own, the more you can build and the more sophisticated your LEGO narrative.

But versatility is not all that the LEGO City Fire Chief Response Truck has going for it. Kids love LEGO toys because they’re fun to build and it forces them to use their creative talents. Consequently, this LEGO emergency response truck comes with well-detailed construction that replicates the newly released 2019 TV series.

Accessories and Mini Figures

The set is recommended for young builders five-years-old and older and has a detachable ladder as well as a screen inside the truck cab to inspire pretend play.

Other accessories that come with the truck include a fire axe, a fire extinguisher, two traffic cones, a mug, and other accessories. The firetruck has an opening on its roof allowing easy access for kids to explore. The playset also comes with a standalone electrical box with opening doors and a buildable flame element. There is also a water cannon with a water brick storage container and two (male and female) mini-figures.

The mini-figures are fire Chief Freya McCloud and a regular firefighter. Fire Chief Freya is a protagonist in the Lego City Adventures who works with firemen, Bob and Clemmons. Kids will enjoy teaming up with Chief Freya to put out fires in the city or tackle the burning electrical box, using the included water cannon. The water cannon is fitted with a lever to spray “water” at the “fire”. The buildable flame element and water cannon make the experience of putting out the flaming electrical box as realistic for children as possible.

Smart Phone Compatibility

Although we believe LEGO sets are the perfect toys to encourage children to cut screen time and still have fun, this set comes with smartphone and tablet app functionality that allows children to view 3D images of their creations on the screen. Kids can also use the app to access the easy-to-use intuitive building instructions. The LEGO Life app provides a safe and moderated platform for kids to share their LEGO creations with friends.


Like all LEGO toys, the LEGO City Fire Chief Response Truck is all about open-ended creative and imaginative play, giving children the tools to bond with family and friends, while developing cognitive and gross motor skills. The 201 pieces should be easier to store than other construction sets with hundreds of more pieces. That’s because the set is delivered to the customer in a regular cardboard box that can be used to store the bricks after each round of play. When assembled, the Response Truck measures 10.32 inches long, 7.52 inches wide, and 2.84 inches tall.

5. WolVol Electric Firetruck Toy

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The truck stops and changes direction when it bumps into something.


This firetruck toy by WolVol stands out with its stunning realistic sirens, beeping sounds, 3D LED lights and working headlights. The toy is recommended for children as young as three-years-old, although we do not doubt that adults will love this toy, too. The truck drives around on its own and the best thing is that it stops, backs up, changes direction, and continues moving when it bumps into something.

Not only does this WolVol fire tuck toy go forward and backward and make a left and right turn, but one of the coolest things it does is spin 360⁰. Just be sure to place the vehicle on a flat surface to have it successfully execute a 360⁰ spin. With these cool moves paired with the light show and fun sounds, this firetruck toy is capable of holding a child’s attention for long hours.

Loud Siren Sounds

The WolVol Electric Firetruck Toy has more than just entertainment value. It is a great toy to spark imagination because it packs enough features that encourage role-playing. This can also inspire a child’s creative talents as they imagine themselves to be fire-fighting heroes. However, this toy is loud. It has an on/off button for the truck but there is no switch to turn off the sounds or the light show.

Without an on/off or volume switch for the fun sounds, work-from-home parents might get tired of listening to sirens and fire commands on repeat. We found a home-made solution for this which is to cover the speaker grill with soft, child-friendly wax. Problem solved. This reduces the volume to a comfortable level while still holding a child’s attention.

Battery Power

You’d perhaps think a toy like this would drain batteries but it does not. This WolVol firetruck toy runs on three AA batteries (not included) that last a long time. The truck’s flashing lights are just fantastic with a spectrum of multi-colored 3D effects that can be seen from the truck’s top and windows. For the best light show experience, turn on the truck in a dark or dimly lighted area.

Considering that children are highly fascinated by vibrant colors and fun sounds, the WolVol Electric Firetruck Toy wins in these areas. Also, since this firetruck relies on batteries to work, it’s disappointing that WolVol did not include the required three AA batteries, leaving customers to purchase them separately. However, there is a cap on the bottom of the truck which allows the truck to be manually moved around by children.

Lightweight Construction

Weighing just 13 ounces, the truck’s lightweight quality is easy for kids to manoeuvre, but it also means the truck’s carry capacity is limited, considering that tots love to shuttle stuff around in trailer trucks like this. This WolVol toy truck has dimensions measuring 10.5 inches in length, 4.5 inches in width, and 3.5 inches in height.


The WolVol electric vehicle is an amazing firetruck toy with realistic details including a fire extinguishing hose at the top of the truck, a rack for storing fire-fighting tools, and engine details that can be seen through the truck’s windows. This is a perfectly gender-neutral firetruck toy.

6. TEMI Fire Carrier Truck Transport Vehicles

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This fleet of firetrucks are made with premium, safe, and super-durable materials.

Robust Build

The first thing you’ll notice about this fire engine toy by TEMI is its robust look. These TEMI Fire Carrier Truck Transport Vehicles are actually as robust as they look. In fact, the best thing about this firetruck playset is its premium build and high quality. Not only does its ergonomic design include child-safe rounded edges, but the truck’s surface is also smooth to the touch as an extra precaution to protect the skin from even mild abrasions.

Finely Crafted Friction Powered Wheels

These safety precautions spill over to the wheels of the truck. The truck’s wheels are equally smooth to the touch, with no sharp corners that may scratch the skin. The finely crafted wheels also ensure that the truck does not damage the floor, especially since this is a push-forward friction-powered firetruck.

Friction powered toys are propelled by a mechanism involving a large flywheel which is connected to the drive wheels of the toy via a very low gear ratio so that the flywheel revolves faster. In that sense, the vehicles in this kit, including the airplanes, can drive on their own by slightly pushing them forward and letting them go.

Cognitive Development

We were particularly impressed with the carrier’s cab that turns just like real trailer trucks. It’s fun to watch the truck make turns with its head turning first, followed by the length of its body. The trailer is also detachable from the cab. The big truck measures 16.9 inches long, 5.7 inches wide, and 7.1 inches tall.


The carrier truck comes with smaller emergency rescue vehicles including an airplane, a chopper, a ladder truck, and a fire crane truck. The smaller vehicles come with moving parts such as extendable and rotating ladders and cranes, and the helicopter’s propeller rotates 360⁰. All five vehicles will spark the imagination of children, allowing them to recreate all sorts of heroic fire-fighting scenes.

Getting the small emergency vehicles out of the carrier is a process that can familiarize children with protocols and procedures. The cab has to be separated from the traction compartment, and the tailgate opened to send the vehicles down the carrier’s foldable loading pad. The truck comes with flashing lights, sirens, and whistling sounds as extra touches to enhance the realistic feel of playing with this firetruck toy.

The light and sound features require two 1.5V AA batteries which are not included. We think it’s great that the lights and sound features can be turned on by pressing the big black button on the top of the cab, and the whistling sound lasts for just 8 seconds with every press. This is good news for parents who might get annoyed by the constant wailing of sirens in children’s toys without an on/off switch.


As kids run the vehicles around the house, they develop their cognitive skills, and improve hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. You can imagine the fun children will have from stacking the smaller vehicles in the big carrier truck, pushing the truck forward, and watching it drive along with the small vehicles inside it.

7. Chicken Toys: Firetruck Toys With Play Mat

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This playset comes with multiple emergency vehicles and a non-slip play mat.


The Chicken Toys: Firetruck Toys with Play Mat is not just an entertainment playset, this is a bona fide educational toy. With the included fleet of various emergency vehicles, road signs, and a colorful play mat, kids will learn about fire rescue protocols while playing games and having fun.

This could be just the playset to inspire a child’s interest in the fire-fighting department. The Chicken Toys fire playset is recommended for children three-years-old and older. The toy pieces that come in this playset includes six mini firetrucks, three road signs, and one fire rescue play mat.

No Batteries Required

The vehicles do not require batteries or electricity recharge as they do not have sounds or light-up features. If this is something you’re looking for, you could instead opt for a single unit toy like the WolVol Electric Firetruck Toy, which is battery-powered to drive on its own and comes with fun sounds and 3D light shows.

Alternatively, you could get this Chicken Toys: Firetruck Toy with no fun sounds and lights and with no self-driving capabilities, but you’ll never have to worry about batteries. You also get not just one but six emergency vehicle toys in the box. The emergency vehicles include four different types of firetrucks; two with a manually operated water cannon and rescue ladder on top, a police car, and an ambulance.

Realistic Detailing

The detailing on these toys is excellent. The trucks even come with non-working flashers. The trucks may not be battery-powered to run on their own, but kids can have plenty of fun pushing them around the play mat. This will help kids build hand-eye coordination.

It is worth mentioning that the emergency vehicles are friction powered. This means kids can pull the vehicle back, and it will run on its own. The firetrucks are three inches long and two inches tall. They are made with odorless, environmentally-friendly, and non-toxic ABS plastic. The vehicles can be washed and cleaned without fading.

Play Mat

The mat is made with a non-slip rubber base that ensures children’s safety should they walk or run on it. Of course, the play mat is intended for the emergency vehicles, but there’s no telling what kids will do when they’re in a playful mood. The anti-slip base ensures the mat does not slide while kids are playing on it. The top of the mat is made with high-quality, smooth material that leaves the play mat moderately thick and not easily deformed.

Measuring 18 inches long and 14 inches wide, the mat is compact and easy to fold away for storage. This makes it the perfect playset for firetruck fans to take with them on camping trips and vacations. You can pack the rest of the pieces in a gallon Ziplock and you’re ready to go. This fire-fighting playset provides the perfect opportunity for parents to teach kids about the different aspects of traffic, firefighters, and the police.


This firetruck playset by Chicken Toys is one of the best you can get. At the same price range as other single unit firetruck toys, you get not just one, but a full set of emergency rescue toys, including road signs, a variety of rescue vehicles, and a fire-fighting play mat.

8. JOYIN 10-in-1 Die-Cast Firetruck

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The JOYIN carrier truck comes with ultra-realistic detailing, as do the little cars and the helicopter that come with it.

10-in-1 Playset

We can think of the JOYIN 10 in 1 Die-cast Firetruck as the toy mothership of fire and emergency responder vehicles. With ten different rescue vehicles included, this playset has even more pieces than the TEMI Fire Carrier Truck Transport Vehicles. We refer to this carrier truck as the mothership because the carrier truck itself has no fire-fighting functionalities except to transport the fleet of emergency vehicles. If you think labeling this carrier truck as the mothership is going too far, then consider that it transports a fire rescue super-trailer-truck in its belly. This is in addition to other rescue vehicles, including an emergency helicopter, fire ambulance, crane firetruck, fire tanker, Fire Department armored car, and an assortment of fire engines.

The vehicles are push and go toys, which means they’re inertia motor-driven toys. There is enough fire-fighting pieces in this playset that you may never have to spend on a firetruck toy again. With the super truck measuring 13.75 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 6 inches tall, all the rescue vehicles can be neatly parked on both sides of its belly.

The JOYIN 10 in 1 Die-cast Firetruck comes with eight toy firemen which further enhances the thrill of re-enacting fire-fighting scenes. The firemen are 1.96 inches tall and 1.8 inches wide. The men are all armed with an assortment of fire-fighting tools while simulating different poses.

Many Moving Parts

Even with this many smaller vehicles included, the realistic finishing does not stop with the big transporter. All the smaller fire engines also come with realistic design and moving parts to enhance imaginative play. For example, the helicopter’s propellers are rotatable, the carrier truck has transparent lids that open and close over its compartments, the crane on the lifting firetruck works, and the cab of the mini super truck can turn.

The mini super truck’s cab is also detachable from its trailer. The transporter’s front can be folded out and converted into a loading pad, allowing the compartmentalized vehicles to roll out in an orderly fashion. The mini vehicles are small enough for kids to put in their pockets, making them the perfect car seat toys for children. With such small pieces though, adult supervision is highly recommended if toddlers use this playset.

Durability and Storage

In our opinion, the transporter is the sturdiest of all the vehicles and should be more capable of taking abuse from children. As far as storage, the box the set comes in can be used as a carrying case. The box is 15.91 inches in length, 7.32 inches wide, and 4.96 inches in depth. You can display this cute toy in your home by neatly storing the vehicles in the carrier truck’s compartments.

It weighs about three pounds with all the vehicles in the box, so there shouldn’t be any issues with kids bringing the set along with them on trips and vacations. All the vehicles are made with part plastic and part die-cast metal which, gives them a premium and very durable quality. JOYIN says this playset is made with non-toxic child-safe materials that conform to US Toy Standards.


The die-cast toys are also easy to clean, as you can simply wipe down the toys with a non-abrasive cloth to remove dust and dirt. To clean hard to reach crevices of the toys, you might consider using a small vacuum cleaner.


In all, this firetruck toy is an ideal playset to entertain children while helping them develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

9. Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck

For Ages 1.5-5
Why it made the list This firetruck comes with a pressurized water tank and hose that really squirts water.

The Best Ride-on Toy

Are you looking for a great toy to introduce children to the Fire Department? How about a ride-on firetruck? The Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck is a ride-on toy designed to be suitable for kids as young as 18-months-old and children up to five-years-old. Ride-on toys like this one are great at helping children develop balance as they learn how to stand and walk unaided.

Plus, ride-on toys often end up as children’s favorite, keeping them occupied in cardio fun for hours. The Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck is a great toy but it has drawbacks we should first get out of the way.

Tricky Assembly

The drawback is the assembly. We found that the truck is rather difficult to put together but hopefully that’s an isolated experience. We think the instructions that come with it are just not good enough; not easy to understand by the average customer. So, you’re likely to spend some time working on this and may need to resort to watching online videos to see how to put the truck together.

But you certainly shouldn’t be discouraged from getting this otherwise fantastic firetruck toy just because of the poorly prepared instruction manual that comes with it. Again, our experience assembling this truck may very well be an isolated case.

Works With Water

As the toy’s name implies, it comes with a pressurized water tank and hose that really squirts water. Unlike many firetruck toys where children have to imagine putting out fires with imaginary water, this full-sized retro-style firetruck allows children to pretend to put out fires using real water. The water tank is easily removed for easy refill. The tank can hold up to two gallons of water, eliminating the need to frequently refill,

Take note, though, the pump on the fire hose might be difficult for smaller children to use. The fire hose is removable so that parents can easily take it away if they want. The truck is not motorized which allows children to push it along with their feet, Flintstones style. It does come with a steering wheel that smoothly controls the tires. The foot-to-floor design will help children build leg muscles.

Simple to Use

This is a very sturdy ride-on truck made entirely with rounded edges to protect children from scratches and abrasions. It’s the kind of toy truck that children end up making their sole means of transportation around the house, so beware. It doesn’t have any light and sound features so parents don’t have to anticipate the headaches of unending whistling and sirens. The truck is good for outdoor as well as indoor play.

The lack of electronic gizmos also means no batteries are required. Kids might wish to make the siren noises themselves, anyway—so let their imagination soar. The truck has a length of 34 inches, a width of 17 inches, and a height of 22 inches. It weighs 14.11 pounds and can support weights of up to 50lbs.

Additional Suggestions

Ride-on firetruck toys come with an array of developmental benefits and can help children improve their balance, motor skills, self-confidence, independence, coordination, and physical fitness. Plus, they’re just loads of fun. If you decide to get a ride-on firetruck, the Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck is our top pick, and can be enjoyed indoors as well as outdoors. It actually comes in three different styles including this Firetruck, Firetruck and Car Wash, and Firetruck and Gas Pump. But we also recommend the Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride-On, which is suitable for one-year-old to three-year-old kids. Alternatively, go for the Wiggle Car by Lil’ Rider if you want a firetruck-themed ride-on toy suitable for two-year-olds to six-year-olds and with a focus on improving cardiovascular health and physical fitness.


The truck is roomy, which allows the young firefighter plenty of space to do his or her job. Yes, this is an excellent ride-on toy for firetruck fans, but the truth is that the truck is not just for firetruck lovers.

10. iPlay, iLearn Kids Firetruck Toys Play Set

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list The storage box can be easily converted into a play mat or garages for the firetrucks.

Educational STEM Toy

We consider the iPlay, iLearn Kids Firetruck Toys Play Set as not just an imaginative and entertaining playset, but also as a STEM toy designed to educate kids about engineering and mechanics. The included road signs such as STOP, NO ENTRY, SPEED LIMIT, TRAFFIC LIGHTS, U-TURN, ONE WAY, etc. are designed to promote traffic awareness and knowledge of road safety regulations.

Extensive Set

The set comes with everything a child needs to recreate fire-fighting scenes. There are five different types of firetrucks included, all of them with moving parts to enhance pretend play. One of the trucks is a crane truck measuring 6.3 inches long, 1.77 inches wide, and 2.76 inches tall. The crane atop the truck can be lifted to make it easy for the young firemen to put out fires in elevated places. The crane is also 360⁰ rotatable, assuring that the rescue efforts surmount all hindrances.

These trucks come with impressively realistic detailing, including the wheels and the shiny non-slip surface of the truck’s bed. The other three types of firetrucks included are an aerial ladder firetruck with a lifting and rotatable ladder, a water tanker firetruck with a rotatable spray gun, and a turbojet water tanker firetruck. All of the vehicles are painted in the FD red color with logos and realistic detailing. These toys are made from ABS plastic and are phthalate-free, having undergone the required USA toy safety testing making them completely safe for children. ,

The firetrucks alone can provide tons of imaginative fun for children, but it doesn’t stop there. The kit also includes a realistic four-deck fire station training tower with connecting stairs. The training tower and fleet of rescue vehicles are maxed out with the included array of accessories such as fire pumps, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, ladders, road signs, barricades, barriers, fences, barrels, and road safety cones. You even get a free box opener to open the storage box.

Storage Box

There is something ingenious about the storage box. It can be converted into an interlocking play mat for the playset. The same play mat can also be modified into garages for the trucks. It’s a case of whatever suits the fancy of your young one.


We couldn’t help the feeling that something is missing without two or more firemen figures included in the set to enhance role-play. On the whole, though, this is a highly recommendable firetruck playset.

Waaaaaahhhhhhh! Sirens On!

Firetruck toys can help mold kids into adults with a sense of responsibility and the fearlessness to help people in need. In this guide, we’ve laid out the best ones available—all you need to do is take your pick!

Maybe your child is at the age where a ride-on toy such as the Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck is of the greatest benefit. Or, perhaps you are looking for a silent but entertaining firetruck toy such as the JOYIN 10 in 1 Die-cast Firetruck. Alternatively, you may prefer a firetruck toy with an array of stimulating electronic features, such as the WolVol Electric Firetruck Toy.

Whatever your preference, we trust you’ve found great choices in this buyer’s guide. The important thing is to be informed, and we believe you now are. On the off-chance that you’re still searching for the perfect firetruck toy, why not check out our guide to the best firetruck toys for kids and toddlers. It’s jam-packed full of even more fire-fighting themed product picks.