Doctor, Doctor! The 10 Best Doctor Kit Toys 2024

Roleplay is very popular amongst young kids. It’s a type of creative play that exercises the imagination and can teach the child how to act in certain situations.

One of the scenarios often re-enacted are doctor and patient interactions. This creates a positive image of healthcare professionals in the child’s mind, and by pretending to be a doctor they might even discover their lifelong passion. One of the best ways to engage in this type of play is with children’s doctor playsets, which is why there are many excellent ones on the market today.

Doctor kits are the type of toy that comes with a variety of small parts. And every kit is different, so there are things you should take into account when shopping for a Doctor Kit toy.

Why Buy a Toy Doctor Kit?

There are a myriad of reasons why your child should play with doctor kits.They can learn to be compassionate and care for others by taking on the Doctor role, and it’s a great socializing exercise that presents the opportunity for your child to learn how to ask questions and actively listen to the answers.

It’s also a fun method to combat anxiety surrounding doctor’s appointments. Your child will be more confident around healthcare professionals if they can practice scenarios in the comfort of their home with people they trust.

They can perhaps even explore a possible future passion and career. It is very early for them to be thinking of such things, but many people have their minds set on what they want to be from a very young age.

What You Get

Some kits come with just the basic tools and aren’t all that hard to keep track of, but some come with as many as 60 parts or more. Buying the bigger kit may seem better, but you will find yourself in a daunting situation when there are little parts everywhere and you can’t keep track of all of them.

Luckily, some kits come with carrier cases, bags, and some even turn into suitcases. The child will be more inclined to tidy up if the storage container is part of the set and goes with the Doctor theme. Not only can it make playtime more fun for them, it will make your life easier.

Types of Tools

You want to make sure all the basics are covered. A fake syringe, a stethoscope, and a thermometer are the kind of tool that every kit will have. But many will go above and beyond that and include every tool you can – and can’t – think of.

But does more equal better? Not necessarily. Sometimes when given too much choice, your child may grow bored quicker. But overall, a variety of tools would broaden the child’s knowledge and help them recognize a wide variety of objects commonly used by doctors. It’s a double-edged sword, and you just need to decide what would suit your child’s personality better.

Types of Doctor

Just like all doctors in real life don’t specialize in the same things, Doctor kit toys also cover a few specialties. You can get doctor kits for general physicians, surgeons, dentists, and even veterinarians.

Age Appropriateness

You can get Doctor kit toys for kids as young as three, which are likely to include fewer pieces and no small objects that can present a choking hazard.

Bigger kits with a lot of small pieces are catered to older kids who aren’t prone to putting things in their mouths anymore.

As long as the objects are safe, any child can play with them. But some include Doctor coats and scrubs that won’t fit every child, so you will want to stick to the age range in those cases.

Top 10 Best Doctor Kit Toys 2024

1. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

For Ages 3-6
Why it made the list This basic kit comes with 7 pieces, including all the essentials your child needs to play doctor, and a fabric “doctor” bag to store all the other items.

Fisher-Price’s Medical kit may be one of the smallest, but it stands out amongst others due to its superior quality. It’s adequate for kids from ages three to six years old, but kids older than that can also enjoy it. However, the bandages may not fit around their wrist.

This medical kit includes 7 pieces: a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, a thermometer, an otoscope, a syringe, a bandage, and a doctor bag made of soft, high-quality fabric.

One of the items in this Doctor kit brings some realism to playtime. The blood pressure cuff does not inflate like a real one would. However, when your child squeezes the ball the dial on the cuff spins.

Although the kit is small, it has all the essentials for a little Doctor aspirant to check up on the health of their friends, family, pets, or even their stuffed animals. They’ll be able to check blood pressure, check the inside of their patient’s ears, and listen to their heartbeat with the stethoscope. They can also check temperatures, and the little thermometer can go from displaying the word “Sick” to the word “Well” with the press of a button.

All these essential check-ups are likely to be performed on your child in their visits to the pediatrician, so they can be prepared and calm any worries by practicing with this Doctor kit.

But not only does this help eradicate Doctor anxiety, it will help nurture and develop your child’s imagination and creative thinking. As well as teach them basic life skills such as sharing, by switching from patient to doctor, the child will have to let another person use their Doctor tools.

The only downside of this doctor kit is that the stethoscope doesn’t work like it does in many other kits. But what is lacks in functionality, it makes up in quality and sturdiness. Price may also be higher than others, but once again that’s due to the quality of the product.

Bandaids tend to be the trickiest piece of a Doctor kit, as it needs to be large enough to stay out of a small child’s mouth, but it still needs to be functional. This kit achieves that very well, as the bandaid is meant to fit around the child’s wrist.

Storage is taken into account too as all the tools fit snugly inside the doctor’s bag, making tidy-up time as easy as possible.

The thermometer only requires a forehead reading, instead of a mouth reading. This works stupendously as it keeps the toy out of everyone’s mouth when it needs to be used, and it’s also less scary for the child as the method of use is a lot simpler.

2. INNOCHEER Medical Toys Set

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This kit comes with 20 pieces, including a compact carrier case to tidy things away when not in use. The lab coat can fit kids as old as 8 so it can be played with for years.

The INNOCHEER Medical Toys Set combines doctor and dentist tools, so the child can learn about both professions and calm their anxieties about visiting both their pediatrician and their dentist.

This set comes with 20 pieces: a doctor coat, a mask, a mouth mirror, a syringe, a stethoscope, a pair of eyeglasses, forceps, scissors, tweezers, an otoscope, a reflex hammer, a thermometer, three pill cases, three bandaids, a case to store all the pieces, and a sticker for the case.

The Doctor coat will make playtime all the more special, as your child can dress like a Doctor whilst they pretend to be one. The coat fits most kids between the ages of 3 and 8, but it all depends on your child’s size.

This Medical Toys set has all the essential Doctor and Dentist tools, which are all quite realistic in appearance. This can help your child familiarize with every tool a Doctor may need to use on them. You can teach them to cough when using a stethoscope to listen to their lungs and to open their mouth as much as they can to check their tonsils. That kind of roleplay action will make them more confident about going to the pediatrician.

The stethoscope produces a real heartbeat sound and lights up when pressed against something, making playtime a bit more interesting.

Switching between patient and doctor will get you closer to your child and prompt many healthy interactions. Your child will also learn that their doctor is compassionate and cares about them, and nothing they do is to harm them.

To make this set even better for you, it comes with a sturdy case that can store all the pieces included in the kit. You won’t have to worry about things lying around when it’s so easy to tidy everything up.

The case has a snap-on latch which leaves the case securely shut to avoid accidental spillages. And to make it enticing for kids and encourage them to tidy everything inside, it can be used as a crossbody bag so they can carry everything around as they visit different patients around the house.

You will need batteries for the stethoscope, but you can get an affordable [amazon url="″]20-pack of long-lasting 1.5V button cell batteries[/amazon] on Amazon. It doesn’t add much to the price so it shouldn’t affect your decision to purchase.

Although the INNOCHEER Medical Toys Set is BPA-free and safe for kids, you shouldn’t let a child younger than 3 play with it, as some pieces present a choking hazard. But if you remove these pieces, you can let your toddler explore the different tools.

3. Kidzlane Doctor Kit

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list It comes with an electronic stethoscope that produces an authentic heartbeat sound to bring playtime to another level.

Kidzlane’s doctor kit has everything you need to help teach your child about the human body, and as with all other kits, to calm their doctor-related fears by roleplaying with them.

This kit includes a thermometer, a syringe, a reflex hammer, a blood pressure monitor, a hand mirror, an otoscope, bandaids, scissors, eyeglasses, an electronic stethoscope, and an electronic telephone.

What makes this kit special is the realistic pieces that make playtime more interesting. The cellphone produces a wide range of sounds, and the stethoscope produces an authentic heartbeat and coughing sound. The only downside of this is that the cellphone comes with no volume control so it may inconvenience you at times if you need to work, study, or read a good book.

The bandaids fit on a small child’s arm and are colored like real bandaids for realism purposes. You can also look through the otoscope.

As for realistic pieces, the blood pressure cut falls a bit short. It will only fit a child’s arm, so if it’s your turn to be the patient, you won’t be able to use it. All tools are sized just right for little fingers too, so it may be slightly awkward for you to handle them.

The stethoscope’s earplugs fit comfortably but are also large enough that they won’t damage your child’s eardrums, and that’s what matters the most.

This kit also comes with a super useful carrying case so you can store all the pieces when playtime is over, or so your child can do it themselves. The case is large enough that every tool can fit inside comfortably, so there’s no need to fiddle around to make everything fit. It stays shut with a snap-lock latch that’s both secure and easy for your kid to open and close.

Kidzlabe’s Doctor Kit isn’t lacking when it comes to quality. The pieces are sturdy and durable and can be easily cleaned for safety.

This kit is is latex-free and has passed all safety tests, including CPSIA and HR4040 for lead content, so rest assured that this toy is safe for your child.

You will need two AA batteries for the cellphone, and two button cell batteries for the stethoscope. There are all included, but in the event of them running out, you can easily change them. The AA batteries are used in most household items so you may already have a pack lying around, but for the stethoscope, you can buy a [amazon url="″]20 pack of batteries on Amazon[/amazon] for a low price.

4. MCFANCE Pretend Play Doctor Kit

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list It comes with 48 pieces making this one of the biggest sets you can find, and it includes a real stethoscope to create a more immersive playing experience.

MCFANCE’s Pretend Play Doctor Kit will help reduce your child’s health-related anxiety, develop their compassion and nurturing skills, but it is also sure to keep them engaged and coming back for more as this kit is huge, it has 48 varied pieces that will prompt hours of play.

This kid includes a scalpel, surgical pliers, surgical tweezers, surgical scissors, a surgical clip, a tray, a Doctor’s hat, and white coat, a business card, a case registration board, a signing pen, eyeglasses, a medicine chest, two stickers, an eye chart, a bezel, a signaled, a syringe, a thermometer, a hanging bottle set, a stethoscope, a bandaid, a reflex hammer, a pulse meter, two pillboxes, two pills, two medicine spoons, an oxygen cylinder, an otoscope, a hot water bottle, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a dental drill, two teeth, a tooth hook, a dental mold, a dental mirror, a flashlight, and six cards about dental health.

As you can see by the list of products, with this kit your child can pretend to be a doctor, a dentist, or even a surgeon. And there are so many tools that may encourage your child to learn more about each profession and perhaps even find their passion.

The stethoscope actually works, and it comes with two soft silicone earplugs that won’t hurt your child’s ears and eardrums. Functioning pieces are the best way to achieve immersive playtime, and this kit has a few interactive tools.

You can look through the otoscope, the blood pressure monitor produces realistic sounds, and of course, your child can wear the complete hat and white coat set, combined with the high-quality fake eyeglasses, the name badge, and medical record clipboard.

The blood pressure cuff doesn’t inflate like a real one, but it does have a gauge that moves when the rubber balloon is pressed. So even though you can’t prepare them for the cuff to tighten around their arm, you can teach them how blood pressure monitors work.

The Dentist part of this set is incredible too. The info cards come with images and sentences to encourage dental hygiene, the little hippo’s teeth come out to show cavities. And with a patient such as that colorful hippo, your kid won’t need to pop the tools inside your mouth to have fun. The toothpaste is interactive too and you can squeeze it for fake toothpaste to come out, which retracts when you let it go.

To seal the deal, this kit comes with a case where you can store all the pieces, which is crucial since there are so many and it can be hard to keep track of all of them without a place to store them.

5. LOYO Dentist Kit for Kids

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list It includes 35 pieces and a sturdy carrying case. Some pieces are equipped with realistic sound and light effects to help your child get acquainted with the tools used by the dentist.

LOYO’s Dentist Kit for kids does include basic pieces used by Doctors and Surgeons, but the focus of this kit is on dental health. It comes with tools to teach your child how to clean their teeth, and what the dentist uses to do it, so they can get familiar with all the equipment and calm their dental health worries.

This kit comes with a stethoscope, a blood pressure monitor, an IV bag and stand, two teeth – one white with a happy face, and a brown one with a crying face – two pill bottles, two pills, two medicine spoons, a bandage, a bar of soap, a tray, an identity card, a medical record clipboard, a Doctor hat, and coat set, fake eyeglasses, scissors, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a syringe, tweezers, a reflex hammer, a scalpel, a dental drill, an otoscope, a flashlight, two thermometers, a dental mirror, a dental hook, a dental elevator, and a carrier case.

Some pieces present realistic light and sound effects, such as the stethoscope, which produces an authentic heartbeat sound, the blood pressure cuff which is squeezable and makes the arrow on the monitor move, but it doesn’t inflate. More tools light up, like the thermometers, the flashlight, the otoscope, and the stethoscope. The only issue is that the thermometers show the temperature in degrees Celsius, and the stethoscope doesn’t let you hear the real heartbeat, only a recording.

Another possible issue is that the IV stand may not stand straight properly, which can be frustrating for the child. But it isn’t too heavy, so it’s normal for that to happen. It has been recorded that the blood pressure cord may come out, but that can be easily prevented and fixed by taping it to the cuff.

This kit comes with a carrying case that is sturdy and durable, and all toys can be put inside when playtime is over. It’s kept shut by snap-lock latches and can be carried around by grabbing its handle.

However, there is a catch. When you receive this kit all the pieces will come inside the case individually wrapped and neatly organized. But when your child takes them out to play, getting everything back in the case may be harder than expected. Things will need to be arranged a certain way to fit, so it may fall on you to take care of it.

6. TSOMTTO Doctor Double-Decker Cart

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This kit comes in the shape of a doctor’s cart, offering an extra prop to play with. There are interactive features such as light effects on the x-ray and changing numbers on the thermometer.

TSOMTTO Doctor Double-Decker Cart provides a tangible workstation for little Doctors. Not only is it a great storage solution, but it comes with a few unique features.

Alongside the cart, this kit includes a basket, an attachment to secure the basket to the cart, a syringe, a reflex hammer, hand soap, eye drops, a pill bottle, a medical record clipboard, a pulsometer, an otoscope, forceps, an oxygen bottle, scissors, a dental mirror, a scalpel, a stethoscope, an ID card, a thermometer, a tray, fake eyeglasses, a coat and hat set, and three X-rays.

The oxygen bottle is meant to be hung on the card, so it’s always handy for your child to reach in case of a fictitious medical emergency. The cart comes with an X-ray monitor, where you can showcase the different inserts – it comes with a brain scan, a chest scan, and a hands scan.

The cart has a handle on the side and wheels that run smoothly so they can carry it around with them. If your house is carpeted there’s no issue, as the wheels run smoothly on the carpet too.

A few of the tools are interactive and bring a realistic element to playtime. The X-ray monitor, the hammer, the pulsometer, and the thermometer light up when your child presses a button. The number on the thermometer changes when the button is pressed too, however, it is in degrees Celsius.

This set comes with stickers that can go on the tools. You can either do it yourself or teach your child how to do it. It can be a great activity if your child is very young as it would help them develop their hand-eye coordination.

The basket can either be attached to the cart, or it can be taken out and carried around by itself. You can fit various tools inside, which is also handy when it’s time to tidy up.

The cart itself is 20 inches from the floor to the handle, which may be smaller than expected, so keep that in mind.

The only downside of this toy is that it may be a bit unsteady, so it is safer to get if your kid doesn’t rely on toys or furniture for balance. It is top-heavy, and it will flip easily if your child applies force to the tray or the handle.

7. Anpro Doctor Pretend Play Kit

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list It comes with 46 pieces both for general physician play and dentist play, one of those tools is a real stethoscope. No recorded sounds, no pretend toy—an actual real stethoscope.

Anpro’s Doctor Pretend Play Kit has everything your child needs and more to learn about healthcare and familiarize themselves with doctor’s tools to make the next visit to the Pediatrician or Dentist a little bit easier.

This kit includes a dental drill, a dental mirror, a dental hook, a dental hammer, a dental hippo model, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a stethoscope, two medicine bottles, two pills, two medicine spoons, two pillboxes, a thermometer, a syringe, an otoscope, a hot water bottle, a tray, medical forceps, scissors, tweezers, an oxygen bottle, an infusion bottle, a hemostatic patch, a sphygmomanometer, a scalpel, six cards with dental hygiene images and phrases, a medical chest, a medical record clipboard, an ID card, and fake eyeglasses.

There are a few interactive features that make this kit stand out. The hippo has all its teeth that the child can examine and brush, this way they will learn how to brush their own teeth too. The oxygen bottle has an oxygen mask attached so your child can learn how to use it.

There are stickers your child can use on the tools, or anywhere else. This will improve their hand-eye coordination. And the cherry on top is that the stethoscope is real. It has soft silicone earplugs, small enough for children’s ears, and big enough not to damage them.

This kit comes with a sturdy case that can store all 46 pieces, so you won’t have to step on random medical tools as your walk around the house. It has snap-lock latches that guarantee that the case stays shut, and are easy for your child to maneuver. The case also has a handle so your kid can take it anywhere, maybe even to the Dentist’s office to show them off.

This set is meant for kids over the age of 3, but be aware that it has many small pieces that can are a choking hazard.

When it comes to quality and safety, this toy has both. It’s made of sturdy and durable child-safe plastic that is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. It meets the safety requirements of ASTM and CE, and it has smooth edges all around, with no sharp points or edges anywhere so your kid doesn’t get hurt.

The overall quality isn’t the best, but it’s not bad either. The price of the kit and the real stethoscope completely make up for it.

8. Liberty Imports Veterinarian Play Kit

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list It will promote the love and empathy for animals in your little one, teaching them the importance of taking care of their pets.

This doctor kit is a bit different than the rest, as it’s for little veterinarians. Roleplaying as a vet can make your child more compassionate towards animals and understand that they get sick too, and need to be taken care of.

This kit contains a pet carrier, a stethoscope, a thermometer, a syringe, an ear scope, two bandages, a neck cone, a medicine bottle, two food bowls, a snap-on cast, a tooth knock, a can of cat food, two collars, a sheet of name stickers that can be stuck to the collars, a dog food box, three star-shaped treats, an otoscope, a tongue depressor, a hairbrush, a hair trimmer, two pretend foods that fit in the bowls, dog shampoo, an examination checklist, a grooming checklist, a fabric carrier bag, a showerhead, and two stuffed animals – a cat and a dog.

The thermometer’s top can be twisted to make the temperature bar rise, and the hair trimmer vibrates when the cord is pushed.

Not only can the child take care of the animal’s health, they can groom them, and feed them. Not only will this develop compassion, but it can be considered practice for them to get their own alive four-legged friend.

According to the Drake Center for Veterinary Care, kids who grow up with dogs learn how to be responsible earlier, have a better immune system, skin health, and are less prone to allergies. They’re also more emotionally intelligent and can benefit from having a pet at a therapeutic level. Plus, they will always have a friend ready to play.

The Liberty Imports Veterinarian Play kit only has two little issues. One of them is that the product’s quality isn’t the best. They may even feel a little cheap, but oftentimes kids don’t know the difference, and if they play gently it won’t be an issue at all.

The other problem is that when shipped, they put everything inside the pet carrying case, which fits tightly and may cause the sides to warp a bit. That being said, although they send everything inside the carrying case, it’s not a good idea to use it as storage after playtime is over, as it may cause it to get damaged.

9. Meland Toy Doctor Kit

For Ages 3-8
Why it made the list It includes realistic scrubs to make playtime a more immersive experience, as well as all the general physician and dentist essential tools.

The Meland Toy Doctor Kit has all the basic tools your child needs to roleplay as a Doctor or Dentist. It also offers a fantastic opportunity for you to teach them more about health and ease their anxieties.

Doctor roleplay can also improve child’s communication skills as they learn how to ask questions and constructively answer them. It’s a great confidence-building exercise that can bring you closer to your kid.

This kid includes a carrying case, an electronic stethoscope, a thermometer, a dental mirror, a scrub hat, and coat set, tweezers, a tray, two pill bottles, scissors, a pair of fake eyeglasses, a tool counter, a medical record card, an ID card, two extension boards, and a hanging board.

The carrying case isn’t just a simple box to store the toys, it also has a few features that turn it into a great workstation for your little doctor. When it opens, the vertical board has two hanging pegs and a small shelf, as well as an anatomical depiction of a heart and a pulse rate line.

At the base, you can find two compartments to place tools, as well as two extension boards for more space. There’s also a small fake screen giving a blood pressure reading.

When it comes to light effects, the dental mirror lights up, and so does the thermometer and the stethoscope. The stethoscope also produces a heartbeat sound and it comes with batteries included.

Meland specializes in pretend play, so you can be assured that they have included everything that matters in this kit. It’s worth having a look at their store for other roleplaying ideas, they have make-up kits, cleaning kits, construction kits, camping kits, firefighter kits, and many other fun options.

The quality of the product isn’t amazing, but for its price, it is very decent. Plus, you get the light-up toys, realistic stethoscope, and all other cool features for less than 20$.

The only issue with this kit would be storage. You might want to consider finding alternate storage if you go for this one, as after the first time taking it out of the box, it will be very hard to get it to fit back in.

10. Gifts2U Doctor Kit

For Ages 0.5+
Why it made the list It comes with a squeezable syringe and a realistic look for a more authentic experience. When in use, it looks like a doctor’s workbench, and when it’s time to tidy up it turns into a practical backpack.

The Gifts2U Doctor Kit is a versatile kit that has three modes. It can be used as a handbag, a backpack, or a medical workstation.

This set comes with 38 pieces. Many of them are part of the structure, but there are a lot of tools to play with. Those include are a vision test chart, a stethoscope, a scalpel, tweezers, three differently-sized and shaped pill bottles, two bandages, a reflex hammer, a thermometer, a syringe, a vial, and two pillboxes made of cardboard that need to be built by yourself or your child.

There are two sheets of stickers that go all around the workbench and on the tools, so it’s a good exercise for your child to improve their hand-eye coordination and have some fun trying to figure out which sticker goes where.

To better organize the workstation, there are two hooks at the top to hang tools, and there is storage space below the tool tray. After playtime is over, the workstation can be turned into a backpack where all the tools can be stored. This will create a habit of organizing and storing toys appropriately, which is both an important life skill, and a great perk for you.

This toy is made of child-safe plastic and there are no sharp edges that may harm your child, so safety is not an issue.

The quality of this workstation is quite good, and it won’t come apart easily. As well as sturdy, this product is durable and will keep your child entertained for a long time.

Doctor Roleplay Us Fun for Everyone

child and parent at doctor

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has some advice on how to get involved and play doctor with your child. You can either guide your child through a consultation by offering suggestions on what to ask and what to do. Or you can be the patient yourself, and give your child a sense of power that will teach them how to take over a control a situation.

The benefits of roleplaying are undeniable and can tangibly help shape your child’s personality. The Victoria State Government website has an article on this that will cement and clear any doubts on how important roleplay is to the child’s development.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits it’s time to have fun and engage with your little one with some roleplaying.