10 Best Castle Toys 2024

Castle toys empower kids to create fantastic worlds with their imaginations, filled with princes, princesses, and knights, as well as inspiring them to believe they can create the world they imagine.

But castle toys do more than spark imagination. Playing with these toys can also help kids develop problem-solving skills, motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, creativity, and more. This buyer’s guide reviews the best castle toys available today.

What to Consider When Shopping for Castle Toys

Here’s what you need to consider when looking for a castle toy for your child.

Types of Castle Toys

Castle toys will never go out of fashion. Kids have been playing with them for as long as anyone can remember. But before we go on to review the best castle toys you can find today, you might want to consider the different types of castle toys available to you. There are plenty of different castle toys available, but here’s a tease of some of the most popular. You can look out for these (and more) as you check out our product reviews. This will help make it easier to narrow your search down to the most suitable option for the child that you’re buying for.

Wooden Castle Toys

Wooden castle toys are a classic. They’ve been around for centuries, allowing our ancestors to imagine life within the halls of royalty. Today, wooden castle toys such as the FAO SCHWARZ Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set not only allow kids to relive myths and legends, but they are also a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option. Plus, wooden castle toys are typically durable and eliminate the need to worry about toxic chemicals that are sometimes found in plastic toys.

Magnetic Castle Toys

Magnetic castle toys work like typical magnetic building blocks, giving the user the freedom to stack block pieces to build amazing structures. For example, the HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks come in bright, child-friendly colors that not only helps kids to expand their creative freedom, but also stimulate their sensory perception as they stack the toys into near-unlimited shapes of various heights and sizes.

Magnetic castle toys are beneficial whether they come in wooden or plastic variants. They help children develop many valuable skills, including hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, and patience. While they might sometimes appear complicated, they are rather simple to use. All kids have to do is connect the pieces.

LEGO Castle Toys

LEGO is a household name that makes virtually all kinds of toys. The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle is one of several fantastic LEGO castle sets in this guide.

Research has shown that playing with LEGO toys helps children to build spatial intelligence – the ability to absorb information from the world around them and organize that information to create an understanding of meaningful patterns. This is important for children as scientific studies have found a strong correlation between strong spatial reasoning, and innovation and creativity later in life.

Additional Considerations

In addition to the type of toy, we’ve also split our reviews into the following sections to help better inform your buying decision.

  • Recommended Age: Of course, kids’ interests vary wildly by age. For each of our picks we’ve given a suggested age range to indicates which children are likely to get the most enjoyment from that particular toy.
  • What’s Included: A summary of the main parts and accessories.
  • Size: The dimensions of the product, as well as weight, where appropriate.
  • Stand Out Features: The most notable aspects of the product are detailed here. These features are typically why that product made our top 10 list.
  • Assembly & Storage: Everything you need to know when it comes to putting a castle toy together, as well as how easy it is to store.

With these factors in mind, here’s our list of the top 10 castle toys available today.

Top 10 Best Castle Toys 2024

1. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Castle Toy

For Ages 9-14
Why it made the list This set comes with more pieces than any other Harry Potter-themed LEGO castle toy.


The combination of the LEGO brand and the inspiring Harry Potter magical world makes this LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Castle Toy an irresistible offer.

What’s Included

The set comes as an 878-piece building kit complete with fantasy creatures and figurines. The figurines include some of the most famous characters in the Harry Potter franchise, encouraging children to engage in role-playing. Kids will find ten adorable figurines in the kit, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Susan Bones, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore, Nearly Headless Nick, and Professor Quirrell.

The castle building kit comes with a sleek design and very realistic decals featuring details such as tiny turrets, floating candles, a fireplace, and a moving spiral staircase that mirrors the great hall of Hogwarts we know from the Harry Potter films.


Customers will also like that this set comes in a size that is perfect for tabletop display. Measuring 14 inches tall and 11 inches deep, kids can boldly show off their Hogwarts Great Hall masterpiece without the set being obtrusive. Targeted at nine to fourteen-year-old kids, this set does not come with chunky pieces suitable for tiny hands. This is an advanced LEGO set designed to ensure that older kids don’t quickly get bored with them.

Stand Out Features

The mini-figures can be used as standalone toys, allowing kids to continue to play and re-enact fantastic scenes from the famous Harry Potter series even while on the move. While there are other Harry Potter-themed LEGO sets such as the LEGO Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets available to Harry Potter fans and collectors, this LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Castle Toy comes with the most pieces and is also compatible with all LEGO building toys.

Assembly & Storage

It’s entirely frustration-free to assemble the castle. It comes with an illustrated step-by-step instruction manual that makes it easy for young builders to erect the four-level Great Hall of wizardry. Still, this is a castle toy that is designed to engage kids in hours-long construction. It’s not something they can quickly finish and easily get bored with.

The pieces come in separate bags, making it easy to stay organized throughout the building project. They are also made of a durable hard plastic that is easy to clean by rinsing with water.

2. Nintendo Bowser's Castle Super Mario Deluxe

For Ages 3-6
Why it made the list This castle toy has mechanized parts including spinning fireballs, a moveable lift, and a trap door.


This toy is based on the Super Mario game with princess Peach caught on the top floor of the sinister castle, while Mario and Luigi fight to save the princess without getting cut down themselves. If you are a Super Mario fan, then you know about Bowser, the chief of the anthropomorphized turtles known as the Koopa race. Bowser has always been a staple feature in the Super Mario game series since its inception in the mid-1980s. Bowser’s mission has always been the same: kidnap the princess, beat Mario, and conquer the kingdom.

What’s Included

The Nintendo Bowser’s Castle Super Mario Deluxe is a 19-piece interactive building kit allowing kids to bring the beloved retro game to life. This playset is made with durable plastic and metal. A huge decorative sticker sheet with instructions for placing the stickers is included.


Now kids can build Bowser’s castle and further enliven it with the two and a half-inch tall, sinister-looking Bowser action figure that comes in the kit.

Stand Out Features

All the same, this castle toy comes with mechanized parts to help kids as young as three-years-old build finger muscles and motor skills. These features include a lift that can be moved up and down the castle’s two levels of play, the spinning fireballs that are always present in the Super Mario games, a cage that can be opened to release the princess, and a trap door that can be triggered to drop Bowser into the lava below.

Expanding this set with more action figures of Mario, Princess Peach, and Mario’s friends Yoshi, Toad, and Luigi is guaranteed to enhance the game’s plot. Most two and a half inch figurines should be compatible with the Nintendo Bowser’s Castle Super Mario Deluxe.

Kids can also listen to in-game music and hear authentic Super Mario theme sounds by pressing down on the castle’s turret. The interactive sound features require two AAA batteries, which aren’t included. Kids can play with this toy by themselves or with their parents. The toy encourages imaginative play, allowing kids to devise their own storylines about what goes on in the castle.

Assembly & Storage

When built correctly, Bowser’s castle is a fortress with many hidden traps, so Mario and his friends have to carefully navigate their way around the castle to finally defeat Bowser. It would have been nice to have figures of Mario and his friends including the Princess Peach figure included in the kit. The only action figure that comes with this kit is Bowser, although other compatible figures can be purchased separately on Amazon.

3. Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This Frozen-inspired castle measures an impressive five-foot tall and four-feet wide.


This castle playset is inspired by the Frozen 2 animated movie. Not only do children love the Frozen movie series, but it is also the first Disney cartoon that suggests to girls that they don’t need a knight in shining armor to save them.

Arendelle is the fictional northern Kingdom in the Disney Frozen movie, ruled by Queen Anna after her sister Queen Elsa abdicated the throne. This toy castle set presents fans of the Frozen movies with the tools to build their own Arendelle Castle.

What’s Included

The castle features four levels with seven furnished rooms for kids to explore. The role-play is further expanded by the fourteen included accessories allowing kids to imagine and re-enact scenes from the Frozen 2 movie. The first floor has three rooms that can be accessed after swinging open the famous icy gates. The kitchen comes with accessories such as an oven, a sink, and a stovetop. Of course, the stovetop is a dummy so parents have nothing to worry about.

You also get a dining table with a chair. The dining table comes with a spinning platter feature although the plates and cutleries are printed onto the table.

The accessories do not include figures of the Queens but the castle is designed to accommodate them. There are built-in stands to move figures of Elsa and Anna up and down the castle – royal style. Queens Elsa and Anna fashion dolls are available to be bought separately.


The castle measures five-foot tall and four-feet wide when fully assembled. While the large size means the set is likely to take up space in a room, it allows kids to comfortably play with the toy in standing as well as in a sitting position. It also makes it enjoyable for multiple kids to play with at the same time.

Stand Out Features

Apart from the icy gates, the first-floor rooms also come with doors that can be swung open and shut. The last room on the first floor is the music room, housing a piano with a stool. Moving up the castle, kids are led to the second floor. Here are two bedrooms complete with beds, bedspreads, gauzy canopy, and vanity desk. Unfortunately, only one vanity desk is included, so kids will have to place the vanity desk in their favorite Queen’s bedroom or just let them share. Between Elsa and Anna’s bedrooms is a display for the Queen’s dress. This room can also be used as a “middle ground” by placing the vanity desk in it.

We also love the third and final floor. This floor features a lounging sofa, a fireplace, as well as the castle’s main display – an array of family photos. Atop the third floor is an Olaf lookout tower. In all, this is an intricately detailed Arendelle Frozen castle toy with gorgeous accessories. Kids will enjoy setting off the castle’s winking, colorful light show by pressing the button beneath the elevator.

The Northern Lights-inspired light show goes on for 30 seconds at a time thereby conserving battery. Three AAA batteries are required, which aren’t included in the kit. The light show is not accompanied by music.

Assembly & Storage

The printed silverware is a good idea considering that this set is targeted at kids as young as three-years-old. Small cutlery pieces would have been hazardous. In fact, there aren’t any small pieces in the Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset that poses a choking hazard for small children.

Also, no small parts mean no easy-to-lose pieces. The spinning platter serves royal dishes such as dinner turkey and desserts. The first floor behind the icy gates is the throne room featuring a throne that can be sat on by a Queen Elsa or Queen Anna doll, complete with a pull-out carpet to enhance the royal vibe.

4. Peppa Pig's Princess Castle Deluxe Playset

For Ages 2+
Why it made the list This castle toy can be folded away for easy storage and transport.


Peppa Pig is an animated tv show targeted at pre-schoolers. The anthropomorphic pig, known as Peppa, always has something to learn together with the pre-schoolers watching the show.

What’s Included

Though coming in a simple design and with a height that is far below the towering Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset, the Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Deluxe Playset still comes with many accessories to spark a child’s imagination. The accessories include Princess Peppa and Princess Suzy articulated figures, a treasure chest, a Princess bed, a full-size mirror, a throne, three dining chairs, and a dining table with a tea set.

Toddlers can hardly be bored with this beautiful castle and the array of colorful accessories that come with it. The carry handle means kids can easily pack up and move to a different part of the house to continue their imaginative adventures starring the princesses Peppa and Suzy. This playset is an invitation to have tea with Princess Peppa at her castle.


Now, children can have fun role-playing with their own Peppa deluxe castle. Peppa’s castle measures 13.8 inches long and comes with six rooms for children to explore. The set’s remaining dimensions are 9 inches tall and 3.3 inches wide.

Stand Out Features

The most striking highlight of Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Deluxe Playset is its foldable feature. The castle sports a simple, adorable design that is reminiscent of the home of a loving peaceful princess. This castle playset is also expandable – it is compatible with all Peppa Pig playsets and figures.

Assembly & Storage

The castle itself can be folded away for easy storage. It also comes with a convenient handle atop the set so that it can be easily picked up and carried around with all the accessories inside. There’s no need to remove and store the accessories separately.

This set will be delivered to the customer in frustration-free packaging, albeit in a rather underwhelming recyclable box. But then the pleasant surprise begins as soon as the box is opened, revealing the cute castle toy inside. This is quite a shift from the usual shiny toy box that raises expectations, only for the customer to be disappointed by the actual toy.

Although this castle toy’s fold-away feature is its main highlight, it also comes with a weakness. The castle easily tips over if spread out completely, which takes away from the toy’s sturdiness. However, the castle maintains a great balance if the sides are slightly folded in.

5. FAO SCHWARZ Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set

For Ages 4+
Why it made the list This castle toy is made of durable solid pine wood.


The FAO SCHWARZ wooden castle playset is a STEM toy crafted to introduce pre-schoolers to math and engineering. This toy’s block pieces are made of solid pine. While not as solid as an oak, pine is a durable wood with a shock-resistant composition that makes it an excellent raw material for toys. This is a versatile set that offers children unlimited possibilities of what they can build. The block pieces in this set offer young builders the creative freedom to mix, match, and build castles and fortresses of different shapes and sizes.

What’s Included

The FAO SCHWARZ Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set is not a set-up-and-play kind of castle toy. Instead, this playset comes with 150 pieces of solid wooden blocks designed for kids to build elaborate castles complete with bridges, arches, and towers.


The wooden blocks are smooth, lightweight, and yet of varied weights. With some of the blocks being lighter than the others, kids really have to use their imagination to stack the blocks and form unique, balanced designs. The blocks’ smooth texture also improves its stain-resistance.

Stand Out Features

We guarantee children will love this castle toy – especially kids that are used to playing with plastic construction toys. If you’re looking for a construction play set to encourage children to pay attention to details, the FAO SCHWARZ Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set is an excellent choice.

Playing with this toy will help kids train hand-eye coordination, develop shape recognition, improve spatial intelligence, build motor skills, focus, and develop concentration. This castle toy can also help kids develop patience because while you can make beautiful and detailed medieval castles with it, a measure of patience is required to finish and rebuild the castles every day.

The bottom line is that kids who already have some experience with LEGO sets will quickly get the hang of the FAO SCHWARZ Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set. Even children who are beginners to construction toys will have no problem creating beautiful forms from these intuitive FAO SCHWARZ block pieces. Kids can have plenty of educational fun building the castles as a team with friends and siblings or by themselves. The block pieces in this kit are even chunkier than typical LEGO bricks, making them suitable for tiny hands while posing no swallowing risk for toddlers.

Assembly & Storage

All the pieces are made with natural wood, with no sharp edges, and are non-toxic, and entirely safe for children to play with. Well-crafted wooden soldiers would have been wonderful additions to this playset. Wooden figures of knights and warriors would have encouraged kids to expand their imaginations even further. In all, this is a castle set that will engage children in the use of their hands, eyes, and mind.

6. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader's Castle

For Ages 9+
Why it made the list The block pieces are thoughtfully designed to help kids develop fine-motor mechanics and engineering skills.


You will realize that LEGO is the perfect brand to design a Star Wars-themed castle toy the moment this playset arrives in its LEGO packaging. George Lucas’ Star Wars is one of the world’s highest-earning film franchises, having raked in tens of billions of dollars in box office sales around the world.

The success of the Star Wars series shows in the popularity of the film’s characters and the inter-galactic stories they tell. According to a survey, the Star Wars super-villain known as Darth Vader ranks number one on a list of the most popular Star Wars characters, followed by Yoda, Kylo Ren, and Chewbacca.  For Star Wars fans, there is no better time than now to get children a Darth Vader playset. Darth Vader has softened and is no more as nightmarish as he once was.

What’s Included

The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle comes with a massive 1,060 construction pieces including articulated figures and accessories such as a TIE Fighter, Darth Vader, Bacta Tank, and more.

Star Wars fans can remember this Darth Vader fortress from Rogue One, as well as in the newer Darth Vader virtual reality (VR) experience. The micro-scale TIE fighter ship is also fun to build and looks cool in its black wing paneling when completed. Place the dark lord’s figure in the ship and he is off on a flight of mayhem. The hangar for the TIE fighter is located at the castle’s bottom level.

Darth Vader’s castle is the villain’s base of operation where the atmosphere is thick with schemes, hatred, and all sorts of evil plots. Therefore, this castle toy is designed to project a similar ambiance, complete with the signature black color, alternated with grey and accented with red, to enhance the ominous feel of loitering around Darth Vader’s home.

Although the mix of black and grey is a small deviation from Darth Vader’s all-black fortress in the films, the differing tones of the black and grey colors prevent the project from being tedious to build. The red accentuations are found in the windows and the sentry gun muzzle. There is also an orange lava river flowing out of the castle’s entrance.

The upside is that kids and Star Wars fans are provided with plenty of features to recreate scenes from the films. The kit comes with a total of six Star Wars mini-figures: one Darth Vader figure, two guard figures, an Imperial transport pilot, Darth Vader’s bacta tank, and the TIE fighter starship.


When fully assembled, the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle measures 23cm deep, 28cm wide, and 41cm high. While the starship has dimensions measuring 6cm high, 11cm wide, and 9cm long, take note that many of the construction pieces include dozens of stickers that require patience to place, especially at the interior of the castle’s hanger.

Stand Out Features

This playset comes with many components to fuel imaginative play, from Darth Vader’s meditation chamber with a holographic communication unit, to the meeting platform at the top, with a defensive stud-shooter cannon. But what we consider most impressive about the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle is that the block pieces are thoughtfully designed to help kids develop fine-motor mechanics and engineering skills.

Assembly & Storage

Unfortunately, the castle’s interior appears difficult to access especially for older children, even though there are open areas in the back of the castle. However, the panels look and feel sturdy.

7. HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks

For Ages 3-10
Why it made the list The magnetic blocks in this kit are of very good quality.


The HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks is a unique play set in this buyer’s guide because it is an open-ended toy with pieces that can be used to build castle toys, as well as anything else the child can imagine. With this playset, kids can build anything from castles to airplanes and robots.

This playset can also help kids develop spatial intelligence, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and creativity. The HOMOFY magnetic play set presents a perfect opportunity to introduce children to science by teaching them about magnets and how they stick to each other. This is such a fun way to broach academic learning.

What’s Included

The magnetic tiles come with magnets on each side, which are oriented in opposite directions, allowing children to connect the tiles together to form shapes. This building kit comes with 40 magnetic blocks allowing kids to create both 2D and 3D objects.

The 40 block pieces in this kit are comprised of 16 triangles and 24 squares. This means that kids can use the HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks to build simple huts, or intricate castles, or even something else that does not need a roof. The magnetic blocks are very good quality, and it doesn’t hurt that they are delivered to the customer in great packaging with a storage tote bag included.


Children as young as three-years-old can safely play with this toy because the block pieces feature a round edge design. The HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks also have a 125-pieces version that comes with wheels, windows, balconies, doors, squares, half-circles, and big triangles. However, the 125-pieces version also comes with a higher price tag.

Stand Out Features

The best thing about open-ended toys is the unlimited freedom they give children to use them in a variety of ways, depending on the child’s interests and whatever rocks their boat. We guarantee toddlers will be enraptured for hours as they build one thing, take it apart, and build something else. And when your work is done, you can join the kids in a building contest to see who can make the best castles. The different shapes and assorted colors can also teach kids color and shape recognition while they are having fun.

Assembly & Storage

Even children who have open-ended toys in their hands can still benefit from design prompts. This is why the HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks comes with an idea booklet included for easy reference to build various kinds of models. The pieces are compatible with similar-sized magnetic blocks providing the option to add more sets for enhanced creativity. Another important thing about this construction set is that the magnets come with a super-strong magnetic force that makes them hold firmly.

This HOMOFY magnetic castle toy is made with high-quality ABS plastic, non-toxic, and safe. The manufacturer says ultrasonic welding and anti-throw tests, to prevent it from breaking apart, were conducted while manufacturing this playset.

8. My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle

For Ages 3+
Why it made the list This castle toy has a built-in play area.


My Little Pony is a popular toy line that replaced the original My Pretty Pony targeted at girls and developed by Hasbro.

Considering that we’ve seen castle toys that come with dozen of accessories (including the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle that comes with a whopping 1000+ pieces), it’s easy to assume that the My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle would be a miniature castle toy in comparison – but that’s not the case at all.

What’s Included

Kids will open the big box to find lots of crystal-blue plastic pieces beckoning them to get started with building their favorite magical castle. The castle looks delightfully magical upon full assembly and comes with 16 accessories (not including the castle construction pieces).

The kit contains enough accessories to encourage children to imagine and play out royal scenes. These accessories include figures of Princess Cadence and Baby Flurry Heart, a baby bottle, winged unicorn pony dolls, a dress, a comb, a mirror, two tiaras, a throne, a cradle, crystal vanity, and jewels. Princess Cadence looks fairy-gorgeous in her sparkly coat that matches the ambiance of the castle.


With only 16 accessories in the box, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this castle toy is small. The first thing you’d notice when the package is delivered is the large-sized box. Each of the dolls is four inches tall, while the castle measures 4.49 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 15 inches tall. The castle has two main levels with two winding staircases on opposite sides of the castle.

Stand Out Features

The building alone is not all that the My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle has going for it. It also has a rotating light-up feature that enhances the castle’s magical appeal. Running on three 1.5 volt AAA batteries (inserted in the base of the castle), the rotating light is triggered at the press of a heart-shaped button. The batteries are not included but you can get a four-in-one pack of 1.5v AAA batteries for a relatively low cost. With the pony dolls included in the castle, the light show feels like a party for them. Kids will enjoy pressing the light show button over and over again to keep the disco party going.

This two-level princess-themed castle features a simple design with ample space built-in for kids to play and interact with the dolls, including the Baby Flurry Heart figure. There is also a built-in baby swing for Baby Flurry Heart in the castle, plus two closets that have spinning shelves. We can already imagine kids spending considerable time swinging Baby Flurry Heart in the baby swing.

There is also the My Little Pony Celebration App, which can be downloaded to a mobile device and gives users the ability to scan the Princess Cadence pony figure’s app code and unlock more fun. You can also take photos and save them in the app’s photo album.

Assembly & Storage

Building the castle is easy and should be ready in a couple of minutes. A pictorial step-by-step instruction manual is included in the box, making it easy for kids to just follow the instructions and set up the toy without the help of an adult.

This castle toy is built with sturdy durable plastic that is also lightweight. Even though this playset looks amazing, the quality was not sacrificed to create its appealing aesthetics. With the set weighing about two pounds, kids can easily move the castle from one part of the house to another. To continue the magical story, this playset can be expanded with other My Little Pony figures.

9. Melissa & Doug Folding Medieval Castle

For Ages 3-6
Why it made the list This castle toy can be fully opened to reveal a spacious courtyard.


If you liked the fold-away feature of the Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Deluxe Playset, then you may want to compare it with this Melissa & Doug Folding Medieval Castle.

What’s Included

The rest of its features include a working drawbridge, a working trap door, a removable turret, a dungeon, and three levels of play. The three castle levels ensure children are occupied in imaginative play for hours at a time. Sporting a medieval castle design, the drawbridge is a very fitting feature, encouraging kids to re-enact medieval scenes of raised drawbridges to allow or deny passage of people, vessels, or animals.


The sturdy solid wood construction promotes the toy’s long-lasting quality, even with the constant opening and closing of the hinged courtyard and drawbridge. Measuring 15.3 inches tall, 20.2 inches long, and 18.6 inches wide, this castle toy is around the same size as Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Deluxe Playset.

Stand Out Features

There are two features we like the most about this castle toy. The first feature is its unique hinged design that allows the castle to be fully opened and closed afterward, thereby providing easy access to the castle’s interior. After the castle has been fully assembled, it can be opened (as if split in two) to reveal a spacious courtyard, sparking children’s imaginations as they explore the balconies, towers, and an arched walkway.

We also love the beautiful hand-painted details. Colorful accents are thoughtfully dotted on a few parts of the building. And yes, of course, the castle is foldable. Melissa & Doug is known for making toys with high-quality materials and this one is no exemption.

Similar toys sometimes come with stickers, leaving parents and their kids with the arduous task of correctly placing them on certain parts of the castle. But with the Melissa & Doug Folding Medieval castle, there is no frustration of having to place miniature stickers, thanks to the hand-painted accents.

Assembly & Storage

The castle can be set up in just seconds, allowing children to spend more time playing and less time putting the castle together. The foldable feature makes it easy to put the toy away when kids are done playing with them. The Melissa & Doug Folding Medieval Castle does not come with accessories, although its spacious design and four-inch-tall airy rooms are perfect for playing out familiar scenes by adding a separately-sold [amazon url="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X26W743″]Melissa & Doug Castle Furniture Set[/amazon].

10. LEGO Anna & Elsa's Frozen Playground

For Ages 4-7
Why it made the list The color accents on this playset are made with printed decals instead of stickers.


We have already reviewed the Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset, a magical home for Disney’s princesses Anna and Elsa. Now, this LEGO Anna & Elsa’s Frozen Playground castle toy allows young fans of the Frozen animated films to build a magical winter palace for Anna and Elsa.

What’s Included

The Anna & Elsa Frozen Playground is a 94-piece LEGO set that is easy for children as young as four-years-old to build. While this is a Frozen-themed toy, starring the princess Anna and Elsa, it is under the LEGO Juniors toy line and not the standard LEGO Disney Princess line.

The LEGO Disney Frozen playground castle toy mimics a sprawling ice palace, complete with slides, a skiing ramp, a snowball catapult, a rotating fountain, a bench, a table, and an opening chest with hidden crystals.

The accessories and figures that come in this set include a pair of skis, ice skates, polar bear cookies, two cups, a bottle, two ice crystals, two snowballs, mini-dolls of Anna and Elsa, and a polar bear figure. It’s noteworthy that the polar bear is a rare figure that only ever appeared in one other Disney Frozen playset.

The printed color accents include a swirly design at the palace’s entrance as well as round tiles with ice crystals. Playsets like this often feel incomplete without figures and accessories to enhance role-play, but this LEGO Anna & Elsa’s Frozen Playground comes with enough accessories to spark imagination in children.


The LEGO Anna & Elsa’s Frozen Playground has dimensions measuring 18cm high, 20cm wide, and 15cm deep.

Although it is made with similar durable plastic and sparkly design as is the Arendelle Castle Playset, it is targeted at younger builders who are getting ready to move on from LEGO DUPLO sets to traditional LEGO sets. DUPLO bricks are more suitable for small children because they are two times the height, width, and length of traditional LEGO bricks. Not only are chunkier-sized bricks safer for children due to the eliminated risk of choking hazards, but they are also easier to handle by small hands.

Stand Out Features

This playset comes with the same color scheme as other princesses Anna and Elsa castle toys such as the Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset, but with a simpler design and lower price.  However, the similar build materials and color themes allow for the Frozen Playground to be combined with the other LEGO and Frozen playsets, so that your child can expand the fairy tale.

Assembly & Storage

Easy-to-follow building instructions are included in the box, making it easy for kids to start building quickly.

The Bottom Line

Playing with castle toys can be fun, as well as educational for children. Castle toys are highly beneficial playsets because they encourage kids to dive into fantasy worlds, where they can pretend to be knights, princes, princesses, warriors, and more. These fantasies are good for children because they stimulate creativity, improve communication skills, and have many other developmental benefits.

Whatever your child’s age, you’ll be able to find a suitable castle toy for them amongst our top 10 picks, making it easy for you to shop with confidence.